Looking to recreate an image as my emblem

oSiGHTo: Hi, I am looking for someone to recreate an image as an emblem for me. It should be fairly easy given the color scheme and what not, but I just don't have the time nor the artistic prowess to accomplish this. I am willing to pay as well. Here is the image: http://i.imgur.com/yvketlE.jpg (should be no border just the black and white... sorry for small image, should take up whole emblem space) Thank you.
jaku: Yea I can probably do that, I'll give it a go later today.
jaku: Actually might be tougher than I thought.
jaku: I gave it a go, as usual the 40 layer limit removes half the detail in the emblem, I chose to focus on the face and even then barely had enough layers. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/emblem/edit/personal/2955852776606763398/1719221535/32/
oSiGHTo: Thanks jaku for your work. It's really stupid that there's such a strict limit like that, I was hoping for more detail closer to the original. But again thanks for the attempt
oSiGHTo: Just curious out of that top list of emblems the only one that lets you copy is the third one, how would I copy?
oSiGHTo: Just curious out of that top list of emblems the only one that lets you copy is the third one, how would I copy?
JacooBoy96: Jaku can you help me?
jaku: @oSiGHTo, I'm not sure what you mean, top lists as in the "top of the day" and stuff like that? @JacooBoy96- I can try helping, what's up?
oSiGHTo: jaku, when it lists your emblems it has above the second one to "copy emblem to my gallery", but on the one that you made for me there is no option to copy it. In fact, there is no option to copy and of them except the second one on the link you provided that lists all of your emblems.
jaku: Oh I think I might have made it private so people can't take it without me letting them. I think that's what you mean.
oSiGHTo: How can I use it?
jaku: You can message me on google + or on the battlelog I linked.
oSiGHTo: well I sent you a request on battlelog
jaku: I sent you a message on BL.
oSiGHTo: same
jaku: In the rare chance someone sees this and happens to to be working with oSiGHTo, don't. He took my emblem and didn't pay, don't waste your time on fucking morons like this.
Squish: Tough luck jaku :( sorry this happened. Scamming is pathetic, and I hope karma hits him on the way out.
jaku: Might as well upload it to the site, if he's not gonna pay me, at least I can take away the "unique" part of it.
Joseph: Dang, sorry this happened to you too. Are you able to report someone's emblem if they took it?
jaku: I doubt it, or at least nothing will happen if you do report it.