Kian: I'm having a difficult time trying to add this emblem I have premium on bf1 and bf4 yet when I try to download it all it says is "error" if someone could please help me it would be greatly appreciated
mahziel: Half of those emblems dont exist, the fluff at the beginning and end messes up the code and the order of "opacity","angle","flipX","flipY","top","height","width","asset","selectable","left","fill" should go "opacity","angle","flipX","flipY","top","left","height","width","asset","fill","selectable" aaaand finally there are some apostrophes missing... F*** trying to fix that
jaku: Install GreaterField chrome extension and importing is as easy s two clicks.
Kian: Thank you both I'm so glad you answered!
Kian: Thank you both I'm so glad you answered!
Kian: So it's all the "fluff" that's keeping me from getting the emblem?
mahziel: Short answer is yes. Personally I've unscrambled one of these before and it took about an hour, then another hour trying to find the comma I missed (I'm not very good). I've found a less stressful way is to open this sites emblem editor and the companion apps emblem creator side by side and make my way through the list one by one. Replicating the results.
mahziel: There, this is what cleaning all that junk up gives you. Some of the assets that don't exist gave her the hair and blush effect so will need to be added in using some other assets.
Joseph: I had to replace some layers so I could import it, how does this look? :3
Joseph: +mahziel, I don't know why you are having so much trouble? All you have to do is replace say "premium_5_fire_type2" with a layer you might want say "Wingpart" and you practically switch layer (doesn't work for every layer, but most). I just paste the code into word, search for the text I want to replace with Ctrl+F, and paste. ^_^ You then get a code you can edit with.
mahziel: I didn't say I had trouble. I said those parts don't exist so replace them with something else... Then you repeated what I said and acted like I'm having trouble... The fuk m8?
mahziel: I'd also suggest adjusting the opacity of your blush effect and staggering it. I mean I just did a rush job because I was bored and lazy but since you went that far. Eh, just my opinion.
Joseph: I am sorry, I don't mean to offend you, I didn't mean it like I was boasting or anything. :'I I like to try and help. You were talking about apostrophes, and unscrambling code for like an hour, and that sounded like a hard time to me. You understand more than most about how the code works, so I was offering a suggestion. I have been making and fixing emblems for a while now, so I definitely can sound cocky sometimes... :P But truly I don't know everything, and I learn new things from you guys every day! I'm not trying to insult you mahziel for helping out! Sorry.
Kian: Thanks so much you guys are total bros you made this situation much easier I can't thank you both enough!! :)