A lot of emblems just wont import for me, is it because they use layers from Bf4/Hardline etc.?

Trey: I don't own hardline or bf4 only Bf1 with premium so I'd be really disappointed if I can't use bf1 emblems which happen to use layers from those games. is this the case?
Trey: Yeah I just tried at least a dozen emblems which don't have an import link, just pasting the code in to chrome console and none of them worked :/
Joseph: the locked layers is not always the reason for the error, it happens to everyone randomly sometimes! If there is an emblem you really want, order someone to import it for you, and the share link they give you will tell you if you don't have the layers or not.
Trey: I thought that the import link gave you the emblem regardless of if you have the layers unlocked, is this not the case?
Trey: well, regardless no matter what emblem I try to import using the code pasting (tried on chrome and firefox) it just prompts "Error" and doesn't do anything, also says "undefined" in console after I paste.