British RIFLES Regiment TRF (Please)

odojinya: Hello. I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to create the British Army RIFLES Regiment Tactical Recognition Flash. It's a small flash worn on somebody's upper-arm to signify their Regiment during tactical operations. If possible when making the TRF could you put the words "1R" then under that "SWIFT AND BOLD" in the center of the flash? Also since it's only realistically tiny on the arm of the troop in the RIFLES, I'd not like the TRF to be gigantic, but big enough that I can see it. There's the example. Thank you to whoever does this, it holds dearly to my heart as I'm currently in the IV/DevP stage of enlisting in the Armed Forces. (No Premium Shapes)
theflyingnose: Best I could do, lettering is always gonna be a bit derpy, I hope the size is alright.
theflyingnose: sorry the first one glitched.