The Young Turks (TYT)

Demetriiuz: I'd love the TYT logo, either the 3 letter abbreviations or even full header. If any of my fellow progressives are creative, stand for the causes. Become the watchers on the wall Plus, I've seen a few info wars ones which make me worried for my species.
Call me Will: The young cockroaches? You said Turks, but cockroaches is the right word. And info wars? Info wars at least provides actual information.
Demetriiuz: The irony of anyone who takes info wars seriously suggesting that others should provide accurate information is staggering. How are the hobbit homes Obama is putting everyone in? Only 9 days left of his presidency. Hillary smells like sulphur?... Any tin foil hat emblems?
theflyingnose: Something like this or more simple,
squantch: He admitted he watches Info Wars HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he says they provide factual information HAHAHAHAHAHA talk about a delusional cunt
atongy: God help me