Please help I have Prem on Xbox One but can't get prem emblems

Smiling Eila: I'm trying to copy the emblems into my account but everytime I try to use a premium emblem I get an error message. I'm on firefox, and I know Xbox is aware I have premium because I downloaded and played the French DLC today. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Because I can use any of the none premium emblems here apparently.
jaku: The emblems you are trying to get probably use emblems that can't be imported to BF1.
Joseph: yeah, BF1 and all the things you buy, don't influence emblems. Correct me if I'm wrong. If you go to 'edit' or make a new emblem, and have unlocked any layers they should show up under a title like "Battlepacks" or "Premium". these (as far as I know) only can be gotten from BF4 and Hardline battlepacks and their corresponding premium signups. But if you give me the link, I might be able to share the emblem through BF Companion... yes, BF1 is weird in the way they do this. :P