Imbed code not working for BF1

Captain Ahab: Basically, I'm just trying to get this ( emblem in BF1. In order to have it in Battlelog, I need several icons from Hardline, which i don't currently own. If I try to paste it in the BF1 web companion, it just errors. is this because of those locked icons, or do none of the emblems work with the imbed code?
Joseph: You are pretty well informed. locked layers will prevent you from being able to import it to your BF1 companion account, but if someone else has access to the layers, they can give you a share link to use, just you cant edit it (without layer loss). I just found out that BF1 decided to forget to not allow (forget) a few layers... >:( very rarely is it an issue, but annoying non the less!
Joseph: unfortunately I don't have access to the hardline layers, and they are indeed hardline layers. But what I can try do is replace them with a similar layer, prob wont notice. I'll have a see what I can do... ^_^'
Captain Ahab: Thanks for answering1 i certainly hope you are sucessful! ^_^