42nd ID

desertfoxCXVII: I've seen an emblem for the 27th IBCT on here, but I'd love to see an emblem of the 42nd ID, or the rainbow division. The story behind the division is that it was one of the first divisions to go overseas with the AEF and saw in total 264 days of sustained combat and suffered 50% casualties. As a result, it changed it's division patch from a full rainbow to a half rainbow. It fought in multiple battles, including the muse-argonne offensive. It also went on to fight in WWII and even liberated the Dachau concentration camp near the end of the war, and is still active to this date, having participated extensively in the war on terror.
theflyingnose: Is this alright. https://emblem.battlefield.com/QJ0vG5Y7Oz