$5 to make this into an emblem

xSaraoui: If anyone could create this photo: http://imgur.com/a/D2wIo into an emblem, I will be happy to pay 5$ for it.
SiriusArgus: Here u are:
SiriusArgus: Here u are:
SiriusArgus: Oops mb :D they r both the same.
xSaraoui: Would you mind removing them from the post so no one else can use them? and perhaps email me the code instead? Also, thank you! What is your paypal so I can send the money?
SiriusArgus: Oh I am Sorry. I could not visit your Google plus page and now I can't remove the messages here. Somehow there is no option to either edit or delete posts. Maybe you contact me on G+ or somehow and we see later. My PayPal is paypal.me/SandroEvertz
Cute-AUTISTIC: eyyy, someone pls. help me too struggling for this for a years?