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algo escrito a Bonde da zueira (davi.dornellesmanara) +1
One simple Logo please :) (patrice.brugger)
BDP Please :-) ([D]vs [L]ucas)
Emblem for a platoon. (laterarius)
i need the emblem for scout heli AH-6J little bird (well done) -- quero um emblema para o little bird (scout heli) (bem caprichado) (pedro.j.palhares)
Boxxy emblem non premium* (baran.pehlivan.9) +1
mother russia bleeds (jesusmad) +1
nWo Logo (HighClassFire)
shield emblem (Fox_Monte)
I need a Platoon Emblem for a Profesional esport team! i will Pay for this (tomislav.starcevic.3) +2
I need a Platoon Emblem for a Profassional esport team! i will Pay for this (tomislav.starcevic.3)
CANG Clan needs help (Felipe89Monte89) +5
People, who played Resident Evil 4 !!!!!! (puke_skywalker) +1
Non-Premium Emblem Request (ThatGamingKiwi)
Mountain Dew (william.kosloski.31)
SG Dynamo Dresden (christoph.obenhaus)
Glurak Mega X (simon.matuszak)
Lords of the Onion RIngs (m.blast)
Batman (20 layer) (Benjamin)
Front of the Nissan Silvia S14 (Kouki!) (Brandon)
Emblema Personalizado (lucas.melo.7355)
Ali A (ciand17) +2
Ali A (ciand17) +2
Free Gaza (michel.r.siqueira)
Mizzou logo (BROKEN_17)
The beloved Sean Connery jelly fish. (Rhys)
My team logo! (Kingp1ng)
Welsh Flag (paul.lavender.754) +1
Wobbuffet pokemon (viliveikko.holm)
Может кто сделать эмблемку для меня за 50 руб http://i.imgur.com/dGSE752.png (madaraaaaaaaaa)
Smora (aleksannder)
Mr. Mackey (Xpackersfan12X)
Someone can create my logo? (Shackal)
Requesting a Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues emblem (butt.beard.5)
Bulls Emblem (dnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
My Youtube initals "SH" (Scorpions Hound)
Subaru Impreza (LoweredLife.)
For Mother Russia (xyman)
MADARAAAA1337 http://i.imgur.com/dGSE752.png (madaraaaaaaaaa)
Аланфлаг (c0nrade)
My YouTube Logo (wes21o)
Dio (Band) Logo (Tom1210)
Demande un emblème pour une section bf svp :D (The Company)
Crowns order (taijeron.taijeron)
Эмблема Морской Пехоты (denis.suleymanov.1)
Svarog (e666kx42)
Akame ga Kill Esdeath request (BloodyTips)
Russian strike force grizzly (gokoev_609)
Орел с надписью RSF (gokoev_609)
Predacon Symbol From Transformers Prime (RaptoR) +2
Bourne Identity Emblem needed (PLEASE HELP) (paul.giganti)
zero from borderlands 2 (XFG Ghost) +1
Флаг Новороссии (bossassbitch88)
MAd Dabber emblem request (humpmasta)
What is it Eren? (thelonlyloner) +1
Lesbian Seagull (xavierblue) +1
В.В Путин (senseRRRRRRR~~)
МВД. Московский округ ВВ (pavel.gushchin) +1
Войска связи (pavel.gushchin) +2
RSF(Russian strike force) (gokoev_609)
bengals logo (jaws123888)
ПРАВЫЙ СЕКТОР (roman.zorr)
San Diego County Sheriffs Department Patch (Amir)
MADARAAAA1337 (madaraaaaaaaaa) +1
bandit (marcio.benevides.148)
Die Hard Gaming Logo (brendon.c.giles)
Transformers-Lockdown (black_rozor1911)
Macedonian Wolves (BrianP)
emblem for clan (Neo) +1
Preciso de emblema para o meu clan o nome Invictus (Lucas Cabral araujo)
Please Emblem for my clan Nemesis Soldiers xNMS (vitor.guedes.50)
Need Some Help With Lettering. (Amir) +1
Queria um emblema novo ([SAS] GREENBERETS) +2
Olympiakos FC Badge (HipurStyle) +3
A platoon emblem (TheKlueless)
Unreal Tournament '99 Red Team Logo (TKriegorPessoal) +2
Looking for an exact copy of this emblem http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3829931445429730114/ I will reward the person with the best submission $5 paypal. ( not premium ) (Aeratic) +8
Black & White Anime Girl (michael.partlow.52)
Bourne Identity Emblem needed (PLEASE HELP) (paul.giganti) +3
Looking for the band Queen's logo. See below link. If you can do this, you will rock! (amy.scucci) +1
Badass Meme (mock519)
Clan Emblem (mock519)
Battlefield Hardline Fourth Floor Dog Tags (JoeMama808)
Avenged Sevenfold (mock519)
PT-BR Alguém consegue fazer este logo pra mim ? obrigado :D (JCarllos19)
Zangetsu From Bleach (DeEwBoT) +1
chelsea grin (liam.crawford.5)
Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach (DeEwBoT) +1
Megurine Luka (ShiroTenshi)
MH17 (Yon Dogler)
UçK (alban.varangu)
Туповатая картина (trybatyabattli) +1
Смех (trybatyabattli)
Haxorus (Gleb) +1
(NARUTO) ZABUZAS SWORD (Executioners Blade) (Organic_Poptart)
Bourne Identity emblem needed (PLEASE HELP) (paul.giganti)
My new emblem. (me7demax)
Donger (CycleOf_QQ)
Vital Electronic (halo5k33789) +2
BN Games (BoganNeko) +1
Epic Soldier Face (Tehhaxorishere) +6
Avatar (YTubeDieGamingBros)
temos esse emblema do clã no Facebook tem como add? (oswaldo.fdasilva)
South African 32 battalion "the terrible ones" (Vinícius)
Эмблемы с надписью EK а внизу корону. (Alex-Af)
Norwegian canine corporal needs your help (embracetheunknown)
Two (2) Emblems for Payday 2 + DLC Steam Gift (aalan2121) +6
Order Of The Dragon (vlad III) (snake)
Onizuka face (canek_only)
League of Legends (imscarlet)
League of Legends (imscarlet)
Stalin face) (arsi_hai)
KelvynPlay (kelvyngames)
ВИЗИТКА ЯРОША. (roman.zorr)
Need an Awwwwwesome emblem (Tom.Hollands.45)
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sticker from CSGO (TheMxngxxse)
Hardcore Fighter (kevin.gerbitz)
Эмблема MotorStorm apocalypse (dmitriy_pl)
WOLF Team Needs Help ! (hugo.resinentti)
But That's None of My Business (geh.draussen.allein) +1
Эмблема флага (Ramil)
[BF4] Extreme Frags Team - USD 3,00 for convert this (Schelhan) +3
WarFear can someone help plz!!!!! (joao.gois.589)
An awesome pikachu. (BlaZeBUNNYz) +1
Kjell (Kjell)
Taco (brad.meyer.5264)
emblem for clan (Neo) +2
Platoon logo (BlaZeBUNNYz)
10 usd for this order (umusa) +20
Bremboar emblem 30$ paypal (Bremboar) +7
Key and Peele - NOICE! (gamalf123) +9
Platoon logo (Felipe89Monte89) +1
kakao friends character emblems oder plz (codmstj13) +1
GLUH (tiske.reis)
killer unit X s (shockmoment)
Sector 9 Longboard Logo (nine ball and downhill division) (Vinícius) +2
Skeletor From He-Man (jeanleopardi)
Sexy furry anthro shark! Plz try and make this! <3 http://tinypic.com/r/mr7nm0/8 (Jordan)
Looking for someone to duplicate this (Psychoboy1964)
Just made a clan called mp stands for MAJESTEC PREDATORS need an emblem for it (keith.fernandez.5)
Master shredder (RunawayFreak)
tis only a flesh scratch (Dking258) +3
Hi and sry for take ur time (justgrifter)
New Outer Heaven logo (Nat) +1
AMGS. (Thiago Sammer) +2
Please (catvitalio) +1
Жест "Коза" с рукой Frostbite (catvitalio) +5
Gazgolder (irakly06)
Emblem For My Clan/Platoon (TesticularApple)
Redfish or Bass fish please (Greg Hoskins)
Opeth Logo (jed.palmer.12)
$3 PAYPAL - Finish this emblem make a perfect copy of provided picture (XFaptor) +10
N1CK237 Emblem (n1ck237)
Emblem for Youtube Channel - ABG (AuzziBoy)
Scum Patrol (Patrick.Endres.13) +1
Yoko Littner (Kamina)
Fazer um navio de guerra para usar como emblema do meu clã (Vinicius)
Emblema (Pedro) +1
Legend of zelda. Elegy of emptiness 50% done need help (Organic_Poptart)
Cute mouse :D (Nab)
Infamous:Second son (gromerten)
Need someone to convert my teams logo into a emblem for a $2 via WebMoney (wmr,wmz) s019.radikal.ru/i607/1405/62/3a632730a12e.jpg (log1nov) +2
Someone make an emblem for my platoon SWKL (ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΓΙΑΝΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ)
Сможет кто нибудь такую сделать? (slayer_alf) +2
Emblem for my caln (logan.mclean.526)
Emblem for my clan (TesticularApple) +2
Star trek emblem (Perry Slurp)
who wants another crack at this (lodgie555)
Angela 45 Cyber Dragon (collin.matteson)
AMMO company usmc (Patrick)
Man O War (MOW) (viniciusdardd) +1
Reborn Emblem - http://imgur.com/jzUnxol (Andrew Romero) +1
Clan Logo Request - 10€ + Terraria Gift (WGXaR) +4
Emblem for new platoon (Sapper) +2
Moka Akashiya (MG4)
5usd for L from death note (xXKo72chiXx)
5$/€ for this jpg into a emblem (xXKo72chiXx)
5$/€ for this jpg into a emblem (xXKo72chiXx)
Elegy of emptiness from Zelda MM (Organic_Poptart) +2
emblema para clan (marcus.alexsander)
Vcs conseguem fazer um emblema para meu clan ? (Felipe) +1
Quina Quen from Final Fantasy IX (SH_sme) +1
10 USD / 7,50 EUR if you make this PNG into an emblem (lylasz) +10
Pain from Naruto (AlexanderTheWolfEyes)
Klingande420 (Abs0lut) +5
10$ for this emblem (PAYPAL) (Premium) PLS HELP 4 MONEY!!! (FR33Z3D.X.SN1P3) +1
Embleme for guild (Aleksandr)
Liberty Prime (iAmHipHoPMusic)
Vocês conseguem add esse emblema para que possa ser usado no Battlelog vou colocar o endereço do face em baixo é a foto do perfil ok (oswaldo.fdasilva) +3
clan tag remake for BF4 (sonni.doh) +7
Clan Logo [TBW] - The Brave Warriors (RAGE)
Motoko Kusanagi from ghost in the shell (Vincent Romero)
Motoko Kusanagi from ghost in the shell (Vincent Romero)
Re-create this head on my friends dog for our clan tag! (juliett.mike15)
i want a new emblem from ajax amsterdam (martijn.joopy)
Pokemon: Squirtle with "Deal With it glasses" (XFaptor)
Pokemon: ENTEI!!!! (Cloud163) +1
half punisher half deadpool (jaws123888)
Nel emblem with skull if possible :D I have premium so don't worry. Better link here in description (sander.paulus.5)
Nel emblem with skull if possible :D I have premium so don't worry. Better link here in description (sander.paulus.5)
Nel emblem with skull if possible :D I have premium so don't worry xd (sander.paulus.5) +1
Harley Davidson Logo (mathieufodormescudi) +6
Battlefield 4 Squad Embleme (florian.lingnau) +1
head silhouette (ahmad.bouzid.75)
CANG Clan needs help (Felipe89Monte89)
KAMAZ (ivan_kirieska)
Fairlady Z emblem (datsun240)
UAE AF shaheen 2 Sqn (Bookedskydiver)
Emblem for Youtube Channel (AuzziBoy) +2
Эмблема "Вежливые люди" (akurnosov)
Leukemia Nazi (XFaptor)
Randy Cumshot Southpark - Props to anyone who can make this one (XFaptor) +1
Gas Mask Guy (HipurStyle) +2
Yagyu Jebei (wu.m.xian.7)
Turn this emblem into a waffle (XFaptor)
please someone make articuno [premium] (bf3silentsniper)
can you just add a nice gold crown to him!! (Dking258)
Kuroha Neko (colton.richardson1)
Identity Disc (Trooper805)
Looking for emblem will pay. 10-20 bucks (I briar I)
Air pistols: (IBigIBruce)
Sharingan Emblem (Grzesiek)
Black Star (NiceNSmoove) +1
Black Star (NiceNSmoove) +1
Black Star (NiceNSmoove) +7
Aeon FLux Logo (MahoneTM) +3
Hungarian betyar (DraterHUN) +1
Evil Angel Logo xxx (nathan.ayers.5)
A spooky skeleton (Dr_SkellingtonMD)
valiant hearts characters (Michael)
Bane!!! (Ben)
Calliou (salvador.salgado.5220)
беларусские эмблемы (Vitalya)
Emblem letter A and a emblem with the letter V (brouwervinnie1991) +4
Emblem request (jersy.renders)
Sexy Man Pose (SexyManPose) +2
Emblem with the initials N, A, A, S ($15 PayPal) NOT PREMIUM (Nikolas) +4
10$ for this RAINBOW DASH emblem (PAYPAL) (Premium) (FR33Z3D.X.SN1P3)
$3 PAYPAL - make a perfect copy of the provided combat medic patch, don't use "Sword emblem" haven't unlocked it yet (XFaptor) +11
''Shark Team'' Emblem. (TM.Shark.4.6)
Can someone make Smile Dog? (Colby Bremner)
Billy from Billy&Mandy with booger from his nose (ChipsAhoy) +3
Сделайте такую эмблему заплачу (Дима Стаценко) +1
Coat of arms for the clan GLOBAL ALLIANCE!!!! Do not throw in the lurch! (molotokas.potocki.yuri_457bc)
kermit (Gnik_Nus96)
Combat Medic emblem like this one without the sword emblem since i haven't unlocked it yet (ChipsAhoy) +1
Enblème armenie (raffi.garmirian) +2
$10 To Make This Emblem Look eSports Professional (devin.rogers.505) +7
A GET REKT M8 emblem (Gavin)
Rainbow dash licking (FR33Z3D.X.SN1P3)
TOM CLANCY'S logo (javier.plazossil)
boy__wicked (majedll) +1
WarFear Emblem - The Expendables (joao.gois.589)
kurama from naruto (innocent kyuubi)
The B-Team Platoon (Jonathan Jamison)
SS panzer division Emblem :) (zukzz) +8
Revy From Black Lagoon (AusFlyer)
Mega Aggron Test (cody.j.smith.75)
Looking for someone to make a Mega Aggron Similar to this link (cody.j.smith.75) +5
MLP Discord emblem ([MT6]Anime)
EMBLEM REQUEST: FOR FRIEND Throwing turds (theBarryJuice) +7
$1 for emblem (devin.rogers.505) +12
Muting Gamers needs our logo to be completed! (mutinygamers) +1
Please help make the logo ( Помогите сделать эмблему пожалуйста) (log1nov) +7
Elegy of emptiness from Zelda MM (Organic_Poptart)
t-bag (droopie) +2
Can someone make a emblem for my clan? REMAKERS (Vllad7) +1
Emblema do Vasco da Gama (Dogoleiro)
Hard hat Bill Murray chive (william)
Hard hat Bill Murray chive (william)
Russia and Bear (Denis)
Clan Emblem (patrick.elbing) +1
Thunderdome, ID&T, Wizzard (Smasher2k8)
Turn Down for What (13pobait)
nice girl,nice emblem (evandro.lucas.777) +2
nice girl,nice emblem (evandro.lucas.777)
Shout (amit.levi.904)
Shout (amit.levi.904) +1
Princessu Kenny!!!! (beniscoolerthanyou)
Эмблема для клана (Mixail)
Happy Mountain please (bengiu93) +1
Embelma do Getam pra nós please (GersoMito) +1
2nd Engineer Battalion crest (dane.silvia) +1
cute gun girl (lencelot98)
Chilly Willy (Stas)
Chilly Willy (Stas)
Hello. Please make it (amerikan_87)
Clan's Emblem (ramon.vieira2)
own emblem? (AJMIGOS) +10
"Y U NO" Guy - Will pay $1 paypal (John)
LOK:Soul Reaver Symbol Request (Daniel)
Can anyone make me a emblem (unkownbadass) +1
Help me convert from SVG to BF4 Emblem (SabriIbrahim) +1
Aardwolf (Snazzy)
Aardwolf (Snazzy)
Tactical cartman from southpark (Tyler Stynes)
could someone make an emblem for my clan (callum.hughes.12)
A simple emblem for my clan (SuperBad) +5
Rurouni Kenshin (hitokiri04)
Order for a clan emblem (adolfo.navarro.92) +1
emblem for my clan (douglas.p.gambie) +4
Droopy the Dog (onyx.orion.9)
NC STATE Wolfpack (onyx.orion.9)
Emblema para clãn (Neo) +2
Philadelphia Eagles (ShinAnarchy)
Dream Eater Merry: Chaser John Doe Clan emblem plz help (josh.korich)
A cool Emblem for my youtube Channel (hammsack) +1
Emblema do Clan ZiKa (rodrigo.dasilvavigilante) +1
Logo for BIA Brothers in Arms Platoon (vorazan) +18
Ensign Esports! http://imgur.com/gEuPQXn (thatNewo) +2
Warning bj sign (auzzyaus)
how to put the image to request badge? (Neo)
AVNG (niggatiff_vk)
Ginyu Force Emblem Request (Eikichi) +3
Please can somebody do the one more Vinyl Scratch emblem without glasses? (gaming_devil)
WOOPER! (Ryan) +1
Sol Badguy (Ragnarocks)
Clan Emblem (YogurtOverlord) +4
AKropivka (akropivka)
OMG RUN Guy/ Tampon Head rage face (nick.haesebeyt)
Эмблема для клана (Maks) +1
Cleveland Indians Baseball Team (iamdropdeadfame)
Team 3AXBAT (DimONPoweR)
band logo All Faces Down (capellan_astartes) +16
Band logo Three Days Grace (capellan_astartes) +9
http://www.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/3883187202.jpg&imgrefurl=http://forums.mangas-fr.com/index.php?topic%3D28683.885&h=1625&w=900&tbnid=lO70vj7C0OePdM:&zoom=1&tbnh=90&tbnw=50&usg=__C3tLhMsNs-Uat7RvuJ4wCpeJyZM=&docid=o (constantin.tarroux.3) +1
Lugia Emblem (rcrules22)
TheSyndicateProject (Riot Lion) Emblem (CLOSECOMBAT41)
Эмблему краба (Aleksej)
Clannad - Tomoyo Sakagami (ColdHeatStroke)
Competitive Team Emblem (Sgt_Squibbles)
gente por favor quero atualizar a imagem do meu clã! (thaua.falcao) +4
Se possível gostaria que fosse feito os dois emblemas. (Neo) +1
A Skull+Grenade emblem! :D (Sp1TehKey)
an emblem of asuna in bikini (Noctis)
Noctis from final fantasy (Noctis)
kirito in gun gale online (Noctis)
can someone plz change this emblem to say esa instead of ea plz emblem code in description (Bram) +4
anbu black ops kakashi (joe.terrell.393)
Pleas make this for me (premium) (jersy.renders)
Looking for someone to create a Kanji emblem for me! (TayParker) +1
AUTOBOT logo (lee.t.machin)
Mv Team Emblem (MatiiGTX) +9
can u do a emblem half United Kingdom flag, half Brazil flag? (viniciushcastro) +2
Cleveland Indians (iamdropdeadfame)
Platoon Emblem (kaybrooke.grzejka) +8
Tool 10,000 album cover (color!!!!) (anthony.pavone.16)
KSGR Clan Emblem (John)
сделайте наподобие этого (pasha) +1
Сделайте эмблему ТАРАКАНА . (karwuk) +3
CKY band logo (TravMastah)
AESR Clan embelem (NicVanNote)
Черное солнце (нем. Schwarze Sonne) (Turbo) +8
BFHA Platton (heinen.benedikt) +5
Fragrange (purgennn) +1
We need a sexy emblem :) :) :) (SexyManPose)
GSO CLAN EMBLEM (marcel.fischer.5817) +1
Roger Federer Emblem (razzzdan) +1
Vendeen 's flag (francois.hermouet)
Battlefield-Bundesliga Emblem (timo.lange.3) +4
Costa Del Mar Logo (Greg Hoskins)
бородатый череп в каске (beardedbilbo)
We Want Ammo Clan/Platoon Emblem (lukas.jabs.7)
Just need the " U " and " /\ " signs,still havent unlocked them,to finish my emblem,thanks ! (ks.gaming.77)
Battlefield 4 hero for the deaf (amerikan_87) +2
эмблема взвода (flyerov) +2
Sasuke Sharingan (Saniqa) +2
CBX LOGO (samyrsanova) +2
Costa Del Mar Logo (Greg Hoskins) +2
-=DoG=- Death or Glory - Brasil (NatoBNUSC)
Water Emblem Order! (Stolloss) +1
Emblem for my clan No Regretz Gaming (BernardOShanks) +5
Techno Frog (LazySanic #GetRekt)
Could someone make an emblem paying homeage to 'The Warriors"? (UmeedKing) +1
Platoon Emblem for Reapers Regiment (christian.carstensen.18)
EMBLEM REQUEST - My Logo into Emblem (DinuHuntTV) +3
CIA Special Activities Division (Dimas)
Wildstar Emblem (Riucario)
i want a nude girl emblem :D (Ren)
Sir Topham Hatt (Dr. French Shizzle)
Combat Medic/Ghost Recon (cesar.j.garcia31)
Patlabor SV2 Logo (LogicallyUnfit) +2
Joseph Stalin (C3MP_PSYCHO)
Poker emblem for my cla (rafael.tomagnini) +3
Logo personnel (tillo) +1
I wanted it to be an emblem chicken or a pastel (gabriel.veiga.167)
ro air force (ionut.crudu.902)
65th NOHED Brigade (Pooya.shady)
Trailer Park Boys (kylecamp88)
Poker emblem for my cla (rafael.tomagnini)
Poker (rafael.tomagnini)
A fitting emblem for my clan (Carson) +1
Can anyone make task force blackbird from MOH? (dinbonis)
WONK (ethan.kelly.75)
Russian Air Force flag (Maksta)
Lamborghini logo (anthony.pavone.16) +1
я хочу заказать эмблему в виде лома (thefomka25) +1
Need a Marine Helicopter Aviation Emblem (liam.bennett.100)
Spinnin records emblem plx (cookienazi)
Ghost emblem anyone? (dinbonis)
Alice madness returns emblem (nik.vlasenko)
The Wolf Among US (John) +17
Republic Commando/Mandalorian (Beñat) +2
MoH Warfighter Task Force Grizzly logo (Z_Jacobs11) +1
Tom Clancy's The Division (haerzamanov)
clint eastwood please (canonier_4erver) +1
Simple Emblem for Killstreak Gaming Channel and Clan (ks.gaming.77) +1
Platoon emblem . (yosef.mvb)
Charlotte Dunois (Alex)
personal emblem request (maxswildgoose)
United States Air Force Pararescue Emblem "That Others May Live" (L. Esco)
Zergface (raul.roqueta.9)
Das GSO platoon Braucht ein Emblem (marcel.fischer.5817) +3
emblema de clan (jv)
Buffalo Bills (scott.bishop.25)
Emblem für German Geckos (marcus.poppe.3) +10
K Project (Kila) +1
Rob Zombie (US.ARMY.Stephen)
HellRaisers (my_number_77) +1
embleme RiP (saintval.mickael)
Task force blackbird (christopher.givens.585)
Angry Laxus (Fairy Tail) (patrick.henzi)
Criciúma (Vitor)
Dark Brotherhood Skyrim (george.depaz.5)
BlackJack 20 слоёв (rainbow_dassssshhhhhh)
BF4 Quad Bike (Du)
emblea para meu time/ emblem for my team (TheDisturbed)
Wings of Glory Platoon (Clayton)
Reptar From Rugrats (donnie.miller.752)
Killstreak Gaming Youtube Channel and Clan Emblem ! (ks.gaming.77)
Good afternoon, I'm looking for someone who can make a logo character from the movie "No Country for Old Men" Anton Chigurn (killer) will be very preznatelen. (Василий) +2
Really Easy Emblem, URGENT Please Help (paul.giganti) +19
Twizted Militia needs a cool emblem! (KrystleSchwartz69)
Of Mice & Men (Racer24500)
symbol of my clan. (Leonardo)
Really easy emblem, please help me with a logo. (美和) +2
Эмблема для клана KENT (Andrey)
can someone help me with a logo for my clan RECKED please (south african) (shaun.willoughby.7) +3
Charlotte Dunois (Alex)
need an awesome wiley coyote (riley.eitel) +1
I need a a flag of my state (lilsace) +3
emblem for my clan; can someone please try and turn this pic into an emblem (max.fullarton.5)
rias gremory emblem (Battlefield) +3
A usa emblem with ta14 (ToughAmerican14)
Hey, can someone make this emblem for me? (Christopher)
Twizted Militia needs a cool emblem! (KrystleSchwartz69) +1
yukina (user29218797)
STRIKE THE BLOOD/yukina (user29218797)
Emblem for clan "BloodzNCrips" with tiger (kamikadze34ru)
Эмблема для клана с тигром (kamikadze34ru)
Mushroomhead Symbol Please!!! (dusty.silver.5) +5
I need emblemant for "GROM" witch Logo Grom :D ???!!! (Michał)
PULL AND BEAR LOGO (javier.plazossil)
I NEED AN EMBLEM (Adam Wakeford)
Simbolo Piloto Black Sabbath (Leonardo)
Awesome Marines logo (BlaZeBUNNYz) +1
A American Badge W/ TA14 on it (ToughAmerican14)
Dominican Flag (RDGxbk)
Suche murmeltier emblem (joehansen.willibald)
Looking for a "F'er right in the P***y" New interview bomber emblem (Wahid)
Custom Platoon Logo Pleaase (conradical4792)
Littlepip from Fallout: Equestria (Lev)
i need logo with flying bear (mrsandman777)
USMC 1st battalion 6 marines insignia (casey)
last kings logo (modernone.biatchh)
Fault In Our Stars (ivan.lau.792)
Please, I want the same emblem image (sami_10100) +1
Slaviansk Air Defence (binderisosytxyi)
Guardião celta (alan.douglas.967) +1
Blacklistgaming.net (livid66)
Medal Of Honor 2010 Rabbit Foot. (RougeGraphics)
I need a logo for my clan bf4 "Snake e-Sports", is something our queso. (SergioJoha) +5
ELITE (kensai9)
HELP ME (medical bag) (Jakub.PietruchA) +2
Das GSO platoon Braucht ein Emblem (marcel.fischer.5817)
ToraDora Logo (Mike) +4
Awesome Pony (nasser.hersain)
Lion king (michael.gvein)
Please someone make emblem for my clan. (Bail) +2
Eblema para o clan nLL [noLostLife] (gabriel.valverde.733)
CLAN RAÇA (wanderson.silva.5496683)
can you still emblems from another person? (kslw2p0s) +4
Team usa soccer emblem (P_Nafe)
LMQ Emblem Logo (GG) +13
2021 Echo Company (nick.rollings.54)
portal (תמיר) +1
Oompa Loempa (William)
emblem for my name (premium) (jersy.renders) +1
New Mexico state flag (spacebound88) +4
Ghostly International Logo (lonememe) +1
Of Monsters and Men logo (ArcaneTeaParty) +2
clan/community Emblem (steven) +16
Anyone Recreat my old clan logo, trying to restart the clan again but on battlefield 4 (jordanstephen.loftus) +4
Emblema time competitivo (marcus.alexsander)
Evil Red Eye :) (Maik.Lutz)
Zahvat (DimONPoweR)
Zahvat (DimONPoweR)
pls help making this emblem (kslw2p0s) +3
BEZ_KIKOV (immortaltosno)
Emblem request please! (olevnigul) +276
band logo Thousand Foot Krutch (capellan_astartes) +10
Would like an emblem with just the letters JC (Johnny)
Request blue panda emblem (Céline)
Clan emblem request (JoseGuillermoDeLaGarza) +9
Флаг (Naur) +2
No Regretz™ Gaming (BernardOShanks) +1
scrappy (marck.klimarkcn)
Piccolo Pickle or Pickle-O (Isaiah)
TBreezy Productions Logo (timmy.kunka) +1
NEED AN EMBLEM PLEASE... (bryanortizlizama) +1
NEED AN EMBLEM PLEASE... (bryanortizlizama)
Watch_Dogs Blume (george.kazakov.94) +1
JIBRIL (NO GAME NO LIFE) (ds3inator)
Discord (rcrules22)
Эмблема YouTube со словом а точнее канал Klark Game Channel (bykirill)
Waffen SS black and white (storm trooper) (aeiOWNEDu) +1
Emblem for my platoon. (TomLieksMetal69)
Discord with Shades (rcrules22) +3
Godzilla emblem (jesse.thurman.7)
Hostility Emblem, and Pin up girl emblem (jesse.thurman.7)
Attack on Titan - Survey Corps (Alexander.Bos.90)
Canadian Animal Emblem Please? (CrazyCanadianGa)
Oculus Rift (Sensodynee)
MR Edwardf game (Ferreira) +1
Picture of the car from the cover of Need For Speed Prostreet (Erick Ruiz)
MR Edwardf game (Ferreira)
LLama Emblem for TROLOLOLO Pluton (niconpl.niconpl) +3
Hi all please emblem as in the picture, I would appreciate (Wasabi)
DISTURBED LOGO (Nagato.Pain31) +2
Tom Clancy's The Division (haerzamanov)
My YouTube Emblem (thomas.hutchins.98) +3
Can someone make this into an emblem for my clan please? (dinbonis) +4
Gatsu The Black Swordsman (smmerwars) +1
HELGASTS MASK (валера колпачников) +1
Força Aerea Brasileira (aceghost)
Esquadrilha da Fumaça (aceghost)
MOH Black Bird (aceghost)
дракон (kirill.fedorov.58118)
Clan Logo/Emblem (steven)
ストライクザブラッド (user29218797)
ストブラ (user29218797)
Shock N Awe sNa (Rekpoint)
Black Label Society / Alter Bridge (DimitrimanFG2G)
Emblem for Clan (Henriquemm7)
Donald Duck! (DuckyDays)
someone making emblem for my clan,tks (Bail)
CLAN BADGE S.O.H # EMBLEMA CLAN S.O.H (mateus.galdino.5680)
Logo (capitancook84)
Эмблема на тему DotA 2 (capitancook84) +3
22 jump street emblem (samuel.kenyway)
The Republic of Texas Army (jason.spears.worm) +6
band logo All Faces Down (capellan_astartes) +1
Ichigo Bleach (Chris)
fox naruto (jonathan.guichard.96)
need a logo for a platoon with tag [ED] (rider88)
Reapers Regiment (christian.carstensen.18)
Dropkick murphy's (matthieu.lewis.9)
Acry47 (Acry47)
VirtusAC (Acry47)
Gears Of War Crimson Omen (salvador.salgado.5220)
Can anybody make this for me pleas (premium) (jersy.renders) +1
Can someone make a cool sniper emble witht he letters EKP in it ? (EpicKyo)
Can someone please make this into an emblem? (dinbonis)
Hardline parody (done, not order) (hyispas) +1
Genie anyone? :D Premium or Non-Premium (Ravillious) +2
need help for clan emblem (Bail) +2
Can anyone make my team logo. Thx. (pierrrot70)
Эмблема (RussianVaas) +1
Bad Kitty for no-premium (KOT-BE3DEXOD)
Luna (2gh0st)
need help for my platoon (ralph.gappi)
CLAN Emblem Needed (Simple) Please Help :) (paul.giganti) +31
Immortalhd Marshall Face (NadesNorth)
Premuim layers please.. (Cipher Xeiro) +1
requesting an emblem.. (bryanortizlizama) +10
make this into a emblem (Ernest) +2
sons of anakin tatooine (shaun.bobrucki)
Kiwi gaming. Its for my channel and I suck at making emblems (Jordan_Seaich)
eucliwood hellscythe (christopher.monroe.186)
help me plz (: (ivan.putinn) +1
Can anyone make this into a Emblem for me please? (dinbonis) +2
Battlefield hardline (captain_red)
Russian engineer (Ilya6999) +1
RF warrior (Ilya6999) +1
who can create a logo emblem Transbaikal Territory (vitala.ahmanaev)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... Can someone make this Skull inside a black circle for our Platoon. (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps) +1
Request for CLAN emblem. Please help (scott.brauer) +1
Cancer (jojufamily)
My logo (hipO_Fisher)
band logo Skillet (capellan_astartes) +4
Academi logo needed (thomas.heinz.90475) +3
Earl Sweatshirt Face (James)
yoru (塚本)
Patrick Star (kslw2p0s)
Plants Vs Zombies: Bonk Choy (XBL_BonkChoy)
Marshal-Immortalhd (NadesNorth) +1
Architects (UK) Logo. H A A L P ! (Ayotfent)
Moka Akashiya (Eitan)
The little Poop from Whatsapp (hohmannbernardo)
EMBLEMA DE LOBO ------- WOLF EMBLEM (SeninhaGames)
Tomb Raider (malina4ever) +1
riot games (高)
US Coast Guard Search & Rescue. (jason.spears.worm)
Group logo Skillet (capellan_astartes) +1
Need BF3 Emblem made for BF4 (alphareaper3)
can someone help me with a logo please (hawk-hound)
Can Someone Make Me A Black Rock Shooter Emblem Pls? (lGurrenLagannl)
Insignia of a skull of death evil, name ROT command, Thank you! (rocky.balboaa.359)
saint seiya emblem pleaseeeeee twt (uri.leon.37)
Can someone plz make me the emblem (Lucky38Lucky) +3
Unison emblem basic changes and adds (Christopher)
Unison emblem basic changes and adds (Christopher)
Unison emblem basic changes and adds (Christopher)
Requesting a emblem please (The)
[TK] Theater Kills Platoon-Logo (sorrowabused) +4
Yang Xiao Long from RWBY (aleksandrvascus)
SkL with Canada Flag (everett.horner.79) +1
Sea Shepard Emblem (will.hopkins.142) +3
RCMP Badge (treyemine)
latter - S. (isriphel)
Emblem for platoon. (Jeffrey)
Cleveland Indians Logo (DarkGingie) +3
Will someone please make this into an emblem? (OneSneakyGamer) +1
Need someone that is kind enough to make my Youtube, Steam, and Origin avatar. (Sliferman)
HARDLINE POLICE EMBLEM (Isaiahreynolds77) +1
Could someone make the S.V.E.R. emblem from MAG? (Patrick.KillSwich.Daigle) +3
Should be pretty easy, but I want it to look as close as possible to the picture (Jakekool91) +7
Suche Logo für KMoS (Ketchup Majo oder Senf) (cadeyrn.einherjar) +1
75th Ranger Regiment Emblem (Vexis) +1
A Platoon emblem for Unit66 (jostein.melby) +5
Can anyone make this into an emblem? (dinbonis) +6
Can anyone make this into an emblem? (Patrick.KillSwich.Daigle)
Naruto 4th hokage (zTheYellowFlash) +1
chelsea FC (xBassoKP)
[NTM] NAVAL TACTICAL MASTER clan (tristan.auxier.1)
Logo of my favorite band (rhcp.gabrielx) +2
Platoon Logo (svenebensen)
Trukfit emblem please! (iJoshGeezy)
clan EV1L emblem (bento.santanna) +1
Teen Titans emblem (supersoldire134)
New Platoon emblem 40 Layers... (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps) +1
UEG Platoon Request (Eric)
Triple M Productions YouTube Logo (V.K.S.Leader)
MEU Emblem. (BlackBurn) +3
YowaMushi Pedal Gear (Kaleb)
Mazda Rotary (angel.razo.12)
battlefield hardline theives faction emblems (danny)
battlelog emblem (bear_emblems)
Pashtet (muhinson)
Snow Drop (isaacparkerdennis)
CAOS (juan.pestanafernandes)
CAOS (juan.pestanafernandes)
MEU Emblem. Instead of 22d i want it to say 404. 404 Marine Expeditionary Unit, and on the bottom were it says fleet marine force i would like it to say Going Heavy. (BlackBurn) +3
Logo Team Kill With Skill (tekhne) +2
carolina hurricanes symbol (THExVIPER420)
RF Team (Сергей Богомолов)
looking for an epic ZOMBIE (aricdr)
RND Clan (anas.mahata)
TVA Platoon Emblem For 10$ (wahbi.sn)
Add Dead Orbit from destiny (Necromancer II)
Can someon pls make an eazy-e emblem? (jostein.melby) +26
GeForce GTX (Patrick) +1
Evil Ice Cream Emblem [SIMPLE NEED HELP]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (_Alain) +4
Minecraft Mellohi disk (Melohiable) +2
Logo to BF4 Emblem (justin.losh) +3
Please make a platoon emblem (FallenSoap) +1
BF3 MEDICAL EFFICIENCY RIBBON !!!!! (karl.kerber) +2
s a m c r o (hateful.spark) +1
Good ideas when placing an order! (thekillerforyou)
Need "G" logo Created "will place credit on my youtube channel if it's good." (matthew.mcdermott.902) +1
Gilda the Gryphon (NLRAF_VOLTAGE) +1
Platoon Emblem (RaMbzZ) +4
Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail (Joe)
Craze's Tags (xUb3Rm4Nx)
i want a saint seiya emblem premium (uri.leon.37)
Георгиевская ленточка (KolyanSerious) +2
Флаг ДНР (gearofnet2) +1
Penguin (Cartoony) (cian.shanahan)
good dog with Violent Breed incorporated in it (MakelyMichael)
Orlando Police (V.K.S.Leader) +18
embleme XP8 (Emmanuel) +1
Clarence the mailman (Unlikelyjoker)
Royal regiment of Scotland emblem (julius.morkunas.98)
USA Track and field (thatguydaniel11)
Femto From Berserk (Ramon)
Horo/Holo 2D (Spice and Wolf) (nak1Lon)
Emblem: Wolf, war, sniper. (RamonnOliveira) +1
Skyrim Dovahkiin symbol (chrystopher.brown) +1
Don't Cross the Streams Patch from COD Ghosts (OzyVenom)
combining two existing emblems (bf4) +1
Эмблема для бойца (linagen)
Нужна вот такая но красиво может кто сделать плз http://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=d11b396e063c67d0b33fdb1b50958656 (alex_of_levchenko)
State of Decay Logo (Am0D3lM3r0l)
Royal Marine Commando Logo (william.mears.737) +13
Zapp (pete.mould)
Can anyone make me this emblem!? (joao.claudio.790)
Noelle Sora no woto (TRZA) +7
Эмблема для Бойца (shawn69)
эмблема для отряда BDSM (vint32)
Protoss Emblem or EVGA Geforce GTX 750 Ti (isaacparkerdennis)
Эмблема для ballefield 4 (adremlyuga)
Casa Stark (Game Of Thrones) and Sniper (RamonnOliveira)
KRATOS God of war. (BlackBurn) +2
help me ///////// (ivan.putinn) +1
DEFALT (WATCH_DOGS) (ds3inator)
Damage Control <3 (danielvanflymen) +1
CHARIZARD!!! (jakethegrahamcracker)
FOR TANKS NEEDS TO BE DIAGONAL AND BIG ENOUGH TO BE SEEN CLEARLY ON THE FRONT OF THE ABRAM(just an example for what its mainly going to used for) (joseph.sitch.5) +2
* ~ Son - Goku Suit Emblem WITH PRESENTAION ~ * (philipee.wolfii) +5
gatsu From Berserk (The) +5
Crass Logo (Crass) +2
Mercy (logan.pendergrass.505)
FOAMY the squirrel .... as close resemblance as possible (SteveMordeux) +1
Requesting an emblem finish / redo for GW Community - Thanks! (Omri) +2
Would Love if someone could make my logo for BF4 (Roboonski) +1
Logo Standard de Liège ([BSL] |+32
Brazilian Tatical Army Skull logo. (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps)
Can someone try make this for me... Thanks! (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps)
Requesting Legit Letter Emblem (The)
Sylveon! (Moshking217)
Zeds Dead Baby.. Zeds Dead (ZD-E1GHT)
RWBY Ruby's Face (Tommy) +1
Logos (jesse.thurman.7)
Bitte ein LSD-Logo (susi.maurer.334)
urgently (kamaz_34) +2
Personal emblem. Want the numbers 404, or maby the name Blackburn in the emblem. (BlackBurn) +1
A Devil (chance.mellott)
MTN Dew emblem (halo5k33789) +3
Can somenone help to make our Platoon Emblem better? (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps)
Anybody pleas wanne make this for me (premium) (jersy.renders) +1
need simple 4 lattes (template there) (John) +5
Taokaka of BlazeBlue (Chibi/feisty/fluffy) (Casey D)
Gorhsa dolderan repost link was broken (danny)
Gorsha Dolderan (danny)
Ou este (joao.claudio.790)
Alguem me podia fazer este emblema sem ser premium? (joao.claudio.790)
このロゴを製作して下さい (kiminori)
Quiksilver Logo (Simple) (matteus.arenasiomello)
please make kim joug un (not premium) (sunghun.choi.351)
Make a clan emblem (id13517a16)
Scared Battlefield Friends Col 100 ( Kill Cam ) (andreas.orlowski)
Sterling Archer logo (l1pt0n0708) +5
Simple twitch channel emblem. (quid.accidit.9) +6
Awesome Soldier Face (Tehhaxorishere) +9
Battlefield Friends (FlyingTank11)
Platoon Crest/Badge (kaybrooke.grzejka) +14
Website Logo (kaybrooke.grzejka) +1
gerb (sirga)
trisosny (sirga)
Warhammery stuff (will.s.foster) +1
Warhammery stuff (will.s.foster)
[xBS] Black Souls >>> CLAN EMBLEM <<< (oinsuportavel)
Symbol of Victory, Symbol of Freedom and Choice (vryad.lee) +3
REQUEST : Please create my logo ! (takuma.kusanagi.92)
BRAK Platoon -Someone can help me with my Platton Emblem... I make this one here: And we want the Skull more agressive, if someone can help us, remove the wings to put something new and also new BRAK letters we will be so glad. We are a competitive P (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps)
BRAK Platoon (allanpaulinosiqueira.aps) +1
Battlefield Friends Noob Emblem (Mr_Sp33dy123)
Эмблема взвода 24 RU (Georgij)
Pedido Emblema GOE (VitorCazarottiVenanteSC)
Judge Dredd Logo Premium (Adam) +1
can someone make me a solaire of astoria emblem (Ash_Hole76) +7
REQUEST: Macho Man (Adam) +1
REQUEST: Emblem for name (theBarryJuice) +3
Ковёр (falcornix_twp)
Ковёр (falcornix_twp)
HonorGuard [HG] needs a custom emblem (kaleb.leerhoff.12)
АЛВАНЕЦ (bekzat1k) +1
Arnold Schwarzenegger / Terminator (erik.amgwerd) +1
Irmãos Metralha (ChrysthianChrisley)
Grendizer...a giant mech from an old anime. (Mahmoud)
X-Men Gambit (Gambit) +4
Emblema Guerra na Selva (JulioCezarLima4) +2
переделайте эмблему под Риддика (antonka4)
Emblem for organisation: ECVisualize (Nitsuj.speedie) +4
LOGO FIR-CB SER (gea.cristian.sierra.36)
bayern munich emblem please (iselim11) +1
GSO CLAN EMBLEM (marcel.fischer.5817)
xMoD (abdalrhman.hussien.3)
Kuroyukihime picture to logo (cowhityourface)
Gostaria que fizessem um emblema pro meu clã. (GersoMito)
Circle/Bird Type Logo (Naff Gutts)
Disclosure (Óscar)
Ola preciso de um eblema para meu clan nLL noLostLife (gabriel.valverde.733)
can someone help? (Julia Iv)
Emblem ''The Ramones'' band of the punk rock '' (felipesennagarcia)
VGU Clan Emblem Request! (harrisonjs) +1
Awesome Smiley Big Boss/Snake Edition (John) +6
Frozen Middle finger/ Gefrorener Mittelfinger (derVoelker)
taged and baged (Rackus1100)
Can some1 make this? (jordan.delasalas.54)
Marinejegerkommandoen Norway (pGrim) +1
Oakland Raiders Logo (wordsensemusic) +10
Need a logo for a clan platoon! Help pls! (mrexepert) +4
Clan emblem (Lord Stiff Nips) +4
Make please emblem from BO2 Zombie. Picture in description. (afrofele) +4
GSWG (sergej meier)
Shooto MMA Japan Logo (Wes)
CLAN EMBLEM NEEDED (jordan.delasalas.54)
Stepbrothers movie Prestige World Wide Logo (TheFancyPandaYT) +1
Order for Team xAgency (BF4 Team) (connor.manross)
Clan Emblem Help!!!!!!!! (jordan.delasalas.54)
EMPREMA PARA TROPA Z1K4 (tamiris.sandro)
can someone make me this? it would be awesome (ronaldo.cool3)
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (S1LENT W4VE) +6
OFNTV - YouTube - Emblem (HeatzZ)
HatsuneMiku (Teerachai)
Bull - Clan Logo (BFX.Community)
The Lost logo (tomer.shpitsinetsky)
163rd Armored Cav (S1LENT W4VE) +4
17th Cavalry Regiment (Recon19D3) +1
2nd Infantry Division Patch (Jonathon Miller) +1
2 infantry division (ryndyk2012) +1
Delta Force Patch (garry.aranda) +4
6th Airborne (Joseph) +2
boinas verdes (ricardo.dosanjos.7)
a majestic walrus emblem please (Kjedefda)
Clan Emblem DRC (bam_bitch)
A Emblem For My Clan (Lord Stiff Nips) +2
Filthy Frank Emblem (Lord Stiff Nips) +1
*HORROR CLOWN* (maltekawaii)
to any 420 in the scene. (kapassas)
Runngun.se CLAN emblem. (erik.persson.9275)
" Respect your opponent " tag clan (TPB) (diovani) +1
" Respect your opponent " tag clan (TPB) (diovani)
Clan Emblem ROC (stevensfowler) +2
"KILLER CLOWN" A Clown like the RIGHT dog tag in BF4 CALLED "KILLER CLOWN" *HORROR STYLE* (maltekawaii)
Emblem of me. (Stolloss)
Emblem für FunClan "Rappelkiste" ! (volker.heinrichs.5)
SCRAPPY (marck.klimarkcn)
can anyone help create this emblem (premium member) please. RECKED (shaun.willoughby.7) +2
Peace & Anarchy (drugstorerecords)
Monstercat Symbol? (Wuzupmyhomiz) +6
Has anyone play like this in the form of emblem for me? - LINK IMAGE IN DESCRIPTION (Guilherme)
Tomb raider letters 2013 (omarandres.santamaria)
Can someone make a emblem for my clan [AK] Ambition Kings (SurlyD) +4
Emblem for my clan,pleeeeeeeeeease. (Guilherme)
Kunteynir (MacMiller) +12
Hitler face (istvan.szabo.11)
Southampton fc (ohsosharp67)
My Own Original Emblem (pr.bonecrusher)
RUSSIA (adil.haydarov) +1
can someone make a fabulous walrus emblem to match with my name (Kjedefda)
Can someone pls make me Octavius rex from Spongebob? like this http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120918023858/theadventuresofgarythesnail/images/a/a1/1000px-Octavius_rex2.jpg (nikita.litwinow) +3
Clan Emblem [Nm] No Mercy (Pro-chiller) +8
iRTB Clan EMBLEMS order (jin.kinoshita.77)
Tem como fazer um emblema com a tag "DOH" (dieison.lima.14)
Tonto from The Lone Ranger (travis.smith.779857) +4
Alpaca Emblem [Please Help] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (_Alain) +2
Need Help, making my Emblem. (william.mears.737)
Squid Girl (meito.anizawa.7)
Kategorie C Wolf (derVoelker) +1
Clube Atletico Mineiro (Não Premium) (Bruno_irmao) +1
collie dog emblem :D (tamir.k3) +12
Vietnamese Wifes Emblem request (sausage_hider) +1
Clan Emblem for ROC (stevensfowler) +7
Emblem for my name: Destruhawk (_Alain) +5
Can anyone help me do this logo ? (Clan emblem-Premmium logo) (jfmatthews1)
Питерские внимание (tsarpas) +1
Creative emblem for a platoon called BlackHammer (No Premium) (Eth-Man) +3
Need Clan Emblem for THE BLUE HAWK CLAN (felix.heimer.1)
COULD ANYONE HELP.. (bryanortizlizama) +2
Eskiimo Emblem (theEskiimo)
[TK] Theater Kills Platoon-Logo (sorrowabused) +2
GLOBAL TRUST (TheKineticz) +1
please can someone help create? new Recked logo please (shaun.willoughby.7) +2
Emblem FC DYNAMO or HC DYNAMO. (Russia) (oslikea)
Emblem (leonardo.schlindwein.5)
White tiger from Ultimate Spider-man (Black_Hawx_1911) +2
Bozo please!! (Faptinam_) +4
EMBLEM FOR CLAM CIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gabriel.lucena.33234)
EMBLEM FOR CLAM BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thiago.chile.9) +2
ermac from mortal kombat. (ermac51rus) +1
Platoon Emblem (felix.heimer.1)
need good emblem -star wars (wil jones) +4
Charlotte Dunois Emblem from Infinite Stratos please !!` (kuntoaguero)
Cool emblem for my platoon please! (No Premium) CLAN NAME: BLACKHAMMER (Eth-Man) +4
I need a emblem for my Clan please help me? (tim.greenleaf.3)
cool emblem for my platoon please platoon name is 515R [premium member] (Diego)
battlefield platoon emblem [request] (Diego) +1
CSKA (rabb1t)
Mustang (eric.deoliveira.3)
Infinite Stratos: Houki Shinonono (Serenade Death) +1
Order for Emblem of the Russian Federation/ double eagle (oslikea) +1
Violent Gaming (kaybrooke.grzejka) +8
Samco (Steven)
Help me with my logo (vthang93) +3
Tree Trunks (Adventure time (Mummys.Boy1) +3
Tree Trunks (Adventure time (Mummys.Boy1)
Wolfenstein: The new order. (RUS) (max.enot.3) +1
Dark Souls Bonfire (marcelo.fuganti.ortega)
emblem help (gabriel.lucena.33234)
Stasok (Stasok)
Spec Ops the Line (patrick.le.393)
Fernando Alonso (Jimi.J.Koskinen)
Please... It's for my girlfriend and me.. (juanito.garciacamacho.7) +1
Can someone make me a SvC emblem (purpletop01) +2
Dice,snake eyes or 3,4 as top roll (VCLangille) +1
Sobre o Podcast que sigo do Battlefield chamado "Papo Battlefield [pBF]" no PC por favor! (Milliard) +1
Polenar Tactical (sat924) +1
Эмблема для взвода DRC (bam_bitch)
PLATOON (gabriel.lucena.33234)
PLATOON (gabriel.lucena.33234)
Submarine (max.vash) +1
MrFijiWiji's Emblem please (Divjlak) +4
https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t31.0-8/823561_875795895779674_3676523959092740321_o.jpg easy emblem (jan.bernacki.3) +1
Do it please (jan.bernacki.3)
https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/t31.0-8/823561_875795895779674_3676523959092740321_o.jpg (jan.bernacki.3)
Seal Team Nine (Dustin Hoffmann)
Someone do this for me please (gabriel.cunhalima.9)
LF inva m320 emblem pls (Indrek)
Fox McCloud emblem (lefterislol) +1
Please make this emblem! :) (rurap)
plattoon (CritzZzZz) +3
CritzZzZz (CritzZzZz) +2
Poison Ivy (kaanyenidag) +3
Yellow Submarine (max.vash)
German (Ausrichter)
SQ Logo Please (sampic19qc)
One Logo please ! (patrice.brugger) +2
An Interesting project! (Sir Xanver Xannington) +1
Welsh Flag (James05Williams) +1
Stop me and buy one (ohsosharp67)
fun fun fun (gchernikov)
PsyQo eSport logo, please help, willing to donate 10$ to the best submission (Aeratic) +1
Андреевский флаг (seaman077)
Margò Lupin III Nude (manuel.veneruso)
Margò Lupin 3 Naked (manuel.veneruso)
Стопрак (Andrij) +1
Mountain Dew (michael.gregorchuk)
CLEITON (cleiton.gferreira) +1
Scred Connexion (ymokrani)
Margò (Lupin III) Nuda (manuel.veneruso)
Myckro emblem please (radu.tamasan)
Joseph Stalin Emblem (EnragedRooster)
Sakamoto the cat from Nichijou [non-premium, images included] (Aiki)
Logo Binary Domain! Please do me) (Eighty-Two)
Nomo Clan BOTS (wendel.fernandes.18)
Looking for an expert on this one (Steven) +1
Bet nobody can make this (premium) (jersy.renders)
Can anyone make this as a Platoon emblem?? (pufferhead)
Who can make a Korean Emblem? (Please) (GaboR0X)
"I'm gunna sleep" vine beach little girl "goonight" (Thomas)
Mahiru/Shinya Banba (ds3inator)
iTuga emblem (francisco.medeiros.96)
TASK FORCE ATLAS (MEDAL OF HONOR) emblem (Dabidi.Istamuni)
Hashirama Senju (Enigmadek)
RECKED (shaun.willoughby.7) +8
Крокодил (Crocodile)(Lacoste) (d.a.savin)
Срочно нужна эмблема для взвода HellFireRusTeam [HFRT] (d.a.savin)
IMC from Titanfall (kevin.gerbitz)
TASK FORCE ATLAS (MEDAL OF HONOR) emblem (Dabidi.Istamuni)
Skull Badge (Whats)
Clan Logo $10 (ZeroKooL)
HotToys (HiM526)
EDMDistrict Monstercat Logo (TheFancyPandaYT) +3
AGUIA (fernando.dolfini)
Please, make me emblem 3$ (100руб) (kamaz_34)
Can anyone do this? How much? (Luiz C.)
PsyQo eSport logo, please help, willing to donate 10$ to the best submission (Aeratic) +1
AMA Motocross Logo (Harnak) +7
Easy Emblem for PSF (jan.bernacki.3)
Trucker Girl (premium) (jersy.renders)
Artists {Premium} (jersy.renders) +1
CS эмблема персонажей из видео (MikhailTsyganok) +2
JWK PATCH (kacper.zawadzinski.9)
эмблема от мышки a4tech bloody (Толик новосельцев)
The Social Distortion Logo. (jeffery.j.davis)
TASK FORCE ATLAS (MEDAL OF HONOR) emblem (Dabidi.Istamuni)
FOAMY the squirrel .... as close resemblance as possible (SteveMordeux)
FOAMY the squirrel .... as close resemblance as possible (SteveMordeux)
AlfaBlaze emblem like this http://imgur.com/vekcNEu (edoardo.alfonsi.9)
Requesting a Emblem please.. (bryanortizlizama) +2
Por favor do cueio (Otavio)
Can someone possibly re-create this? (Aeratic) +10
One Logo ' Dywacot ' Please =) (patrice.brugger) +3
EMBLEMA PARA CLÃ (leonardo.schlindwein.5)
Freddy Krueger (FreddyKrueger)
Anybody ? (premium) (jersy.renders) +1
Charlotte Dunois emblem> (OWilson)
Please try do this oldcommunity eblem (QUEONE1) +2
Lycans (elbori27) +3
TASK FORCE ATLAS (MEDAL OF HONOR) emblem (Dabidi.Istamuni)
Эмблеиа (Vlad)
Срочно нужна эмблема для взвода HellFireRusTeam [HFRT] (d.a.savin)
Срочно нужна эмблема для взвода [KPK] RUSSIAN KNIGHT (skromniaga_dr) +1
Крокодил (Crocodile)(Lacoste) (d.a.savin)
embléme for BIIM team (alexandre.masson.524) +3
SP3D Logo (patpumpa) +3
chon_mi38 can you make a Emblem for my Team please (philipp.maier.3990)
chon_mi38 can you make a Emblem for my Team please (philipp.maier.3990)
Сделайте эмблему ТАРАКАНА . (karwuk)
Gurohm can u make a emblem for my team (philipp.maier.3990)
Looking for platoon emblem (Zombie) +1
paltoon emblem (pilas)
эмблема для взвода (Dmitrij)
Эмблема для взвода 25ru (cGamer65)
TASK FORCE ATLAS (MEDAL OF HONOR) emblem (Dabidi.Istamuni) +10
Up for a Challenge? (Justin) +18
Frei.wild logo (timm.pauer) +17
NorthWest (DA_ITALIAN_KID) +4
Paying for an emblem for a ESL team (JohnStevens002) +127
Request of Emblem Supporting the Defence of Net Neutrality (bro)
Oorai high school emblem (michael.l.blackburn.9)
Крокодил (Crocodile) (d.a.savin) +1
I need an emblem for my peloton, sorry my bad english / necesito un emblema para mi pelotón, por favor.! (lucas.demtz)
Emblemas de Siglas (washington.DRAGONBORN)
TeaBag Move (anas.mahata)
M98B Emblem (DerJanilu)
Urgently need a logo for a platoon [KPK] RUSSIAN KNIGHT (skromniaga_dr)
ill pay R50 to someone who can make me my emblem (south africa) RECKED please (shaun.willoughby.7) +1
Want this emblem (Wise Monster) +4
Help me make an emblem! (bassaloo)
This face is amazing (Eran)
Sexy gasmask (cl1mh4zz4rd)
Shelby or Mustang Logo. Thanks. (roman_makeev) +1
Fox Motocross Logo (Harnak) +4
Blue Stahli or Celldweller (Bands) Emblem! (Uziel)
Perfect Ghost Busters Logo. (Bonk_Choy) +1
STEPHEN KING DARK TOWER "KA" (dimitri.kempinski) +6
New Emblem mBot (me7demax)
EMBLEM FOR CLAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jeanrobert.colonna) +6
[borg3n] mBot (me7demax) +8
Big Challange, if you do this ill do anything to you just ask (ali.kung.9) +1
Shepard clan emblem (gavin bathagte)
DWARF EMBLEM (DwarvenPlague) +1
Possible to make me this Emblem? (xExist)
DATSIK or Firepower logo? (chris.davis.963434) +2
NME Clan tag please (shane.lewis.90) +7
Want this emblem (Steven)
Sons of anarchy logo (Steven)
EMBLEMA BROS (thiago.chile.9) +3
i need that, (FOR VENEZUELA) (Noblelez)
[Emblem] Fun team emblem needed :) (Evokate LeNoob)
tang juice bottle, or the logo (tang347) +1
Emblema (luiz.vieirademedeiros) +1
Timber wolf emblem (Kazumamishamura) +7
Clan emblem (dave.t.johnson.7) +6
ACES Emblem Request *pretty please* (crossland.pamela) +5
Bear Platoon Emblem (stevesatellite) +9
+++***+++ L.O.D as N.W.O (ATeamMate) +2
[Borg3n] Zert- Clan Emblem (Dayton) +4
[Borg3n] Can you make this A (jeremy.murray.9275) +11
Try to do this one! (alejandrotrillodom) +1
PSF PSF PSF ! (jan.bernacki.3) +2
UnPCgamer (General) +1
OL NASTY : please try to do this picture for me (nicolas)
help guys! (GOLDEN6OY) +11
[Borg3n] Up for a Challenge? (JR0me122) +5
FBI Letters (BlackTofu) +1
FBI Letters (BlackTofu)
FBI Letters (BlackTofu)
Ohm symbol (read.the.fucking.manual) +9
AID5 Platoon seeking a cool design (m3donky) +1
A few emblems i need (bryce.sullivan.129) +3
Soundgoodizer (chris.davis.963434)
Clan Emblem (Colton)
Create a clan emblem for the SVF Seventh Fraternity (gabriel.s.souza.9)
Could anyone do a plane or something? (bernardo.moraesferreira)
Looking for someone creative for a custom emblem PLEASE (TayParker) +19
Taiga and ryuji (pistolpete76x)
bang (mr.sandige)
if possible just try to put OP not OG http://goo.gl/ADBrRC (viniciushcastro) +3
[borg3n]PLEASE NEW LOGO! (me7demax) +12
Kommunists rage 6lock (GOLDEN6OY)
Beer Pint Glass (JohnBeerman) +3
C4 Clan Emblem. 10$ For Best Emblem (william.t.gogan) +1
Emblem for PSF in battlelog (jan.bernacki.3) +1
https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/v/t34.0-12/10370562_748449885177046_1169085617_n.jpg?oh=99268e75d9f6937be736a72ec2398883&oe=5372C7F2&__gda__=1400041335_2da9c42b1d6ff329f198f0a7c83444ca (viniciushcastro)
a emblem with OP, my clan tag 'Operation Phantom' (SKY10100) +4
NEW LOGO ( PLEASE borg3n) (me7demax)
PLEASE NEW LOGO (SST) (me7demax) +1
Diablo 3 RoS Clan Emblem (Steven) +1
Logo my Team SST (me7demax)
Logo my Team SST (me7demax) +6
Sex Panther (joshua.genung)
Logo my Team SST (me7demax)
INFO (Borg3n)
PLEASE!!!!! (kamaz_34)
a emblem with BFCN, my clan tag 'Battlefield Connection' (viniciushcastro) +2
CLAN EMBLEM (Matheus) +1
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzzi3jMmFyzIRV9pSlJlT1Z3eU0/edit?usp=sharing (CyberPanda)
Some text need (janusz.osiniak)
Joel THE LAST OF US (Chris) +1
Titanfall Militia (halo5k33789) +2
Up for a challenge? (JR0me122)
Rengar Emblem (Hunter) +1
For MrVAder (niegodiay)
markit bmx emblem (rhys)
Clan Emblem (MoOdsTyLe)
Danganronpa-Junko Enoshima (ryofumisaki)
Emblema para clan -- Porfavor se alguem conseguir (Muuril0)
Federal Bureau of Investigation Emblem (BlackTofu)
S.V.E.R or Raven Logo (arriandne) +2
aT - Assault Team E-Sports Emblem (Canalsnowplay) +5
1Nation team emblem (onenationclan) +21
桜trickのエンブレム作ってください (ZMinecraftZ)
Clan emblem (Gunnmasta) +9
Please someone can make Sakamoto-san from Nichijou (BigNyarlathotep) +3
Frozen (LetItGo) +2
Clan emblem (Gunnmasta)
Trasformação do brasao CTB em emblema do BF4 (JorgeVitalTratoR) +3
Secret Squirrel Patch (ShroudSciuridae) +1
Behemoth Games Logo (biff.ibkus)
MW2 Marine Rangers Emblem (biff.ibkus) +2
PLEASE HELP ME :) (Ghostkidmonster)
Need Avengers emblems. (paul.giganti) +4
Работа из разряда "По-сложнее" - Флаг России! (Alex) +9
Predator 1 movie poster (ri)
Need a emblem for mah clan! (BulletProofStorm)
Targaryen logo (can be premium) (GuilhermeOliveira12x)
Emblema de Clãn (Muuril0)
Emblem AMB (vitor)
need help again (Da)
Bandeira do RS (joaohenriquebc)
GOON Platoon (Herb73) +4
Hey, need emblem for my scrim team! (Pamsulife) +2
Iron Cross Medal WW2 (GER) (xVeNGeAnZe) +4
Rurouni Kenshin (raymond.eulo) +2
Bae Suzy Emblem (KiwiSquishy) +4
need a help :p (daniel)
I need Help making my youtube logo!!! (iDoriitoz) +1
Clan emblems please help (izal.santos.31)
CLAN BOTS (wendel.fernandes.18)
[METT] ESL TEAM (SirLunchaLot31)
Platoon emblem (I tried and i failed) (Johninatoooor)
https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t1.0-9/10245269_1386166385003530_3416220806354918194_n.jpg (viniciushcastro)
http://i.imgur.com/iqDBW9r.png (viniciushcastro)
aT - Assault Team E-Sports (Canalsnowplay) +3
Skeleton Wolf Wanted!!!!! (Lieutenant)
TcoB Clan Emblem | We Will Pay. (yBelaR) +4
Kappa Please, it will be so popular guys! (Slava) +6
Yui Takamura emblem (FuzzyBunnyxxs)
emblem COCKROACH (karwuk) +3
Emblem of girl (tmoshi0730)
Oakland Raiders logo (half a beard) +2
Mata Gringo noob (mateustricolor13)
Logo (princesssunrice) +2
Operation Sports (Kodii) +2
Request Order of Evil CLown (jared.fifield.5)
Loko (ivan377)
Metal Mulisha (Roman)
misla (soinc) +1
I need a Tribute Soldier Emblem please (juanseph01) +3
Emblem Logo (igormoraisf)
Flying Squirrel Emblem (oFLYINGSQUIRRELo)
CLAN BTM EMBLEM (paulinho.quintino)
Krinks logo (licky)
GODS (vini.garcia3)
ODST Skull (PreVail)
Abby (2gat123)
Simplistic Badge (January3rdMatty)
King Clan (Michael) +1
FAC Platoon (rhys.martin.313) +6
help with my badge (vinicius.santosaraujo.7)
MY YOUTUBE LOGO!! (iDoriitoz) +1
REQUEST: Emblem for my ESL team, please (JohnStevens002) +3
swat kats (Srhijopotamo) +1
New York Rangers (berrish.bergstrom)
Noisestorm Logo (halo5k33789) +3
Requesting a ''Please Stop Me'' emblem (butt.beard.5)
Bogs Binny, (ReticularSaturn)
Немного переделать эмблему взвода, за денежное вознаграждение в 200 руб (Leonid Priemko) +2
IF POSSIBLE, COULD SOMEONE DO THIS? ATLEAST TRY? Im not sure that this kind of emblem is possible to do but anyway.. thanks! (NilkkiHiiri)
RECKED is looking for someone to create their new team emblem (please help)(premium) (shaun.willoughby.7) +2
TcoB Clan Emblem... (yBelaR) +9
The golden age keys (Jake) +6
Кадуцей (planemo_q) +1
YDK.me need a Good Platoon Emblem | YDK.me braucht ein Gutes Platoon Emblem (Kevin)
L.O.D (LOD.Fuzz) +3
hi there, i was wondering if is that possible u guys do this for me? (viniciushcastro)
Я думаю не сильно сложно (kamaz_34)
Требуется эмблема!!!! (xuy1998) +1
Magneto (From X-Men) (hemic18)
Old Unit emblem from deployment (ColCommissar)
Old Unit emblem from deployment (ColCommissar)
Old Unit emblem from deployment (ColCommissar)
College Football Logo (George) +1
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Request! (eugene.francisco.77) +3
Deuueagh fish from spongebob (tang347)
Create a logo please, I can't do! Very necessary!! (Nataliya)
A-team (Diego)
ETID (vapertrainjames)
Primeape [Premium] (Primeape) +2
jagermeister emblem pls!!!! (aitor.diazsalas)
TVA Clan (wahbi.sn)
Clan Emblem ! (DjSlaYeRQc)
Non Premium Albanian Emblem (renatovip)
Takin'CareOfBtchs | [TcoB] | Clan emblem NEEDED ! Help Please (yBelaR) +8
Maryland Shield Emblem (kit.astris) +7
Blood Eagle (Jayne)
Iraq Emblem (Twist1988) +2
Postabargain logo (MarkySharky)
THESMOKECREW (thegame.smoke)
Emblem, Girly, Sexy, To go w/ BF Name... (sxclilmama) +3
FEDERAIS BRASIL (jonathas.souza.330)
Ice Smirnoff (תמיר)
Please make my Emblem! (ModernY)
oPs - Emblem (ramon.vieira2) +2
could someone try and make the "why you no" emblem? (brendon.ma.16)
Need help with Alabama college football team logo please !! (jeremy.murray.9275)
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Rank 50 Emblem. (brestin69) +1
A emblem of Astrea (parkers1)
Thief Emblem (Slendoman .)
Welsh/American flag Mixture (will.hopkins.142)
Avenged Sevenfold (YTNecrojection)
Welsh and English Dragons together for a platoom (thomas.w.palmer.5)
Please some1 Make This!!! (SynthMaschine) +1
GamerGirl (Ruth) +1
Postabargain Platoon Logo (TheBishman293)
ESTONIAN FLAG (usausa) +3
I need a logo for this channel on youtube (ConradoRochaCuccia)
Jester or Jester Skull (SynicleJester) +1
I need an emblem for our group "Soldiers of Ethics" (connor.macleod.33)
can some one make me a Patroits and Saints emblem (Tyler)
Personal Emblem? (kyle.lackey.9847)
pliz it reealy easy (elieli880) +1
Волк (BlackXMEN)
EOD crab. (no.slack.zach) +3
Tom Clancy's (newname.unname) +3
Need a platoon emblem (iiRecker) +2
Imperial Fists emblem (Manfred)
ViaTeam Logo (alexanderiict)
Eye of Providence ! Please (b22476620) +1
Need Clan Emblem called Act of Violence (IlProdigyyylI)
a mug with a joypad to 'internal (Ceelan)
RELOADED ZONE (marco.markuzzo)
Fenrir (marky.smith.90)
Someone pls do this Hawk pic. link below (The13H4wk)
Emblem Spartak Moscow (met)
Emblem Spartak Moscow (met)
Dieser Auftrag erfordert sehr viel Kreativität (Florian Reiss)
___--->>> help me make the emblem with the letter s <<<---___ (Jakub.PietruchA)
SDT clan emblem request! (Nibelun) +2
helping !!! :) (Jakub.PietruchA)
Not hard to do. (Silencedloolies)
looking for someone who could make me simple and easy platoon logo (KevinManHero)
No Game No Life (xsouless2)
US Army Ranger Tab Emblem (natedognigglet) +2
Microphone (damir.hrustanovic.9)
Смайл (wuzuk)
New York Jets (JetsFanatic)
BIG BOSS Emblem Wanted--Take a look- (Snowball954) +1
Mark Wahlberg (Ruud2k9)
>>> we need a embleme for the PrimeWriter Platoon <<< (Bullseye0815)
Doom Guy Head(Helmet) (facedojoaopedromp)
World Crest Emblem (BlackTofu)
First Platoon emblem (RogerioDeBarrosNascimento)
Need emblem for the Waffle Warrior Platoon (DarthEMJ) +4
GODS (vini.garcia3)
CLAN = BEBADOS TENTANDO MATAR(BTM) (paulinho.quintino) +1
GROM Embelmat. Could sb. make me a emblemat like the one in the link bellow for my platoon http://static.myvimu.com/photo/80/337 (axel.szmidt.1) +1
Detroit Lions? (L36Medic) +1
Logo for War Excess League - WEL Competitive BF4 League (djmatheushirota)
[CRGN] Clan emblem (filip.wojcicki.31) +3
Can You Make This? (andre.shooter.7)
Team Agarrados NEEDS AN EMBLEM WITH THE LETTERS (TA) (francis.rego.7)
Need emblem,help please (seth.funeral)
If you wanne make this easy thing (Premium) (jersy.renders)
CAN ANYONE HELP ME?! Someone please make this. (NilkkiHiiri) +1
Fire Support Team Member emblem (FISTer) +5
Imperial Fist (Vethok)
emblem hockey (arsenchik18) +1
Platoon emblem Needed (OtK Shiina7DS)
Requesting Third Eye Blind (logo) emblem *THANKS* (bolts4brekfast) +4
CAN ANYONE HELP ME?! Someone please make this. (NilkkiHiiri) +1
PULP Clan Tag (WayneRob17) +13
Can anyone help me with emblem? (lvivmanbf)
My mates help me :) (djricer)
Would like our clan logo turned into an emblem. Will pay just let me know the price. (robert.labbe) +10
Can anyone help me with this Emblem? (G1r3D) +5
Emblème du S.H.I.E.L.D (arthurgerard38)
Chloe moretz (id5street)
An emblem with the Donkey from Shrek? I'd appreciate it :) (Impulsive)
emblem for Battle-Noob platoon (victor.quere.33)
Request PH CLAN EMBLEM (ibrahim.khan.140193)
Эмблема для гетов. (yuraselezen) +2
ECA Platoon Emblem (vinnybrito)
Portuguese Comandos Logo (joaoerm) +2
Clan Logo Needed (Patricksherman) +4
I need this HONGKONG POLICE (yomi) +1
I need this HONGKONG POLICE (yomi)
Need someone to do this? :) (Silencedloolies) +4
Please Help. (yBelaR)
RAD Racing (Jonathan ) +4
Does anyone know how to make Hannibal? (chloe.russo.10)
Minecraft Emblem. (taylor.french.925) +3
snake (Reuben)
snake (Reuben)
Make this for me to get no more confussion (premium) (jersy.renders) +1
Erős pista!! (DraterHUN)
OFWGKTA CAT (alexeatszombiez)
*** EMBLEM *** (NilkkiHiiri) +1
MW2 10th Prestige Emblem (biff.ibkus)
Ghost emblem (Kcblaze3)
A skeleton Wolf (Lieutenant)
Any super car (Kristopher)
IGS Plantoon Emblem (will.hopkins.142) +12
algum emblema relacionado com almas do inferno (heberti.vasconcelos) +1
The Wicked Elite (r0bDizzle) +1
PLEASE!!!!!! (Nataliya) +2
Hello guys help pleasssssssseeeeeeeee!i need emblem EA Help,can you make it pleasee!i really need it (lvivmanbf)
Need a logo for a platoon EVA! Clan open! There is a set! (saint_shell) +10
EA Help (lvivmanbf) +1
please! DCNL! please! something simple! pleeeasseee! (Stijn Bindels) +6
Takao from Ars Nova (luk.weiheng)
EA Help (lvivmanbf)
Asuna yuuki (Orion)
please can someone create (premium) RSA_wollfpack007 PS4 (shaun.willoughby.7)
Волк (volkn7) +1
哈特利 (杯熊) +1
PrimeWriter Platton emblem (Bullseye0815) +4
AIRBOURNE LOGO (lodgie555) +1
Can someone please make me a clan emblem titled as WAXX (in toxic green) please!! (Jletz94) +3
I need a custom emblem made. Will pay for good work. (allen.gabriel.146) +1
Эмблема хоккейного клуба (arsenchik18) +1
ПОМОГИТЕ!!!! (Nataliya)
Need emblem for AWSM clan (awsomeantz1)
Portland Trail Blazers Pinwheel (steve25437548)
A train (nate.molnar.5)
One Emblem like this one.... (Bullseye0815) +1
Shana from "Shakugan no Shana" (risen_fr0m_the_ashes)
ЗНАК ОМа (Nataliya)
CLAN emblem: DCNL (Stijn Bindels)
section RiP (saintval.mickael) +14
DCNL - please! thanks! (Stijn Bindels)
Wanted, emblem, resembling raf regimant please!! (kieran.d.watson)
please make this character's emblem for me (No_More_DOTE)
Please make a Waluigi emblem. (joshua.harmon.961)
Could someone please make me a Classy Midget Emblem (premium) :) (Jesse) +1
Game of Thrones TARGARYEN HOUSE (omgitsmaddoctor)
HRV эмблема (alyosh_vasilchenko_androidcoll) +1
OHM!!!!!!!))))) (Nataliya)
need emblem (Titvald)
эмблема с котом KOSH (vint32)
can someone make something very cool with DCNL? non premium please! thanks (Stijn Bindels)
can someone make something very cool with DCNL? non premium please! thanks (Stijn Bindels)
I need logo written OKDP please (Wladimir) +3
Эмблема взвода FBI (sashasp)
Эмблема с nick name. (nepostoyann)
Kurumi Tokisaki (ds3inator)
Эмблема VFC (ask2508)
Filthy Frank Emblem (AKA_Shadis)
PLEASE, MAKE THIS HELMET! thanks (NilkkiHiiri)
Asavar Kul Helmet ! (NilkkiHiiri)
[CRGN] Clan Emblem (filip.wojcicki.31)
http://teleserials.ru/images/angrybeaversb1.jpg (deggi)
Hollywood Undead (Da) +5
portrait or just a picture of General Grievous from Star Wars (Maksim) +2
Emblem for UFA clan (eduardogomes666)
chucky the killer doll (mickyhc)
Recon Medal in Gold (only color editing) (DerJanilu) +7
Emblem for clan? TeamFragNation (Rare Glue)
'murican eagle (ger.xprototypx)
Snickers logo (mad.madsnicker)
http://i062.radikal.ru/1404/c0/b948f8984604.jpg (Сергей Богомолов) +1
Carach angren logo pls (jack.mercer.9469)
Australian army artillery corp badge (TheFTPexperience)
Australian Army infantry corp badge (TheFTPexperience) +3
bathurst 1000 racing emblem (lodgie555)
Homestuck (TheTVGM)
Emblem for clan (jeanrobert.colonna)
Platoon emblem needed! (TheGamer) +4
Ten Bucks (Ten Bucks)
Quick clan pic OPS (Ruud2k9) +4
droopy : Would you please do that for me with "Funny isn't it?" behind or above. Thanks (nicolas)
Emblem for my clan :) (janusz.osiniak) +5
Need "The Penguin" Cobblepot logo from arkham city (Vladimir) +3
paiN Gaming League of Legends Brazil (rafael.addilan)
CLAN Emblem Teamfragnation? (Rare Glue)
Charliie (robin.mafian.cernousek) +1
David Draiman (Aleksandr)
Can anyone create our Clan logo? (DustinBernstein13) +2
Braken logo (halo5k33789) +1
Emblem for 69ER (luke.dyermills) +9
Digimon - Renamon (Gomamon)
Emblem exactly the same as the Clan logo [G4th] (germanforce.karji)
*** LORD BILLS *** GOD OF DESTRUCTION *** FROM DBZ *** (Jordan) +1
MSI dragon army (muaz) +2
Emblem with my nickname and headshot picture. White to gray. No other colors. TNX (sadelveer) +5
Emblem of my profile picture (Wallis) +1
Make this for me pleas (premium) (jersy.renders)
Quick and Easy for you guys! (Razhe.Wiley1) +8
Nisekoi request (Ziakel) +1
OL ' NASTY : Would you please try to do this for me. Thank you (nicolas)
DROOPY : Would you please do that for me, and let's try to write "Funny isn't it ! " behind or above it's up to you. Thanks a lot. (nicolas)
LF help recreating our Clanlogo in Battlelog. (Pandaz.yo) +6
KF team (franklin.sobrinho.54) +1
Hessen (MayoSGE)
ApocalypseSnail :) (aviv.newman)
Emblème de voleur (InSaNyGaMeR) +5
Fructis (riku.lagerbom.7)
Premium Emblem (grzesiek.rzepecki) +1
can you make this for me in a cirkel (premium) (jersy.renders) +2
Нужна эмблема для взвода EVA ! Клан открытый! Идет набор! (saint_shell) +3
Political emblem (vargen.roding) +1
G-Eazy pppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look in description! (David) +3
left4dead 2 (karananik) +1
Emblem for NonPlusUltra clan (michael.neroni.92)
Tristam - Follow Me (halo5k33789) +2
Lenin. Ленин. (bulldogfrenetic) +1
Can someone please make an emblem for MoRTaL Clan? (Josh) +3
Oakland Athletics Logo please! (TayParker) +14
Royal Family (With Crown) Emblem (DEFCON.Tev)
Shayetet 13 or Sayeret Matkal insignia (CaptainMorgun)
Eintracht Frankfurt 80s/90s (MayoSGE) +3
FFDP Logo (Deadmmann)
A Thank You for username "ALEX"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (simon.cepeda2) +3
Dogtags Please (Domingo316) +1
Greasy exile non premim, clan emblem (Bogdy4955)
Oblivion Emblem (Super Antlers) +1
HELLO CAN ANYONE MAKE THIS EMBLEM BETTER??????!!!!!!!!!!!! (simon.cepeda2) +13
simple. Non premium. (LONER18) +2
Captain Crunch Logo as Emblem (juanpaul.demeillon)
Yellow ribbon for South Korea please! (GaboR0X) +2
My Clan Emblem (Supreme Killers) (marcelo.michaloski) +6
Philadelphia Eagles emblem (regulador91) +1
http://eaassets-a.akamaihd.net/battlelog/prod/emblem/60/570/320/2955059900603638484.png?v=1398304046 (TheBl4ckHe4rt__) +3
Battlefield 3 100 Jet Service Star Dog Tag (insanepepzi) +4
the Pancakes Logo (timo.lange.3) +21
HM logo for my Platoon. (SquirrelAid) +7
GROM Embelmat (axel.szmidt.1) +2
Celestial Being Emblem 2nd try (robozombik) +6
Make this emblem better (simon.cepeda2)
EMBLEM for usho40 (boaz.lotem) +4
Suprise for a good friend (premium) (jersy.renders)
Nisekoi Chitoge Kirisaki 10€ PAYSAFECARD if I like it!! (mega_force3)
No moderation for emblem rip-off uploader xXDAUERGAMERXx? (gdef.harrington) +2
Quero um emblema pro meu clã nome Vulcan/// I want an emblem for my clan name Vulcan (minato.uchiha.9803)
*** LORD BILLS *** GOD OF DESTRUCTION *** FROM DBZ *** (Jordan) +8
РХБЗ (atfull) +1
Q from street fighter (///Talos) +4
The Coat of Arms of England. (MrHeathen31) +1
A simple inscription (Zubi82) +4
[CRGN] Clan emblem (filip.wojcicki.31) +4
Platoon Emblem (Austin)
Goat of War (jaydecay78)
Have a shot at this one my artistic friends. (Dr Yum Yum X69) +1
Need nasty logo for platoon. (gottagofast) +2
currency of power power rangers (murilo.melo.733)
Easy Dragon Emblem Request (Stolloss) +8
An emblem like this ? (MonX) +1
Someone can make this please! (maniacafps)
Помогите!!!!!!! (Nataliya) +7
I have some work for you (gottagofast) +5
SVER emblem from M.A.G (FourEyedEwok) +1
Wolf Emblem!!! Please and thank you! (drumlyfe.05.01.10) +1
Divergent, HELP (mholva)
Someone have time to create a cool looking clan logo for our platoon? :) (Kanvy)
Come to Dady (Roch)
ПРОШУ СДЕЛАЙТЕ ФЛАГИ!!!!!!!!! (molotokas.potocki.yuri_457bc)
ЭМБЛЕМА ДЛЯ ВЗВОДА G.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (molotokas.potocki.yuri_457bc)
Celestial Being Emblem (robozombik) +3
Wow, much emblem! Doge with a war helmet ? (enzo.dalcerro)
Эмблема для клана!Помогите пожалуйста!!! (Skylains)
Skylains (Skylains)
be creative (Simplicius01) +2
clan order (IngenousCheese) +4
Emblem with my nickname and headshot picture. White to gray. No other colors. TNX (sadelveer) +1
ThePurplePepper's emblem (ThePurplePepper) +4
RareGlue Emblem :D (Rare Glue) +3
CommanderBacon (Bogdy4955)
TRON Legacy (SSSJDanny) +3
Turians (dabravsemblyat) +2
Nija Kick Hitler (Bogdy4955) +1
IngeniousCheese emblem (IngenousCheese) +4
please!! Japanese SAMURAI (realpizza2) +3
Michael Jordan Jump Man Logo (Jordan) +2
To alex (jersy.renders) +3
Fallout New Vegas Veteran Ranger (Mojave)
a challenge (simon.cepeda2) +4
Сделайте эмблему Риддик! такая как на афише фильма, с тенями (antonka4) +5
SAKO from Upotte! (nightwarden)
Danzig Emblem (Scott)
Union clan emblem (snissok) +2
Нарисуйте эмблему для BF4 , в виде робота из фильма "Аватар" (2013): (p.pogodin)
Could someone please make my clan logo into an emblem, would be great, Thanks. (TheGamer) +2
Looking for artist (premium) (jersy.renders) +4
Surprise for my friend :P (Rare Glue)
challenge of creativity (simon.cepeda2) +5
brickleberry malloy (BorisTebiev)
Tasty Network Logo (halo5k33789) +5
Madcatz logo (erhard.kruger.3) +2
Логотип Excision (ONIX)
C7 Corvette flags (william.kosloski.31) +1
Guns N Roses Emblem (-I-WASP-I-) +1
Clavicula Nox (riley.estrada.52) +6
jolley rodger with cutlasses (lodgie555) +4
Sif from Dark Souls (Crocogater07)
hello i want make one for my clan name arab over clockers [AOC] (Madaaforever) +1
Clan Emblem (tai.golan.7)
Der Reichsadler (HitokiriSan)
Epic Battlefield Pros-Platoon (simon.cepeda2)
Intel Core i7 emblem (Juan Diego) +2
медведя (bossassbitch88)
Easy Dragon Emblem Request (Stolloss)
Lord Bills from Dragon Ball Z (Jordan)
Флаг Белоруси! (deemon_by)
SEEK N DESTROY BATTLEFIELD 4 (Alexandr Gulyaev) +1
эмблема для себя (deemon_by)
Fallout 3/New Vegas T-45d Helmet (malachi.laing) +4
Чистое небо! (stalker.antet) +1
Кракен (machoman12)
Эмблема для взвода в Battlefield 4 (SantaDesert_2033)
Sniping Emblem for my Name. (DarkMagiKz) +1
Lord Bills (Jordan) +8
Ace Ventura (mr.cunt)
Solaire of Astora Praising the sun (yan.gabriel.353)
Olivia (BagelMonster)
A Nargacuga (the-enderfruit) +3
Skoal Wintergreen (Chris)
Escudo de time de futebol (elnandode.lbdp)
Jas 39 gripen jet (Rare Glue) +1
Killstreak Gaming Youtube Emblem (ks.gaming.77) +9
Работа из ряда, посложнее! Флаги народов и герб!!! (molotokas.potocki.yuri_457bc) +1
Global Alliance (molotokas.potocki.yuri_457bc)
Street workout (maksik99mkstreetworkout)
bison (mistrz biz)
Dragon Emblem!! (Stolloss) +2
EMBLEM for YOLO (maikel.talts)
Team XeRa/ Team Faiix (haydn.vantoor)
Can anybody make this for me pleas (jersy.renders)
Excision (ONIX)
Dragon Emblem!! (mcspawner1997)
Emblem for my name, please. (DarkMagiKz) +1
Emblem for my name. (DarkMagiKz) +4
Заказ эмблемы JSS (forest_gump28)
can some one make me that (tperetz1) +4
Эмблема Real Madrid (sharaborin_andrey)
Wolf Emblem w/ Beret Recreation (Roberto)
Dragon Emblem!! (mcspawner1997)
Anbu Black Ops Symbol/logo if you can really appreciate it (redrider1218)
Anbu Black Ops Symbol/logo if you can really appreciate it (redrider1218)
Anbu Black Ops Symbol/logo if you can really appreciate it (redrider1218)
Anbu Black Ops Symbol/logo if you can really appreciate it (redrider1218)
Shuffle Perfect Asa (Harley)
Kosovan Army Badge PREMIUM (ron.halili.3)
[nP] next Please Team (brunooxavier)
The British Army. (MrHeathen31)
Mystery Class dragon emblem!!! (mcspawner1997)
Need a 2sF Name only Emblem (Bezzi1k3) +4
youtube logo(gasmask man) (d00msdayxx) +8
UNC Tarheels emblem (primehunterxc) +6
hi can u do this for me? (viniciushcastro)
Clan Emblem for OpS Gaming (Ruud2k9) +4
Mystery Class dragon emblem!!! (mcspawner1997) +1
Colonel from Green Elephant (Pashok) +4
Club Brugge (jens.boncquet.7)
Pls Enlarge emblem (Gomelify)
The Dahaka Emblem (tim.goldschald) +1
Jeff Hardy Logo (TM.Shark.4.6)
Lapfox Logo (no)
Seek n Destroy (SantaDesert_2033) +1
Can someone do the Rooster Teeth logo? (Vince)
Ghosty Panda (ghosty.panda.5) +12
[TDG] Clan Emblem (darksharingan2) +3
Up For The Challenge! WARNING PROFESSIONALS ONLY!!! (darksharingan2) +3
Gurren Lagann (Dylan Dieckhoff) +2
A "computer hacker" emblem. (josh.seldon.1) +2
Create Clan EMBLEM be CREATIVE get VIP SLOT (StrangE_NexTGeN) +1
Dive Knife (elliswill8)
The Doors (1960s band) Logo WHITE ON BLACK (Nicholas) +5
can anyone do this (hanoria788) +6
Someone please do a 20 layer Azusa Nakano. (meito.anizawa.7)
Someone please do a 20 layer Azusa Nakano (meito.anizawa.7)
Anyone know when the "New" created emblems will be added? (flowgraphix.hull)
СТОП ХАМ! (Aleksandr) +1
Contest of the best (jersy.renders) +2
ГВКГ им. Бурденко (Maniac_RF) +2
Third Exile Emblem (juanpaul.demeillon) +2
Clan Emblem Please (Tyler) +1
Nipple Rippers Logo (Roberto) +2
I Created a clan called the 106th Elites and id like a emblem (argento.celant) +1
BCBG (Leonard) +1
Ranger Airborne tab (Rosy Trujillo) +2
machine head emblem (toni.virolainen.1) +4
Randy Orton Viper Logo (aron.novak.568) +1
LETTER N, can you make this one please ? :D (lorycatta) +4
Llamas With Hats (AUSTIN)
MLP Lyra (daniel.dyson.16) +2
AlfaBlaze emblem like this http://imgur.com/vekcNEu (edoardo.alfonsi.9)
For clan EVA (saint_shell) +6
DutchKillas Emblem (tycho.vandersluys) +19
Uchiha Obito (obiito.uchiha.777)
Azu-Nyaaaaan (meito.anizawa.7) +2
Enlarge emblem (Gomelify) +6
Sgt. Oddball Emblem (Kelly's Heroes famous tanker) (jznidy)
(= battle chipmunk =) (alexey.yudin.71) +16
Make an emblem for me (mordecai.campbell.56) +2
YEET SQUAD emblem (michael.b.lawson2) +1
Emblema do BOPE Tropa de Elite Brasil (muskinny) +1
Star Wars (darth nihilus) (trixxer) +2
For clan EVA (saint_shell)
Angry bear (naxah)
Truian skull (Darca_PL)
Looking for LK Clan Emblem get VIP SLOT (StrangE_NexTGeN)
Russian clan emblem (eldanix)
Big request (premium) (jersy.renders)
Looking for this emblem... (MrGianlu90)
Ghost Recon : Phantoms logo (halo5k33789) +3
GinTR1k emblem (gintr1k)
I want the logo to Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad), I beg (Maks Hp)
Looking for a sleek emblem :) (Adam) +1
Clan Emblem (PwngeRoyal)
Rainbow dash salute emblem pls help vor 15€ (FR33Z3D.X.SN1P3) +5
killer 7 (blksenpai)
CN BF4 (DannyMaxFlow) +4
Bleach Skull anyone up for it (link in description) (420.69.bigload)
Emblem of Death band logo (premium) (420.69.bigload) +1
Could Someone Help Me Out With This Dredd Badge? (Adam) +1
I would like to have the Curse Logo as Emblem (leon.schonbrunn)
Goat with a Grenade in its Teeth (BRUTAL_EGEND)
cerberus (Rasul-CrberuS)
Wild Hunt (Rasul-CrberuS)
hand banana from aqua team hunger force (KingSkillz23)
Hello, I would like Emblem Hamton. How to proceed? Thank you! (raphaeldleao)
I would like the slayer/ jeff hanneman heineken logo (LT_hippie)
Zeruel from Evangelion (Magnus)
need a logo with text *putin Huilo* (realhench) +1
SCOTT Bikes Logo Pls :) (FR33Z3D.X.SN1P3) +1
GinTR1k emblem (gintr1k)
CLAN Emblem (grzesiek.rzepecki) +5
Clan called AOG (Noah Berndt) +2
Fulgure's face (TenguKyojin)
Squad 422 (carlos.garrido.1238)
THE WOLF AMONG US (kunyang huang)
LassKnacken sucht nen Clan EMBLEM (StrangE_NexTGeN)
LassKnacken sucht nen Clan EMBLEM (StrangE_NexTGeN)
someone can do this for me? very ty (ezequiel.atanasiohaintz)
Ren & Stimpy (dirtymuffins23) +5
Star Wars (Pavel)
Can Someone Please Turn this Into an Emblem for me (BluPolaski) +2
Hey, would be nice if anyone could turn this logo into a BattleLog logo, its the best dutch infantry company logo! :) (luc.decrauw) +3
Macho Man Randy Savage Emblem (Adam)
Targaryen Dragon from Game of Thrones (primehunterxc) +1
My Clan emblem, could you please make this into a BF4 Logo, would be appriciated :D (TheGamer) +1
Can Someone Turn This Photo (link in description) Into A Emblem For Me Please (Mads) +9
Can Someone Turn This Photo (link in description) Into A Emblem For Me Please It Is A Small And Easy Emblem (Mads)
A Logo for our lil Platoon; i gave up myself :x (nuffnung) +3
Магистр Йода (Pavel) +2
Пожалуйста сделайте лого с моим именем ll_SuPeRiOr_ll, открою всем желающим. Буду очень признателен (canonier_4erver)
Hatsune Miku (dno)
Pleas help me make this (premium) (jersy.renders) +2
Could someone help me to create Cambodia flag ? (khoulkimpok)
Cambodia Flag (khoulkimpok) +1
Drakeface (kseybabah228)
Platoon Logo (pepe.gastaldi201)
Noble Wolf (christomaxim) +4
Казак Мамай (MaMai)
re-class from Kantai Collection (ger.xprototypx) +1
help! crow with heraldic lily (Liquid) +2
Hounds of Justice (theshowoff)
Russian Naval Infantry (Luchs)
Game Or Die (CoSmash)
Monstercat Ephixa (DaCHiIsTheName) +1
Can someone create a Emblem for my Clan? (argento.celant)
Hi Guys! Can anyone make a emblem for my name?? My player name is IIIGoaltenderIII Please :) Thank YOu very much!!! (Jim.Wang.1996.8.24) +4
My Name (BMTE00) +2
Texas Tech Logo. most the work already done. (sTrD_fisher1629) +4
Making Smacky mad (robert.tippin)
League of Legends Lulu (desurian)
classes andN.I.E dog tag (tubbbbssssss) +4
[Request] Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder [Premium or Non-Premium] (Gabriel_S_Leal)
Пикачу (lagger04)
Embry-Riddle Logo (Eric) +9
Yorkshire Rose (January3rdMatty) +2
i want make logo for my clan please (Madaaforever)
Shrek is love, Shrek is life (sam.cross.18)
Finishing this. (Ghostkidmonster) +1
romper stomper south park (John) +8
Shadowrun logo (elliswill8)
Spongebob Karatay (Onjisan) +1
Terminal Lance (WheresMyMindGone) +3
The Ultimate Warrior Face Paint. (xXEchoWolfXx) +7
Make This into an Emblem Please (WayneRob17) +1
Need a new emblem. (BADASS) (drumlyfe.05.01.10) +1
Прошу сделать логотип нашей команды! http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/platoons/view/30539855288614092/ (sanvasilich) +3
New Paradigm Emblem (vincent.vicari) +3
эмблема клана ФСБ (Ivan) +1
Ephixa Logo Please (TayParker) +10
Texas Tech logo? (sTrD_fisher1629) +5
I need a Embleme for my Name ll_SuPeRiOr_ll ! Let your imagination run wild! I am open for everything! Thanks in advance! ll_SuPeRiOr_ll . (canonier_4erver) +2
Tidus Necklace FFX logo Wanted (flowgraphix.hull) +3
VITYA3b (Андрей Колюда)
Gurom can you make a clan Eblem for me and my team bitte (philipp.maier.3990) +8
Emblem for me (michael.neroni.92)
Clan logo with the letters "sTrD" needed for platoon (sTrD_fisher1629) +5
Skullcandy logo (halo5k33789) +1
Эмблема для клана Saints Devils(Святые Дьяволы) (killerdeimos) +2
ROTC logo Please Help (william.reyes.7587) +1
infamous 2 Emblem (TM.Shark.4.6)
someone can create a Emblem for me please :D? (MonX)
University logo (lix.spiridonov) +3
MATI (lix.spiridonov) +3
VFA-103 Jolly Rogers aka Fighting 103 (Smiley) +1
The Agonist Logo (philipp.siehr)
Slovenia flag required! (lukav.vrtacnik) +2
I NEED A LOGO FOR MY PLATOON (Alexmayortercero) +8
Hey Ho who can make me the logo of Wartime Dignity as the emblem (MrSazara)
PLS!!!!! Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalker (Jack Drown)
I need an emblem for my clan ? please (Wladimir) +5
Embleme for my Name! Let your imagination run wild! (Abs0lut) +7
Нужно сделать эмблемку про орущего зайца (nex_by) +1
Компания героев (evgmer95) +1
Commande for BIA (Romain) +4
Please emblem on my nickname: BJIaDoCuK No Premiun :D Not more than 20 layers (pozitivny007)
Очень прошу друзья, клану срочно нужна эмблема, ну прям очень надо) Будем вечно благодарны) (kr_a22)
ENTOURAGE logo (dennis.wernicke.7)
Please make fear embkem with name of my platoon[ALFA]. (Anton)
Please make clan and platoon tags for this image (Michael) +2
Angry bear (naxah)
Sub emblem wanted (Hrimfaxy)
Lion Please help with Lion!!! <3 (luis) +2
South Carolina Gamecocks Logo (Wesley)
Can someone make a Garrison Squad Emblem from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) (atyate88)
Metal music. (EpicPwnerXP) +2
Razgriz from ace combat *Working url* (Hrimfaxy)
Blood Pack Logo (tanner.lange.77) +5
Razgriz from ace combat (Hrimfaxy)
Who is my hero who will this for me? (DrAbodoviC) +2
путин Хуйло (realhench) +4
Pascal lizard guy for my wife's bf4 emblem. *Premium* (Ian) +6
Real Madrid (keeperwood)
An Attack Boat Emblem (DV-15) or crest of boating/or both boats (Wesley)
Deadman Wonderland Request! (TayParker) +5
Ku Klux Klan (antifa_moe_vse) +13
Не могли бы сделать эмблемку? http://i022.radikal.ru/1404/75/c2e2422c02cb.jpg (zemcbi4)
СССР (arkmonk) +1
Would appreciate an easy emblem. (LONER18) +1
NWO Platoon Emblem (HyperActiv oD) +4
Mascot Ghost in the Shell (Evgenij) +1
Jet Set Radio Future (austin)
H-N-i-C please (Tyler) +2
The Warriors gang logo (X_Chiyonsake_X)
need a exspert to make a emblem (bf4 sniper elite G.R.O) +6
Platoon Emblem Dark Aura (darksharingan2)
Badass Hinata from Naruto (jack.wegener.94) +2
Sound Skull emblem order. (Arknarter) +9
Can i have this made for my Clan Please? (baratha.b) +6
Can i have this skull face please? =) (DerHalbeEuro) +6
[BRw] BRs War (Web_Brazil)
Achmed the dead Terrorist Please!!! (Domingo316)
sons of anarchy emblem (zigzag52501)
Children of bodom emblem (DAXEN)
Rainbow dash salute (FR33Z3D.X.SN1P3)
Cros Clan (ozgun.kucukbas)
can you create ICA emblem from Hitman series (sunnytar) +1
Туз червей (gray95)
Kirito SAO (View Zoidberg)
TheDarkGamers (darksharingan2)
Goya (Specter22pr)
SODA Clan emblem (bubba.skeen.528)
adele (PhAbdallahh)
i need an emblem for my team (dany.oliveira.58)
I need an emblem for my name (giannis.balalis) +10
Platoon emblem with a theme GP (BrunooHenriq)
alice madness returns (Viktor) +3
M60 emblem (mcspawner1997)
Эмблема Ghost in the Shell (Evgenij)
Platoon Emblem (filip.wojcicki.31) +5
Stalker-Mercenaries (reshaem.domashnie.zadaniya)
Embleme for bf4 (jeanrobert.colonna)
M60 Emblem from the front!! (mcspawner1997)
Need sora no otoshimono emblem :3 ([FR]Mr_Ed583)
Need A Clan Emblem somone can do this for. (philipp.maier.3990) +4
Aisaka (pumkamay)
Papay_Moryak (ostapakulenkov)
Thunder Trigger emblem for my clan (mcspawner1997)
M60 emblem, please!! (mcspawner1997)
Emblem for clan (Eldos)
Emblema for clan (BrunooHenriq) +1
Emblema for clan (BrunooHenriq) +3
Kirito from Sword Art Online (View Zoidberg)
clan emblem please help (john.holmquist.16)
FurySnakes logo (mike)
Some nasty crazy "Taliban" please :D (J1had_J0e) +1
Spetsnaz GRU (SpetsnaZ Makarov)
!! Platoon Emblem !! (nico.dejong.524)
Need the emblem for my clan "KTS" (Ivan)
M60 Emblem? (mcspawner1997) +1
Galaxy Authentik (VenGeR)
Ween / Boognish (Schloads) +6
Greek de oppresso liber badge (vagos10) +1
Torchwood logo emblem (jesper.august.5)
Cyber Gaming Emblem (Tomba120) +1
Fuck Call of Duty (Axel)
vFv The Fallen (ryan.krouth.9) +3
Olympian Task Force *Emblem Needed* (nasim.richardson.3) +1
Boulevard Brewing Co. (Eric)
Prince of Tennis: Devil Mode (eugene.francisco.77)
eSuba logo (mitsubishi_ev0) +2
EraZer EZ graffiti PLEASE! =((( (militarycat) +1
Shark (MegaIodon)
outlaw logo premium (dckrajewski)
Can someone help me :) (Pamsulife) +1
platoon emblem (brenton.allmond)
Militia (conorr12) +1
German Eagle Shield (‎‎‎‎✞TRIGUN✞) +4
platoon emblem (kgornostay) +2
Ajax logo (jermaine.drijsen)
Pin up model please (TheIridesence) +3
Shark / Megalodon (MegaIodon) +3
bad bear (naxah) +2
Requesting a Emblem please.. (bryanortizlizama) +2
Cape Breton Highlanders Insignia, Nova scotia cape breton (xo0oSNIPERo0ox)
Unique Lion (luis)
Fallout 3 (FlyingTank11)
Olympian Task Force *Emblem Needed* (nasim.richardson.3)
Embleme for clan (jeanrobert.colonna)
Mass Effect Krogan (wc-ente | Me@x |[GER])
CABR (jhonatta.marcelinosilva)
hi im the owner of http://www.5kgamer.com/ (Ev1GaMe)
Пожалуйста сделайте картинку для клана EG (jekacv)
эмблема группы АлисА (magnumstyle)
SS Galicia (swimmerok_d)
I need a Kamehameha! (Carson)
bad bear (naxah)
Can someone re-create kevinsimpson1942's new emblem? (Timelord Sloth)
Need help creating a clan avatar. (xMFHxSoULReAvEr)
Keller Kinder Clan Logo :) (lukas.jabs.7) +2
The JOKE (nicolas) +1
Smooth moves (TheIridesence)
Galil please? (Sako) +1
Hoss Glass Crown Emblem (chris.ribeiro.9235)
Need For my platoon (Paul)
Spec7er's logo (Ellijah05)
Master Kai Emblem (emanuele.benedetti.923) +3
GruMec (jorge.ramiro.9277)
JROTC patch for school platoon (william.reyes.7587) +2
Redcrown (fosrudah)
Redcrown (fosrudah)
wanted one of those but I can not! I ask you please help me (israel.francoso)
[OKDP] Os Kabra da Pexti CLAN EMBLEM (Wladimir)
Logo BF4 (geoffrey.manes.5) +6
iDIP (ChargerFox) +3
Bring me the horizon (Dodgyx Jammer) +2
Kamikaze Soldier (PaPa Franku) +3
Request for Clan Logo. Please. (AntiHero7X) +2
NOPE in DICE font (mavanmanen) +2
Need help with an platoon emblem (Nnoitra)
Attack Helicopter (kozak.assault) +1
XXX TRIPLEX CLAN (marco.markuzzo) +1
Breaking Benjamin logo (halo5k33789) +2
BLG Emblem (corey.turner.3958) +1
CLAN NON-PREMIUM SLUSHIE? ((H&C) Noya- FlutterBitch) +4
i need a emblem for my clan (bf4 sniper elite G.R.O) +3
need 6 emblems for my clan (bf4 sniper elite G.R.O) +6
Agradeço pelo trabalho de voces ! (israel.francoso)
Clan Emblem RAUL (rafa.queiroz.01)
Red Wings Logo (JeffffWinn)
respect my authoritah (higor.guitar)
Red Dawn Platoon Logo, need help!!! (mafio2zy) +6
Sons of anarchy logo SAMCRO (Aleks)
Mr. Burns from simpson (XTREMIUM) +1
Emblem for pluton (omfgdatme) +2
Need the help of an expert (jersy.renders) +8
Super Beste Freunde Liga (Benjamin Puls)
Rox.Kis (fdgodsky)
Kitty Gang Or Die EMBLEM (lucas.kirkpatrick.7) +6
Seven Cards (enzo.mortean)
help please (massimo.miccoli.14)
Oasis emblem (Danflu) +5
Mv Simple Order pleace :) (Matii_E) +21
i need help how i upload a emblems on this site plz (turksich)
I Want A Peanut As Emblem (buildshoot)
logo for my clan (k01enka)
simple DICE font themed rext : " RAIN " (iiiWaroxiii)
Earth (Nigger) +4
Jubilation Lee / Jubilee Marvel Xmen (ChonCh0n)
Want Star Wars Rebel Pilot Emblem (bigredbrett)
Riven's Sword? (TMarcoo)
I search a Emblem like this (TM.Shark.4.6)
Forgotten Warriors clan emblem (pele) +8
Nick name: LTU RAIN (iiiWaroxiii)
Angel Beats SSS (rekdPatt or others) :D (FaceHunteR)
Hogs (Christophe)
WILLING TO PAY FOR HELP (charles.winstead.75) +6
Emblem für ein Clan (Emblem for a Clan) (johannes.ludke.9)
can any one make me a emblam (Ev1GaMe)
Dexter Morgan (WeeFeeri)
Please create emblem for clan not premium. (Andrew)
emblem need bro please (k01enka)
эмблема (illision) +1
Shield Of Jonathan (desen.he.3) +3
Looking for someone with basic editing skills. (Arknarter) +1
Can anyone please help me make this (baratha.b)
Очень нужно эмблему бро! (k01enka)
Clan WTFO Emblem (clanwtfo)
Legends Platoon Emblem (arriandne) +1
Pay $ 15 who will draw me a logo for BF4 (proma85)
Russian countryball (droks_d)
Need Platoon Emblem *german* (BB4F)
Poklonskaya (mr_dno)
NAS clan tag (Stryker) +2
KSI Army (chau.julian.1)
Emblem That Represents Only The ELITE SOLDIERS of Battlefield (pau.lleonartcalvo)
NiF Gaming (chrisxp) +5
Please, could anyone create me this emblem? (AmuntLlevant)
Черные храмовники (yobacat)
Clan emblem for ign-esports (Nnoitra) +1
Shiina from Angel beats (xEpicZLP)
Candaian Railways (FrostWarrior64)
almost Skateboarding (TM.Shark.4.6) +8
75th Ranger Regiment Emblem (d_borbely7)
Wolfsangel Logo please. (Jacob Brown) +3
Please create a simple clan emblem(Clan:Nation Shield(NS)) (Andrew)
Os Fuzileiros Da Anarquia (jose.thiagotoledo)
A Simple Order Request (baratha.b)
A Simple Order Request (baratha.b)
Pease creat a simple clan emblem. (BLNK). (US_Marshal76) +5
Pls Help Me Make This (baratha.b)
Emblem (kjell.vangroningen)
Need a platton emblem that has RedTroopUK on it or Just RTUK (zumph97)
Ku Klux Klan (antifa_moe_vse)
world of warcraft (murderfaace)
Request for a emblem (combine143)
Pucelle du 2ème REP (Jojo) +5
...And Justice For All (JohnSzarmach)
The Hunter (mob.thehunter)
harvey birdman / phil ken sebben (scott.biggs.90)
Can someone please make this simple emblem? (Chimmy) +1
Request for a emblem (Richie3204) +3
secret squirrel (brian.barrie.509)
KUNTEYNIR (spitfire92ua)
CLAN logo: PDB (dave.tremblay)
Jax Mortal Kombat (zinin666)
logo for clan (Gert)
Hi :3 Ayane DOA? (TanikoHorigome)
Platoon und Clan Logo (marcus.poppe.3) +9
Can anyone do this?? ill be pretty happy (condefkr)
2 Emblems plz (Mala.Basha) +1
Iraq Lobster (Alejandro)
Can someone make me a emblem? ( I Have Premium) (grzesiek.rzepecki) +1
MNG Team Atilax (Reid) +9
Platoon Emblem for JAHC (Japan Attack Helicopter Community) 40 layers (akiiku422)
Scorpion tail with dagger. Request. (Relapse)
Help us for our platoon emblem !! (ourdin) +1
Platoon Emblem for CyZo (CyberZombies) 40 layers (Hans) +4
Can someone help in make this image into an emblem please? (jared.fifield.5)
hii i like to some 1 can make that :) (tperetz1)
white bear (alex.davidoff.988) +3
Emblema (id_83766398) +1
Snow Emblem please :) (Sn0w92) +1
heavy breathing cat (desbarts) +4
99th (kleyrermacora) +16
Emblem with my nickname. (VankoHuntz) +9
Tribal emblem 2 (Nigger) +5
Blanka ブランカ (Bruna)
badge for troop !!! (SsaamuueLL)
Shark 4-6 Emblem (TM.Shark.4.6)
Emblem Madafuck (nuukkyy.tristann.3) +1
Touwa Erio (Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko) (noah.t.cronin) +4
Request emblems (J.C.OGamer) +3
Blue Mountain State (dangagno)
Brasil+Argentina+USA (Gabriel) +1
prostitute (Usalexi)
Dolphin Nanners (wow.parkin)
Seiken Densetsu 3 (Riesz) (Megablackhand)
i need a CLAN emblem (Ev1GaMe) +2
Clan emblem for "lawl" (resch.timo) +2
emblem request (Richie3204)
Looking for a clan emblem. (david.lane.3150)
unreal tournament (vinicius.dideus) +1
Need a custom emblem please! (GaboR0X)
need a beautiful cross (v.chiglintsev)
KTS (Ivan)
South Park The stick of truth (smertomor) +2
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear (Takes1Bullet)
Blaster Master 8-bit Emblem (daniel.r.donahue)
MRS Two Gamers (Bekik) +1
If anyone has extra time please give this a shot. THANK YOU! (F22industries) +2
Tribal emblem (Nigger) +9
HOLO from spice and wolf (joshua.ceballos.54) +4
MISFITS (Tom) +2
Task Force Atlas from Medal of Honor: Warfighter. (Jimmy) +3
BRACK (rogerio.bilhan) +5
I need 18th Airborne Corps (US) w/o airborne tab (brannon.potter) +9
Putin Emblem (gnkuzheryadom) +1
name XraSpeX in a emblem (ldanton63) +8
Жопку (nrg_workout) +2
Clan Emblem (ryan.hedrick.102) +12
Advance clan (dima_isaev)
hello please make me something cool with the word BooG in it :D (simonfraiberg) +8
Manguste E-Sports Logo (Andrea) +25
Silvia lightning bolt logo (dave.mehrtens)
I need a Clan Emblem. (natasha.anastezziya) +5
EMBLEM SHARK :DD (mickyhc) +3
Can someone do this for me pls :) (Pamsulife) +4
United States Combat Medic Badge (Z_Jacobs11) +5
Dragon pirate (gray.draguenir) +1
Ninja (wazarmoto)
USCM logo, non premium (Pcu20)
Emblem for my favorite college hockey team (CS_Patch) +1
Roccat logo (Mr_Simko) +1
To all the people who want to order something (Grey) +20
Need emblem make by the image below (dell.conagher.7161)
Флаг камикадзе (maks__light)
Swedish army patch (fusket) +10
Эмблема для клана(EMBLEM FOR A CLAN) (overbearings)
Assassin's Creed Unity (Simon) +1
Need a emblem make by the photo bellow (pasinirs)
Swedish solider logo, premium (Some1_InSweden) +6
Ist sowas möglich (Sa81TheOg) +1
Final Boss pic mlg team (PGL_Warlords)
Asuka Hat Button (CaioIncau) +7
Seabee logo (elizabeth.farrellstewart)
HI Please do this for me thx (saeed)
[KGOD] (lucas.kirkpatrick.7) +1
Need A logo For My Synapsis Clan :) Img Link in the description (soumyaprogamer) +9
I need a emblem for my clan.....make it like my pic !! :) (NeverGonne) +1
La Bruja (HeadCrusher135) +1
Freekstyle ( I would really appreciate the help if anyone is willing ) (Smiley)
Rangiku Matsumoto from bleach or Revy from black lagoon (Ak5c Master) +2
Offering money to the one who can make us a really nice emblem !!! (simon) +2
TonF clan emblem order (mitch.apke) +1
wanting cool looking emblem (mason.roberts.509)
Deadpool Commission - Final Selection Will Be Paid Up To USD $10 (Ben) +2
Emblem request (grey i need you :P ) (jersy.renders) +1
Help with Clan Badge (RogerioDeBarrosNascimento) +1
Wanting an emblem for my clan lost (mason.roberts.509)
can anyone make something from Command & Conquer Generals (Michael Gvein) +1
fallout (mr.buzikc)
DELTA FORCE ITALIA (andreasanfilippo.monicamarchetto)
Azerbaijani Land Forces (nijat.mahmudov) +1
Freekstyle (Smiley) +2
Pikachu (niko.chan.3760)
Эмблема клана PIT-BULL (Roman) +1
DvS Clan Tag (simon)
QUEEN BEE (michelemarie.t) +2
Green Brigade Logo (Not Much Needed) (ryan.cassidy.73345) +8
Nova gaming. (azyukov91)
I Need a good Philadelphia Flyers emblem (brianblaster23) +1
Emblem The Punisher (please!!):https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRCNm_a1G4Tnxe8juvSXLvp72XkRf4t117CWDIRoZmSkdhZrDJ (MatheusDias_174) +1
Emblem (MatheusDias_174) +1
Russia VS USA (nsixe)
Krispy Kreme (P34K_Prime)
Nosey little fucker,aren't you ? (Uzair) +1
A logo for Synapsis-Esports (soumyaprogamer) +2
Emblem of the AWS and the .44 magnum (mcspawner1997) +21
A LITTLE REQUEST ^^ (giammarco.forte) +8
Family crest? (brittany.smith.5851) +3
Gate (luan.menezes.98)
Need Emblems (ThaddeusFravel1134)
prob easy to do i need the logo of the brand JORDAN who does not know what that is lol (there)
SOH (Soldiers Of Honor) (fotuspc) +4
Please NAM needs you! (theayden) +4
Need a Platoon Emblem (Preston)
FuckThePolice (nikita.shmakov)
ProZ platoon (madg0d)
Appropriate manners... (gdef.harrington) +7
Third Reich Non-Premium flag (usausa) +1
Emblem with AWS and .44 Magum in it! (mcspawner1997) +2
Sakura Haruno (Tamás)
PLATINUM TROPHY? (aaron.hook.520)
[CAG] Combat Applications Group (Isaiah)
Challenge: Flaming Skull, Punisher, Batman or Grim Reaper, with Dragon (angeles_17)
Ghost Rider/Punisher (angeles_17)
Army Of Two Mask ?? (kikodaftpunk) +2
BoG clan (ksa_sehli) +5
Gerk Squad competitive clan (cameron) +2
Order for a Emblem suitable to my profilepicture (mcspawner1997)
Need a Emblem for BF4. :) (IHateTheInfecte) +2
Electrical Plug (Black) with a wire (Mikebhipp) +6
Alan Partrige (Lee)
emblem REMAKERS (alex.viana.3762)
hii i need some 1 can make that :) (tperetz1)
i need embleme for my team (SupremZ EyX)
NICE SHOT (keegan)
i want My first emblems i need your help plz!! (병진) +1
A Prinny from the Disgaea Series, Please! ^_^ (eoin.moore2) +12
Clan Emblem (Eatdemcrayons)
The Brave Warriors Logo > to Emblem Please Help (Ljay115) +2
Can someone make a U.S. Air Force emblem for my platoon? (Clayton) +3
grizzly grip (noplsいつまでも泣いて)
Simple: Notw logo (Joshardcastle) +3
Will somebody try to make a Not of This World (NOTW) emblem for my clan (donnie.williams.1426) +9
NOTW clan emblem (mchampion18) +2
Cearamor (MatheusDias_174)
Shit Bucket Colonel emblem (Adria.Iepan12) +11
israel YAMAM LOGO pls (alex.gaiduk.10) +1
Egypt Flag (AboElW4fa) +1
Need Emblem for call DGNS (anton.bodryachkom) +3
Need help for BF logo (ueki) +2
Spartan team brasil ! (luan.conde.7) +1
82nd Airborne (BloomBloom5) +1
Airborne Tab (Joseph) +1
Mechagodzilla (Ryan)
Mechagodzilla (Ryan)
Ingress Enlightened (Bl1steringVikin9)
gdef.harrington REQUEST (F22industries) +5
emblem clown (mickyhc) +5
Sexy Rias Gremory Emblem! :D (mphammed.ramadan)
Scorpions at War (devin.spiker) +13
SHARK (mickyhc) +1
Senta a Pua Emblem (Oni-BR-)
http://cs424526.vk.me/v424526366/62b9/ZtkVVXo_Jo0.jpg (kr_a22)
http://cs424526.vk.me/v424526366/62b9/ZtkVVXo_Jo0.jpg (kr_a22)
Please! Wanting Azraels Batsuit from Knightfall (errean)
WTF (Слава Вялков)
PLEASE HELP ( Zero Team ) Emblem (rafael.alves.7923)
Clan- Emblem (BDTrigonix) +2
?Someone could make a badge Spartans team with a miniature flag of Brazil? And other than premium.Thanks of help me ! (luan.conde.7)
AoS Platoon - Premium or non Premium (Dammo)
WpR Clan Emblem non premium (XxADZBRAxX) +1
Captain Emblem for vehicles and guns (CptainCrunch) +4
CLG Counter Logic Gaming icon emblem (adam_cutear)
Natalia Poklonskaya Emblem (Henry Purdie)
Crew emblem (dimeire.williams.1)
VERY SIMPLE clan emblem (pluch002) +1
logo... (Brin)
Chumbrella Corporation (sandro.augusto.17)
Old Gregg (From Mighty Boosh) (ImmOldGregg) +6
Gold and Black zebra print? (jordan.delasalas.54) +2
Noob clan tag (pawel.sendor.9)
Great emblem for profesional clan (overbearings)
Ghost, B.C PAPA EMERITUS (Infestation)
{SSz} (Pablo.Vetura)
Hillsong emblem! (AJorquez) +1
CRUNK UNIT ALLIANCE Emblem Needed 100 + members already (jay.bradley.102) +1
Digimon Xros Wars (matheus.cardoso.33) +2
FIGHTCLUB CLAN (Spluwacz) +6
Optic gaming (Scrub)
Mad Bear (bnk1101)
Great help for emblem clan (marco.z.strada) +39
Bleach order (Karrots)
Suicide Silence (fabian.kuen.1)
Escher Triangle (Kjell) +1
emblem for platoon !!! (SsaamuueLL) +1
make me this please (tinta.yangpudar)
I need EMBLEM FOR PLATOON. QUICK ! :) (FranekMajewski)
More girls emblems (BabyRuthPR)
I need EMBLEM for my Platoon SOB = Sons Of BAM! Thanks in advance! ;) (sascha.gabriel.39) +2
Clan/Platoon Emblen mit der Aufschrift "PlaY" (aaron.wersonst) +1
Clan Emblem [PSZ] Playstation Zocker (total.egali) +4
emblem my city (Cemak1374)
BraziL (SsaamuueLL) +3
Soilwork emblem (ExosetHunter)
Эмблема (Ilya)
USAF platoon emblem needed !!!! (xbeyond) +1
Hey Guys! I am looking for a Genius who can create our old Logo or a similar looking with the Battlelog Features. THX! http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3546/evd8wpuv_jpg.htm (LC iLLuZi0N) +3
Samus symbol (claire.farron.5264) +3
No Slack Battalion (Zachary) +2
custom emblem needed (saintkenn)
Эмблема взвода (dimitrymelkuman)
Lucky☆Star (Саня Селезнёв)
Uprising Clan Emblem! (FERCHOSART) +3
Angels (azaghal.nehemah) +4
RocknRolla Emblem ! Ow Yeah! (RocknRolla) +1
http://cs424526.vk.me/v424526366/62b9/ZtkVVXo_Jo0.jpg (kr_a22)
Clan Emblem GTS (jennifer.grabis)
Waynetech/Stark Industries Logo (CaioIncau) +1
I need EMBLEM for my Platoon now ! CRGN - Flag Hunters (FranekMajewski)
CRGN-Flag Hunters Platoon Emblem (FranekMajewski)
GIGABYTE (eddy.theveny) +2
Blastoise (THT1K1D)
Captain Spaulding?! (Blink4life182)
Charizard (j9x.inca) +3
Please! Guys i need a clan emblem bad (Cody Chambers) +2
gang (miguelguedes81)
Hunting for Beer Clan emblem (Monkey.vonmach)
emblema GANG (miguelguedes81)
Twisted Sister emblem (mtstone)
Band logos (SirLoli)
Royal Welsh Logo (SuperMadFishy)
SOBR (cccp_destroy)
Forklift (MiguelCarrilloSanchez)
emblem for the lch (bryan.ctn.3)
Эмблема для взвода. (repa kartafan)
Please make this emblem (elsit)
please make me an emblem for clan BOOG (simonfraiberg)
Please! Guys i need a clan emblem bad (Cody Chambers)
Brauche ein MOAG Clan Emblem mit Roter Schrift (wenn möglich) (merlin.dre)
Sexy Rias Gremory emblem please :D! (mphammed.ramadan)
Need Clan Emblem! (Meta Karnax) +1
LMP Fan looking for cool LUNA (daniel.dyson.16)
kuroha from kagerou project (Masked_Johny)
Resquest Order for Our TEAM LOGO [F4ME] (iamsidz) +5
Please please please!!!! for a clan emblem (yuman.vlc) +2
Can anyone make this please!? non-premium (michelemarie.t) +1
Championship! I need a single badge! (RafaelHenry21)
Art Solutions (temanz) +4
OCAU Platoon (sweeny) +1
emblem plss (mickyhc)
I need a cool emblem for my platoon please.. (Cody Chambers) +1
Platoon Emblem (Indiglo) +1
Onslaught Inc Emblem Help (Clan) (john.rudd.790) +6
Targaryen logo (non premium) (GuilhermeOliveira12x)
The Bull of lamborghini Emblem (DREST93) +15
Emblema Marowak Pokemon (henrique.freitas.794)
I ask pomenyat my child dabbled(sorry)The RED (vorobey23) +9
Can anyone please help me with this emblem for premium 40 layers (THOR_MX_23) +5
WVU Mountaineers LOGO (bighead.sasquatch) +2
>> Challenge 40 Layers - For an extravagant Emblem << (HirasawaKira) +3
ban vorobey23 (thekillerforyou) +1
[NO PREMIUM] Carabinieri Logo (Italian police/army) (SheridanKurtz) +3
German-french brigade (Marius)
Sum 41 logo (easy) (mangocz)
CLan Emblem (pedrin001)
Emblem : Team Cut Killer (geoffrey.manes.5) +17
SC2 protoss emblem (Amermito)
Drake nothing was the same (Simon)
PLEASE!! Força aérea Brasileira - Brazil Air Force, picture on description (tiago.ximenes.188)
please make me an emblem for clan BOOG (simonfraiberg) +1
Drake OVO Emblem (paul.strayer.3) +3
oXmoZe Team (corentin.fourreau) +13
Emblem with TIGER (Mitrich)
Эмблема с рисунком тигра (Mitrich)
Thomas the Dank Engine (morgan.mcginnis.56)
ALBANIA FLAG PREMIUM - Will be used by huge amount of people (ErijonHumolli)
emblem SpitFire (vladislav.burdin) +12
Kosovo Army Patch For Non Premuim Players (ron.halili.3)
please make me an emblem for clan BOOG (simonfraiberg)
Deus Ex Human Revolution (-Fortis4-)
Can anyone make an emblem for my platoon. Может кто сделать эмблемку для клана (Doctor)
Nonon Jakuzure (Kill La Kill) (Deidaratono)
Cooperative Gaming Channel (Cooperative2Gaming) +10
Do not touch the CYBERCYKA! (madg0d)
Star Wars Wolf Pack (illest`)
raccoon dog emblem (fuuri) +2
i want someone to make my crew name (NEFFxCR3W) (HellaFlushboi)
Need emblem for competitive team (Pedro) +4
Muse and/or Oasis Emblem (Premium) (Danflu) +9
Dodge Super Bee emblem (jordano.rodriguesdasilva)
Please could someone help me with this. (ossi.rantala.37) +4
420gaming (OKH)
Platoon Logo for 'TWAT' (Kaje85)
BUMP Redwings Boot logo (Rave-Ranger) +1
Drive (Alexander)
Bud Spencer/terence hill (Dubway)
Emblema para Squad (maicoalvim)
Team Cut Killer (geoffrey.manes.5) +13
Spitfire Wheels Logo (Spitfirex22) +2
REQUEST: Spitfire Wheels (sarmiento23_) +7
The RED (vorobey23) +31
Evil Smiley Face (Psychoboy1964) +7
Morgan Freeman (QuadFeedTV) +19
Kansas Jayhawk (BDfromTheLK)
Merc (Cemak1374)
Request Please (raul.chang.7)
The RED(2) (vorobey23) +8
ANA All Nippon Airways Logo (NASA33)
The OCP logo from Robocop (ETgoHOME92) +11
Old Logo Help. (Scorpion1869) +1
Can someone make this emblme? I really want !! Plz!! (jaeuinbus) +1
StopGame.ru (seriiious) +4
emblem COAP (seriiious) +4
Sea Shepherd flag (pasatig) +1
Kekkonen emblem (miesmaito) +1
Metallica star logo (McFLYer) +6
I need a good quality dip can or A Cowboy doin a stand off (brandon.miller.399) +1
I need a Clan Emblem. (Vasilisa) +1
Can someone make me a emblem? (grzesiek.rzepecki) +3
jolt (lord.alcardu1) +1
http://www.directupload.net/file/d/3560/pyiww443_png.htm (robert.krieger.7) +1
DICE Platoon Emblem (QuadFeedTV) +7
Emblema do Atletico Mineiro não premium. (Bruno_irmao) +1
Angel Beats SSS (FaceHunteR) +5
Scout Heli Pilot (tiago.ximenes.188) +1
Undead Guards (gkastrinakis2) +1
Drake Nothing Was The Same Emblem (paul.strayer.3)
Garlic emblem (tiagalho) +21
Need Tardis :3 (seasima) +3
please please please KFOR emblem its easy !!!! (ErijonHumolli) +7
t-90a (Tolyan)
evil grim smile (atmosphere630)
Танковая дивизия (sulkonen) +1
Emblem with my nickname "Fenox" pls (Fenox232)
Need An Emblem for Yesh Gaming! (jordan.delasalas.54) +5
Thumbs of Glory Logo Please (gorehound) +1
"Prepare your Anus" ewok (StathisKiriakos) +1
SKOL> (Guilherme) +3
can someone make a emblem (miesmaito)
Эмблема для игрового Канала. (Cooperative2Gaming) +3
Emblem for youtube channel. (Cooperative2Gaming) +7
Сделайте эмблему гамаза (Maksim)
Medal of Honor - WolfPack Patch (k1DBLITZ) +2
SKT T1 LOGO Would be nice if someone can help me with this :) (Swissi)
Пожалуйста) (kr_a22)
Venatus - Creative Gaming Group Emblem Order (eXtremousZ) +2
GRU needs emblem (crazysquirrell) +2
Ghost (alexandernazarov999) +1
Бпан (Dima) +1
Clan Emblem. (George) +22
Please HELP ME ! (Maciej Z)
Need an emblem for my clan. (DmitriyTheHunter)
please Clan emblem its easy (_Base2k)
Pouncing Fox (Robert)
Navi Edition(Natus Vincere) NEW (xmas1k)
Someone make me a emblem of - nisekoi ニセコイ Tachibana Marika (Steve) +1
Platoon-Logo FCM (DaTomMuc) +4
NEED PLATOON EMBLEM (robert.bishop.39) +3
Anbu symbol (Reycloud)
Santaz Slay Clan emblem (TSSL) (Beat)
Zapp Brannigan (pete.mould)
Q-5 Fantan attack jet (Gautam)
Kanade Suzutsuki (Ediisme)
Catwoman (XavierZephyr) +5
Senta a pua (mauricio)
FlagHunters Platoon Emblem (filip.wojcicki.31)
DSK - Clan Tag Emblem Shield (ScreaZznN)
'The Exploited' emblem, (band) (youth_whisky)
Grey Can You Do This Please. (Juan) +5
Логотип Burn (Manch)
Flagler College! (nicky.chaumet)
Fiorentina logo (Petrocks051)
A Sweaty Dumpling (getgudfgt)
Доброе утро. Ребят сделайте пожалуйста эмблему для клана Time To Kill (need clan label) (Nicha)
Charizard (Mance1462)
Badass Piece of Cheese! (Sly Trudel)
Worldranked Platoon/Clan Nr.1 of Medal of Honor Warfighter need a Emblem (Carlos.Jungnitz) +5
Clan emblem (uzielabisai)
Логотип CM PUNK "Best in the world" (n1ck237)
emblem for my clan... (mickyhc)
[SBR] TRAMPS (andrew.shkalygin)
Platoon Emblem!!!!! (pagedil)
Please, can create a emblem for my Clan ? (eraldo.dias.3) +2
ESTSOF (Estonian Special Operations Force) Emblem (‎‎‎‎✞TRIGUN✞) +8
3rd battalion 5th marines emblem (crypt1c) +1
Remake Girl Listening to Music Emblem From Black ops (PantojaDante)
Platoon Emblem - Need Help (pagedil)
Magic the Gathering (jacob.retzlaff)
Lenin with Soviet Flag (sean.loizou)
Looking for a emblem making for a Clan [CgS] - Honey badger (aaron.cooper.3591)
University of South Florida Logo (techize)
CLAN LOST (uzielabisai)
need clan emblem made (tristan.auxier.1) +3
Q-5 Fantan attack jet (Gautam) +1
Laura Bodewig from Infinite Stratos (Sir Haschtomtalot) +1
Would Like My Emblem Updated Please! (StormTrooper) +7
Hollister (Shaaradin)
Force recon emblem (Wesley)
Pure Clan EMBLEM (KarolMartysz) +3
i want an emblem for my Clan! (ASO) ill pay! (AnGeL.q8) +3
CoMs community (parrot.parront78) +1
Odd Future (simon.vrancaert)
Emblem for platoon HAWK ! Thanks (marcelo.chcrapetz)
FOX MOTOCROSS or FOX RACING (austin.barns) +4
Can anyone make an emblem for my platoon. Может кто сделать эмблемку для клана (Doctor)
Emblem for platoon :) Thanks! (AxsusXD) +5
NWJ title (kmm101)
All that is connected to anime "Full metal panic" (Igor)
Эмблема для клана Newbie Killers - [NK] (good_day_for_vk) +2
Inverted American flag/Перевернутый Американский флаг (Grigorij)
Like a camper/sniper emblem (Bananpankaka) +1
Диванные войска (very_lazy_ghost)
Angel Beats SSS (FaceHunteR)
A Custom Emblem, I dont know if someone can do it, but it would be fantastic for my Let's Play Crew on Youtube! Thanks for any Help! (PacuFish)
A emblem with these letters in it (NAMM) NOT premium please :) (Ahmed.moawia.me)
Q-5 Fantan attack jet (Gautam)
Q-5 Fantan attack jet (Gautam)
Remake Girl Listening to Music Emblem From Black ops (PantojaDante)
please make Vito Corleone Godfather (mihail.golovnya) +3
please make Vito Corleone Godfather (mihail.golovnya) +2
Godfather (mihail.golovnya) +3
25$(paypal) to whoever can make an aspk clan emblem (john.gongora.77) +5
Minion holdning a Norwegian flag, and a BANANA- BAZOOOKAAAAAAAAH!!!! (even.ovnan)
Герб Российской Империи (Shurik-Ufa)
jesse pinkman (Dima)
¨eldarioOMG¨ emblem (eldarioOMG)
Platoon emblem | Hiiipower (memo.karamello)
Ahri (LoL) (Megablackhand) +1
AS VAL!!! (dzi59)
Emblem K1LLERS TEAM (h1tmanXD)
Geschwader Nord (bjorn.sunderbrink)
Upcoming - Swedish Army Ranks (Mostly Harmless Maniac.)
I need Enblema for my clã (william.leite.14019)
Gostaria de Um Enblema para o Clãn (william.leite.14019)
Can you make the emblem motive by character? (Ris) +1
MW3 EMBLEM (rrainmakerr) +3
Gambit Gaming logo [LOL Pro team] (Asanashyo)
Galil From Upotte (DunkRallesol) +3
Chucky Doll (witold.woszczyna) +2
Emblem for my platoon (nathan.paine.3) +7
Can someone please make this. (George)
KFOR EMBLEM PLATOON its easy ? (ErijonHumolli)
logo CM PUNK (n1ck237) +1
emblem for my clan plss (mickyhc)
Логотип uTorrent (speed8)
Bump (QuadFeedTV)
need help with Rats (john.holmquist.16)
TES IV: Oblivion (Snow1482)
Can Someone make this, i saw it as someones emblem in a match, PLEASE! (JordinC) +3
musical group "bullet for my valentine" (yarchykalex) +1
can anyone make a titanfall emblems pls tks (prothinhnx)
Brook from One Piece, pre-timeskip. (malachi.laing)
DICE logo but says "DUNC" (Duncan) +5
Mujahid Mujahideen Emblem wanted please (nadeem.jokhoo.7)
DVTEAM (Roman)
I need an emblem for Pimparoo (Wise)
Old FoxHound logo (battlepencil)
U.S. Air Force Security Forces Emblem (Daniel Vicente)
My Emblems Get All Screwed Up When I Add Them To This Site (danny.wright.7399786) +4
Slipknot (rafael.coelho.54966)
Akeno Himejima (Aldair)
An Awesome Chelsea Fc emblem Please!!!!! (shadow932000)
Platoon Emblem West-Side (Fenk) +1
Clan Emblem SAVT (special anti vehicle team) (carlos.z.dasilveira)
Looking for Platoon emblem (robert.bishop.39)
KFOR EMBLEM (ErijonHumolli)
Eagles Emblem (dangreen141040) +1
Dragon Emblem, aka clan emblem (DjEonMetalGeared) +10
Emblema Clan West-Side (Fenk)
emblem Iluminatis (GuiilhermeMF) +6
Craxa para platoon (mica.lopes.524) +1
Custom emblem for me plz (PhoYuuki)
emblema GRÊMIO (bruno.caldas.77) +1
Amazing anime Picture that need to be created (SxOxG) +3
Clan Tag for Recreational Group (Lance)
10th Mountain Rangers platoon (Killroy) +5
Strange Bird (Condor)
Мясо (velikiman)
Ghost Rider emblem! (youth_whisky)
International team (mikhail.spitsyn)
Sassy the Sasquatch (Masterchief)
BKz Clan (ibrahim.shubber)
ANZAC insignia (Rising Sun) (Tasty_Cat)
ANZAC slouch hat logo (Tasty_Cat)
CONKER FROM CONKERS BAD FUR DAY (hakan.duzagadusmez.7) +2
Clan Emblem / Logo (Ljay115)
Raptor Jesus Emblem (chris.church.1291) +1
Krewella Emblem (avrohr75)
GOL Magnum (bestWRever1) +1
No-Ma'am-Sign from Al Bundy (mcsackschweiss) +1
emblem of char (first gundam) (worrior) +1
DevilDogGamer/ united states marine corps (andreas.l.larsen.75) +7
Aggressive Gaming Network platoon emblem (shaneclipse97) +1
looking for a braveheart or road warrior mel gibson emblem (dirtymuffins23)
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/f/f7/Bushido_Logo.svg (artur.schneider.79)
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/de/f/f7/Bushido_Logo.svg (artur.schneider.79)
Condor (Condor)
CLÃN CABR (Welyston)
Miami Heat & Dolphins logo (richard.yate.7)
You don't say! (ekeroil) +2
Running Man (Brin)
Clan Tag. (George)
Emblema para Clãn Core Gaming que ta começando com tudo (edward.miguel.73)
Abercrombie or Hollister?? (Alexio247)
Emblema para o cla KOB - PS3 (alphaprimebs)
salut les pro designer ;) (fred.leroy.5)
sad frog (lalka100500)
Warcraft 3 or Wow Skill Icon (mrgoldyan)
i want an emblem for my Clan! (ASO) ill pay! (AnGeL.q8)
Ядерный (3rr0R_MaCr0)
Band Of Brothers (felix.boog.3)
Масте ножа (Сергій Нейгум)
EMBLEM CHALLENGE (3x SPlinter Cell zu gewinnen) (jin.roh.52)
Military K9 Patch ACU (Henry Purdie)
Tool Eye (urbanyoung) +1
MLP PLATOON EMBLEM (puos-not-now)
Comando Mavericks (diogo.pintodonascimento) +1
Want a emblem For my Clan.. (AdityaKhichi2) +14
Vanellope emblem!! Please I will love you for life! (AlfredxFactor)
hello I'm seek a logo with the letters OPC similar logo brand opel opc (Pro_TK)
Crimson Cloud will pay $5 microsoft card (blu.johnson.146)
ESERCITO ITALIANO Logo (gaetano.laporta.3)
DFA Platoon Emblem (c2usaf2004)
emblema do meu clan (Welyston)
Touhou: Sakuya Izayoi (MalphasWing) +2
TRT Clan Emblem (robin.trepte) +1
BANGER (memo.karamello) +1
I like this emblem, but the person has not made it copyable (Cory in da House) +1
ELITE emblem for my team (pavel.d.ruzicka)
Эмблему для взвода, Logo for platoon (Wasabi)
Looking for someone to make the Static X logo (Stewart)
OBEY Emblem|Please make this emblem!!! (UlfoDZN) +6
Need someone to make a clan's emblem ! HELMET !!! We'll pay 10$ !!! (tommymadness90) +7
Platoon Tag needed for the OMC (old man clan) (Christian)
Need help for my platoon emblem. (German Veterans) (Ger) (sitius)
Platoon Emblem order (Redvenom_)
Need help for my platoon emblem. (German Veterans) (Ger) (sitius)
Metro 2033 or Metro Last Light Emblems (COMMISARxxCOOL) +2
Logo with a bit X for Clan pls! (XePx | TheXxy)
Can someone do our Clan logo for me? (Rockicompo) +5
Werewolf\Оборотень (Volkolak_7) +3
For the creative ones among you (Dyl) +2
Os Balas Na Cara (jeison.vieira.566)
logo for platoon (exdeez)
Need an emblem with LGDF on, colors black, red and blue please ! (jahdys.r)
Bob Sapp!!!! (andre.kunitake) +1
Grey: Can you help me brother (baratha.b) +6
Эмблема взводу "Adekvat" (stepan_vanino)
Game of Thrones emblem (Jonathan ) +1
Tech 49 (ryan.ball.3557)
Captain Falcons emblem (Sackomatick)
Brasão/bandeira do Rio Grande do Sul (Igor)
Gremory Clan Emblem - Premium (Eatdemcrayons) +1
ProGaming clan tag (marathone)
BERKUT Spescial Team (Frost777) +5
Hey pls Clare/Kurea - Anime Claymore (pedroivomatos.ferreia)
RTL-logo (anton.kempe.7)
Heraldic Gryphon (lee.juriet)
Platoon Emblem for Shadow Echelon [ECHO] (VirusSyndicate6)
Emblem "eldarioOMG" (eldarioOMG)
German Sniper Team Clan Logo (mad.sami.5) +7
I love m320 ($5-10) (Aleksej) +4
Haunter - Alpollo Pokemon Emblem, <3 (alpollo00)
Family Guy Monkey (Patrick34)
Correct a bit Platoon logo (Premium) (sitius) +1
i want a LOGO for my clan GAME TECH :) thx in advance (soumyaprogamer)
Эмблема для взвода (exdeez)
Danger Close (cerega139)
Emblem for Platoon (abraham.jaimes19)
Need an emblem a bit like that http://hpics.li/645b4d9 (jahdys.r) +1
Clan emblem AmA (Asykon)
Need emblem for platoon (dawid.blicharski.3) +1
Helicopter (Niflheim379)
emblem for my clan... (mickyhc) +1
Wolfpack emblem Please ! (Vipx) +1
Tobi (dvogel32)
Emblem for clan AOGS (dmilk98)
Emblem for clan AOGS (dmilk98)
Эмблема для клана AOGS (dmilk98)
Clan Emblem Needed (NexTo) +1
can anyone make an good otaku clan emblem (Keel)
We are Infinite Caliber and would like an emblem made (daryl.jones.5099)
Pompadour (PedroPenis)
BMS LOGO LINK (bf4emblemblr)
Captain Spaulding?! (Blink4life182)
Pin Asuka Evangelion 3.0 (ReneXSoul) +2
BMS LOGO (bf4emblemblr)
LEMON (JosephFrench4)
DO YOUR JOB (PedroPenis)
Annie from shingeki no Kiojin (wenarsh)
Sporting emblem pls (Chriscamaraa)
Sporting emblem pls (Chriscamaraa)
Crimsonz Cloud (blu.johnson.146)
more pokemon (Michael Gvein)
It would be amazingl if someone could make this for me :D I have tried everywhere (AaronSTAFF) +9
skrillex (syf_sykamageri) +6
plaese can anyone do this picshttp://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4829236711195588&w=148&h=147&c=7&rs=1&pid=1.7 (hanoria788) +10
Washington capitals alternativ logo for not premium player (alec.trankle)
Hey, i would like this emblem, if you could make it, i'll be deeply greatfull! (http://www.lyngsat-logo.com/hires/mm/mofos_tv_us.png) (arlindo.menezes.costa.neto)
Looking for someone to create a logo for me? (BloodEMenace)
Notts County FC (BigHairyPie) +2
Schirinowski's portrait (vryad.lee)
Abdulov's portrait (seizureman)
Team C3A Comando 3lite Aliado please !!! (Game for Money)
Zombie hell (darkpavel)
Metal Gear FOXHOUND logo (This one's a bit of a challenge) (Gabe)
TG Emblem (tyler.bridges.35)
NUKE (Ruth)
Coat of arms (M1cl4s) +1
EAshooters (sergey_slavansky) +1
Looking for a pin up girl emblem (derrickj0624) +9
BIG CHALLENGE order. (kE_mrk187) +1
RPG Logo to match my Twitch and Youtube emblems (Lou_IsCool) +8
Platoon emblem for GOLD GAME clan (mikhail.shulga) +5
Jirinovsqi (vryad.lee)
Logo (marcel.dahle.1) +2
Clan logo Manguste e-Sports (PiemoG) +2
Emblem for squad. (lsven_rusl)
EsP Fundidores clan (Cafe.Araucaria) +2
Need a logo for a platoon DSNT (santa0705)
Нужна эмблема для взвода DSNT (santa0705) +1
Hiii Power/TDE/Black Hippy (nick.oribio)
Revy from Black Lagoon (SharkSaver)
Ira Gamagōri from Kill la Kill please? (Madison)
emblema para o clã breakdown (gblristow)
Platoon Emblem (diogomiguelopes1)
Last resort, I've looked everywhere. (Dustin) +6
Kann einer Unser Clan Logo als Emblem machen? (Rockicompo)
Hey guys would anyone be able to make this simple logo? Same color scheme but with 20 layers or less. (daryl.paid) +2
Please someone make this emblem for my platoon!!!! (Austin) +3
Brony emblem request (Awsomeguy137)
Can anyone make this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it! (RX4gun)
Can a talented brother do these? (Shiroyasha)
Infiniti Logo (wordsensemusic) +3
The Sepultura "S" (Zel)
ANKLAW (alexbear1989)
ToG Squad emblem please (gorehound) +1
NEKO-ARC (テアス)
Platoon emblem please!! (Todes) +1
The platoon leader emblem (frenc15)
SOBR Team logo (Mihail) +1
Irish Defence Forces emblem pleasee? Grey? anywaaan, NON PREMIUM I lav u long time (evan.prendergast.5)
COMBAT MUFFS need your help in designing a platoon emblem (Scott)
Сделайте пожалуйста эмблему Premium. (Ltajm)
Mountain Dew emblem please :) (Thomas)
our team really need your help (bryan.ctn.3) +2
Армия Украины (army of Ukraine) (JekBro)
Team [CANA] (carlito93) +2
Clan emblem (jiri.provaznik.77) +4
Platoon emblem (andrew.shkalygin)
Platoon emblem (reconunit911)
Megurine Luka (Waketucho HG)
Targaryen Sigil (david.sirna.1) +1
"Nsane" logo Please! (Mac)
Simple "R" emblem (Qbakez)
characters from rudolph the red nosed reindeer childrens claymation cartoon (Patrick34)
http://www.youtube.com/user/GoDLiK3DuBsTep?feature=watch the pic is here (lorencedaniel.g.tonson)
Eye of the Crimson King (ThornShade)
Emblema para o clã ADEB - Atiradores de elite BR (felipe.figueired)
Palhaço gozo (andre.captnascimento)
Militaires Sans Frontières (Vertigo34)
Ada Wong (ghost90211) +1
Армия Украины (army of Ukraine) (JekBro)
NIGHT FURy (eric.w.cavalheiro)
Wolf with wreaths (M1shap) +2
Mikasa Ackerman *Premium, if it's necessary* (Tamás)
Come to Kill (Rico Schulz)
Lehmann Club Logo (falkenaugeace89)
Just need a simple emblem plz and thank you (steel.lifter)
Atlanta Falcons Logo (falkenaugeace89)
Emblema para Clan Soldados do Calibre (emt.gamesz) +1
AJIKALLI (coden4ik)
Simple name request - Will pay $25 via paypal or $20 PSN code for the best one (JamesTehdark) +6
AJIKALLI (coden4ik)
Tag for my platoon (ryan.krouth.9)
Pedido de Emblema (thiago.rizzo.3)
Platoon Emblem (Esspurrrr)
X Files (hazy7687) +1
DELTA FORCE ITALIA (andreasanfilippo.monicamarchetto) +8
I need an emblem for my Legend Platoon (LGND) (Justin.Clowery.Rocks)
House Greyjoy sigil. (MedievalArcher89)
Please, can some one do an emblem of the Spanish Special Forces? links below; [Premium Valid] (The13H4wk) +3
Combat Muffs Platoon emblem needed (Scott)
KSK (Marius)
gardevoir please (roxas1413)
need a emblem (tristan.auxier.1)
Mojo Jojo (Luke) +2
Армия Украины (army of Ukraine) (JekBro)
Армия Украины (army of Ukraine) (JekBro)
custom AoA emblem (david)
Hey can anyone make a Rhodz emblem the pic below (lorencedaniel.g.tonson)
Firefighter (jason.spears.worm)
Эмблема (Zarma)
uncharted (p0granec)
Eric Cartman WOW (footprintsje)
Specnaz (fietko)
TDS lettering (Tupakaveli)
SK / CZ emblem (fero.frenky.9)
Mongols MC (jason.argonauts.35) +1
Эмблема для взвода (fox435)
Marksman Ellie From The Last of Us (roberto.granados.735) +1
LWRC Reaper logo (qBlossom)
Sasha Grey Please (rafael.synbiosis)
ANY BODY I would like a WWII pin up girl for an emblem (derrickj0624) +5
TRANS AM (ozzydio)
Liberty Pime (Michael)
Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD :D (michael.diachuk) +1
Sword Art Online: Asuna or Kirito (chase.jackman.94) +1
Platoon logo - Requiem (Qbakez)
old guys need a pic (anthony.reynolds.9469)
Emblema (melk.shaake)
Ukrainian People's Self-Defense - Українська народна самооборона (VIPER13UA) +1
An Emblem please :D ?? (MonX)
Need emblem for my platoon (Jackson)
Need a Emblem for my Platoon (Draffizz)
Is This one too hard to make??? (Villdoc) +2
Please edit our squad emblem (mikhailkhv) +1
Red "Black Shark" looking camo (adam.mikusiak)
Здравствуйте!!! (zhenis97)
Nightshift clan (mit.fjaes)
Foot clan (Зборчик Чехов)
Emblem of Spanish Special Forces [Premium] (The13H4wk)
Emblem for platoon (YoloJohnnn)
bKs custom emblem (zKnuckleS)
Custom Emblem order (zKnuckleS)
Hello, I want a Brezel ( pretzel ) emblem (IIIBreZZel) +1
эмблема клана (Slava)
Clan Emblem (jovan.rakic.9847)
Emblem for my platoon - three berries lingonberry with a grin (Erik) +2
Tank Division Emblem (‎‎‎‎✞TRIGUN✞) +9
Any talented and patient person make this? http://gyazo.com/5f1a440e7a9c7894f0799a58abc24fee (PR0JECTGHOST) +6
Emblen for my Fan Platoon to fit my Youtube design. (MaxExpertGaming)
Clan FMBR (Link Diego)
Black Stag (michel.baute)
ATINOF (steven.lang.35912672) +1
Clan logo PGPL (Maximus98_7)
Accuracy International logo (Valfader)
Accuracy International logo (Valfader)
Accuracy International logo (Valfader)
AIR Clan Emblem (playstationshare.gameplay)
For the production of battlefield 4 (mikk)
Team Tag. (Krevm4n^_^)
Cradle of Death (kaktus2100)
Emblem for LuX-Gaming (janhauke.lapp)
Need an Emblem for my Clan (janhauke.lapp)
Need an Emblem for my Clan (janhauke.lapp)
Emblème Team "Kill With Skill" (tekhne) +1
Need an Emblem for my Platoon! (Cragona8844)
Peanut Butter Jelly Time! (Meta Karnax)
hunter x hunter ( Hisoka ) Character! (Karrar)
Chuck Norris emblem - NOT Premium (Impulsive)
French bulldog (mazheks)
DayZ like clan tag? (shanesullivandubai)
Alucard (Hellsing) (LordChristoff)
I looking for this Ghost Emblem cant sombady help me plz. (dominique.sura.5)
an easy platoon emblem (jfjackjf)
Platoon Emblem (daryl.jones.5099)
Can anyone make a good guy greg emblem? (theearthisspinning)
Emblem (тищенко владимир)
Grey: Can you make something similar to this (baratha.b)
Aufnäher Patch ISAF Einsatzgeschwader Termez KSK (hokkaido.chui) +1
160th Nightstalkers Emblem (Yogurt4655) +1
Looking to get something for Platoon. Really easy I just suck with the editors. Something like this http://imgur.com/N3Fh0OR (h4mm3r0g0d)
Clan Emblem (mlquickel)
State of New Hampshire (MattInNH) +1
comeback (nikitaa_volkovv)
Emblem for my platoon, please! (Murphy) +1
emblema de gardevoir (roxas1413)
Platoon Embelem (robert.bishop.39)
CynderKat (isaac.prentice.7)
Moccasins (dimastar09)
Fight Club (isaac.prentice.7)
[Bf.Nut] Clan Emblem (eugenequikz)
BHT Black hawk team emblem (peter.czszkojad) +1
A Soda Can (RRT4444) +24
Clan tag plz (colin.mcclure.927)
Platoon Clan Emplem (xXFreeFunXx)
Emblem for my platoon (filip.wojcicki.31) +1
A PBNJ sandwich (Nathan)
White cockatiel (vizionblind)
FANG (PeekThaSneaks)
Emblem for platoon pls. [Premium] (The13H4wk)
Logo for command EnForce (repost) (rommanov) +2
Um emblema para o clã TNB (William Leite)
Логотип для команды EnForce (rommanov) +1
Emblem for my Platoon. Name is Teabag-Community (teabagjoker)
need an emblem for the xEAx platoon... (TheGreeenMamba) +1
EIRE 32 (Dannyeire)
Battleguy Box (tearzrobin) +2
emblem plz (vinicius.santosaraujo.7)
Zero Team e-Sports Logo (rafael.alves.7923)
Platoon Premium Emblem (Dammo) +1
CLã Assault Team aT (freeza.dasgalaxya)
CLAN EMBLEM (fabik1992) +1
Miami Dolphins (Thomas)
CMaW - Logo text (kenneth.hauen)
Emblem for platoon pls. [Premium] (The13H4wk) +1
..::GAMEINATOR::.. (nod33eset)
Clan Youtubers Brasil (MatetaNinja)
a name like this? please :D (MonX) +1
Adventure Time (klimka)
EMBLEM with letters <---- (Rostislavs)
COCA-COLA (undeadhunter)
Taskforce Mako medal of honor logo (John) +1
Platoon emblem (strrikefx)
Clan logo "just" (isquard)
Clan logo (isquard)
Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad (AkhAnubis)
clan emblem (jan.sprzedawca.1)
Emblem needed for Platoon. (Deadlyzebra425)
TIGER face ROAR Emblem (azfar.jamshah)
Herbert the pervert (fusrodah.william) +1
Brokenrunners emblem (Taylor) +2
CLAN LOGO (fastcloudy)
Breaking bad logo (milovr)
CLAN LOGO (mauricioignacio.herreraortega) +3
CLAN LOGO!!! (SirLunchaLot31) +14
MiBR Emblem (diegojava) +2
Suvorov (Sergej)
Bending (ClanLogo) (fastcloudy)
Clan Logo (siyatako)
Letters INSN (Cryingmadness)
Clan emblem REDFIGHTERS BF [rBF] (thecaptainbeta)
emblem NIGHTWISH (ramiles)
Creation of Logo (Clan) (neury.silva) +1
Need help for team's emblem (Sinker)
Emblem for my platoon (filip.wojcicki.31) +1
Emblem SoGamer (cedricT)
Inside of an elevator for platoon (dvdan97)
Platoon emblem needed please and thank you (milovr)
War Horses Clan Emblem (max_maxem)
Platoon Emblem for LBS (Alexander)
Platoon emblem (strrikefx)
Platoon emblem (thecaptainbeta)
Эмблема с ником (soldat_228)
bad boys logo (ivruzzz)
Platoon Emblem for FYC (Fuck Your Couch) (twitropo) +1
Armadyne Corp (EL_Cucaracha)
My logo moved to battlelog (erchaos)
Tyrell Corperation (EL_Cucaracha)
Blue Sun Corporation (EL_Cucaracha)
Spit Fire (tonechka1607) +2
Clan Emblem Needed (Grey need your help again) xD (Simple) (paul.giganti) +5
Challenge ! Polish Navy emblemats Formoza ! (adam.bednarski.7)
Rorschach (DirkDaggerHand)
Rorschach (DirkDaggerHand)
MMaOixEr (MMaOixEr)
emblem with my name rhinomesk im premium (ryanthemesk) +2
Clan Emblem (Oliver)
Anyone please can you make a cartoon rhino that resembles this http://www.how-to-draw-funny-cartoons.com/image-files/cartoon-rhino-8.gif (ryanthemesk) +1
[Request][Simple][Premium] Etch a sketch (Outdatedkero) +5
National Team Logo (tommy.clapse) +3
Premium Cyanide Kisses custom emblem please? (thanks) (scarlette.ohara.1291)
Celtic Cross (strahovski)
emblem with a special meaning for me (jersy.renders)
Team Logo (mathieu.aubry.3) +1
Lucy Elfenlied (FaceHunteR) +7
Youtube Channel! (Vinicius)
Can anybody help with this? (Smokey)
Create Please SD emblem! (‎‎‎‎✞TRIGUN✞) +9
A ladybug (michelemarie.t) +4
GREY! Anybody! can someone please do a KoRn emblem? (Dayton)
GREY! Anybody! can someone please do a KoRn emblem? (Dayton)
Justified (dckrajewski) +1
Hells Angel (mike.walker.399826) +1
A day to remember logo (TrademarkTM)
Logo of clan website (non-premium) (PadelzZ) +2
Camino (diegasoo) +1
BRAK (Mário)
Log Horizon - Akatsuki [Premium Available] (fernando.villar.370)
Slipknot (sadnothinglonely) +1
Hawk emblem pls[Premium Valid] (The13H4wk)
Medieval Jester (Larux) +2
Demande de création pour un emblème (Kevin)
Will Pay up to 50$ for a WWII Pin-up girl Emblem! (JordinC)
Drone emblem Halo (ReneXSoul) +6
Miami Dolphins logo (BobSacamento100) +2
will pay 5$paypal for National Team emblem (tommy.clapse) +1
Caillou or mucha lucha? (shlomkaganon)
MSI Dragon logo? (Mr_Coombzy)
I'm hoping that someone can take a break from picking lint from there belly button long enough to make me a emblem. (ConZor87) +4
The Dharma Initiative? 1$ for who will do this (shlomkaganon) +4
Battlefield 2 logo (Risse)
Michael Jackson (MrTwisterfsb) +2
Emblem with a hawk pla [Premium Valid] (The13H4wk)
Pleas make one for me : to any great emblemmaker here (jersy.renders)
La última esperanza emblem (Mario)
Team emblem (the_danchel) +1
Black Sword Isaac (Log Horizon) (Deidaratono)
Charlotte Dunois (PhoYuuki) +1
Takaki Tono (遠野貴樹) (bygabriel)
Ryomou Shimei (RS)
EustiaAstraea's emblem (no premium (Eustia__Astraea)
Piojo (Isekas)
Street Fighter (Guile) (craigers8355)
CAT TOM (tom1922)
CAT TOM (tom1922)
NIght Lords (viii_legion)
a rock symbol emblem, no premium (victor.passos.585) +1
Grey: my other one didnt work out so could you give this one your best shot (derrickj0624) +5
Somewhat Simple Emblem??? (robert.bishop.39)
spongebob (Vu)
My Nick (per.moen.3)
nazi (worrior) +9
Capitals Hockey Emblem (zak550)
Beavis with VR Goggles. (Aaron)
Against Modern Football (nico.dejong.524)
New order i need your help with GTO emblem (DrRocketMan) +9
Fanta Logo ?? (Zini07)
Zé Bostola (oekintarokun) +1
emblem of Auchan (massy sauro)
Emblem that suits my name "RedH4wk13"[Preimium Valid] http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120609165921/anoninequestria/images/8/83/Red_hawk.gif (The13H4wk)
Hearthstone (QuiGonJ1nn)
Zap Brannigan PLEEEZ (TheRedAllen)
Emblem that suits my name "RedH4wk13"[Preimium Valid] (The13H4wk)
Can someone please make this emblem for me. 20 layers if possible (decyferzero) +20
The Offspring logo (McFLYer) +16
LOOKING FOR A CLAN LOGO [Premium] (lukas.ho.3) +3
New York Giants NY Logo (Aggrenoxx) +1
The Black Panther (victordecamposcouto)
Dark brotherhood (We Know) (craigers8355)
Can Somebody Please Make Me This Logo As An Emblem (Thunny610)
Dr Strangelove (shaltiwanger)
Pinhead-Hellraiser (1987) (Thomas)
ComT Brasil (Vantore)
LIL B (jesse.spry2)
Ichigeki (Тимур Коноваленко) +1
University of Cincinnati (acdawg07)
Def Jam Logo please? (Sory to post twice) (iam_Ayo)
Just Do Your Thing (charles.winstead.75) +2
Can someone make this simple DEF JAM logo please? (iam_Ayo)
White mage sprite final fantasy (enzo.gunson)
Black mage Sprite Final Fantasy (enzo.gunson)
Clan Logo Request! (YhCHKN) +1
sword art online / gun gale online (rofllcats)
sword art online / gun gale online (rofllcats)
Clanlogo (jin.roh.52) +1
Clanlogo (jin.roh.52)
Five Finger Death Punch mascot (Nick)
Emblema com o nome "Crasher" (victor.passos.585)
An Emblem with my nick? (Claudiomonx) +3
Emblem that suits my name "RedH4wk13"[Preimium Valid] (The13H4wk)
Illuminati (Vladimir) +3
My Official Emblem (Urbanunreal24)
ASA Clan Emblem (siyatako)
ASA Clan Emblem (siyatako)
certain picture order (egy.hydra)
Hawk emblem [Premium] (The13H4wk)
Freakazoid (Mahmoud) +2
Пожалуйста, сделайте прикольный флаг Украины, очень хочеться (ZHeka)
Rwby Silhouettes (Dante)
Evil empire symbol without premium plz (ialexjdmi)
Emblem called "The Elite Squadron" for me and my pals [Premium also valid] (The13H4wk) +1
Need an emblem :) (pan.kracy.501) +2
Okland Raiders NFL Emblem (viktor)
Okland Raiders NFL Emblem (viktor)
OLENI (Dima)
OLENI (Dima)
Rabbit (Dimon_come_on)
Жид Медведь (tboymaestro)
Please, someone do for me, I need urgent! (gabrielsiqueirahentz) +6
Ukrainian "Berkut" logo (zee_lieutenant)
Cobra Kai / from Karate kid 1 (jimmy.t.sundvall) +3
Bill Nye The Science Guy BF4 [Premium] (TheOriginalBill)
Squad (Clan) Emblem (FU510N)
Help doing this logo (jlimaalex) +1
LOOKING FOR A CLAN LOGO [Premium] (lukas.ho.3)
GGO PB (Ayen.X20A)
пожалуйста сделайте кто нибудь))) (aydimix)
San Jose Sharks Emblem (DirtyLary)
Rwby emblems. (Dante)
can someone make an arizona cardinals emblem please (jason.mcdouche)
SHELBY GT500 COBRA EMBLEM http://www.12voltnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Ford_Mustang_Shelby_GT500_Emblem.jpg (mohammed.a.aldeen.9)
zombie squad (marcio.leite.3386)
Shelby GT500 (mohammed.a.aldeen.9)
Top Dog Entertainment (milovr)
The Fabulous Creatures (amory.vanaerschot.35)
Invader Zim: Mini Moose ({106}xDen Molochx115)
Capitals Hockey Emblem (zak550)
The Phantom Comic Emblem (Non-premium) (Gustav) +5
Sepultura (Zel)
Please some one make emblem like that http://www.endo.sav.sk/dld/Pictures/flagSVK.gif slovak flag :) . (fero.frenky.9)
Triumph Motorcycle (Tymothe)
Logo of my name with a dog? Name: SeventhDogg (Lars) +1
turtle beach logo (EmblemsBF4) +1
Florida state flag (r3dline229) +2
Tia Halibel (Setller)
Alpinestars (ialexjdmi)
HBK emblem (Dovakhin Bordeciel)
Clan emblem needed [Non Premium] (R4ND0M)
House Targaryen symbol from Game of Thrones (josh.howke)
Bon Jovi logo (Mattmax059)
I would like a cool Clan shield. (TheOrigamiOctopus)
My name(TheDaco44) (daco44) +9
PGPL logo (Maximus98_7)
House of cards (TheRealNaug)
Эмблема ВИКИНГА! (nikolai_chesnokov) +1
stalker merc emblem (Cemak1374) +1
Yellowcross (fucking_logics)
my name (-pLus-JekBro) on the background of the flag or coat of arms of Ukraine (JekBro)
Sons of anarchy (Maxim)
Awesome as f**k (Dimon_come_on)
Emblema Resistance FX e-Sport Team (Zumbi BR)
http://gromm-cktv.ucoz.ru/_fr/0/2355839.png (ЮрОк Муравьев)
Para clã (giibshehe)
Emblem very easy to make (Tomas_221) +4
F A A V O O R ! (axelhenrique.klugguilherme)
m4k logo ([m4k]::[!!N@NDO!!]::) +6
Asteroid or Comet Emblem. (Neofire363)
Guatemala dogtag or flag non premuim (J17ER) +3
AS Val emblem please (winkey007)
AS Val Please there no good ones (winkey007)
https://scontent-b-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1/1234133_164808227049399_1899060745_n.jpg (viniciushcastro) +5
Disruptive Environments (gavin.doumit)
This is хорошо (fucking_logics)
A Cubone emblem from Pokémon!! (Tamás)
god of war symbol (mohammed.faroukakbar) +4
Top Gear logo (Ziki)
Ninja Skull (ImInsidious)
comment avoir cette embleme (bl3nd)
Emblema Clan SiouX (Sergio)
WarDog Squadron Ace Combat Zero please? (Dusty)
this is the one (arno.verbrugge)
can someone help me with this pic.im a premium member id tryed but it sucked.please help me out its the emblem of the dutch commando troops (arno.verbrugge)
Afrika Korps (mason.stalin) +2
can someone help me with this pic.im a premium member id tryed but it sucked.please help me out (arno.verbrugge)
Aliens Wall Curl (Brody)
Gebirgsjaeger emblem need it (Rasakson) +4
HI can anyone make this logo for me? (azfar.jamshah)
THINK IT"S POSSIBLE!! (acidboom) +1
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san please (TK)
Luna Inverse (Timothy.Penner)
would be nice if someome could make this for me please for respect for my uncle (kevin.sharp.988) +1
OSS Emblem (DysonSphere75)
Way of the Gun clan emblem (THESQUADALA)
Deathstroke (ricardo.striffler.1) +1
Emblema do internacional POA (pablo.souza.7792052)
Space Jam (charlie.g.todd)
Please, i need a clan emblem [BAZE] preciso de um emblema de clan [BAZE] (neto.brandessklar) +1
Please, i need a clan emblem [BAZE] preciso de um emblema de clan [BAZE] (neto.brandessklar)
Deadpool My little Pony challenge!! (One17iSpartan) +9
Graffiti of my name. (Acidboom) +1
Please emblem for my chanels pic? (ryanthemesk) +2
I want a logo with the nickname: Mex-info (andre.melnik.1)
Not premium (carterbrennan250)
I need a bambi! :) (Nancrypt) +2
FemaleGamer (Ruth) +1
Strange Music logo or something related to Tech N9ne (Nick) +1
Swastika (RonaldReagan) +2
OWA SQUAD (lurdes.vieira.790) +1
Grey or any other creator. Could you make this. It's Damien Sandow from WWE (jonathan.jock.376) +1
msi gaming logo (shockwaveq)
Independent Truck company (Guillem.Folguera.99)
Can you make the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines unit emblem (Born)
dota 2 (евгений полулях) +1
Hikigaya hachiman (Arbinda)
Diet Dr Pepper logo (RRT4444) +1
Avicii (joao.lanes)
Need Rainbow Dash (madg0d)
Resistance! (Djape)
Looking for someone to create a zebra head. (Deadlyzebra425) +1
Logo team Utopie ! (Utopie)
i'm premium ! http://www.utopiegaming.com/joomla/cache/mod_roksprocket/065a34298b767cd5bcfa703ec8ed9e1e_300_800.jpg (Utopie)
logo carnage (canonier_4erver) +1
Оленя северного, алмазы и ещё чё нить!!!! (chegevanya)
Mongols MC (jason.argonauts.35)
Нужна эмблема (dimdimychh)
Por favor um Emblema com o meu nome (Erick) - Please a badge with my name (Erick) (ErickDlicia)
Brooklyn nets Logo (carfan234)
Emblem request (jersy renders) +2
In need of an image for my small but growing 5150 clan. Don't know if this emblem can be made or not. (devin.medeiros.39)
Can someone do this Emblen? (tobias.allqayer)
DBC -- Emblem (uschak) +1
FAB logo (Dammer)
Was wondering if some one could make a Yota emblem link in description (daniel.l.myers) +1
Was wondering if some one could make a Yota emblem link in description (daniel.l.myers)
Emblem request (jersy renders)
Puch Maxi logo (Daniel Bach) +3
new york yankees emblem (Monzka)
briefing time (derrickj0624) +6
Grey, or anybody, please...it is easy for you :) (NonameGO) +4
Ray-man, half emblem. (Mufasa) +1
Titanfall (the_danchel)
Guys, help me with emblem pls 40 layers (DrRocketMan) +7
Шина Маширо [Mashiro Shiina] (ferzi) +1
Black Panther (victordecamposcouto)
EGC EVGA Gaming Community Badge (denny.lane)
(Ace Combat Infinity) Bone Arrow 4 "Reaper" Emblem [PREMIUM] (The Mythic Wolf)
Stompdown (ty.chernuka.1) +1
GRUMEC: Brazilian Navy Seal (ricardowagner.goncalves) +1
Zero (vini.carduz)
California Flag Emblem (RangedSCOTT) +1
Star Wars: Wolf Pack Emblem (SKDoodle)
the lakers logo non premium! (ETgoHOME92) +1
I need someone with experience to do the emblem of my clan =))) (Guilherme) +11
Warwolf Patch please Premium if you can (Killroy)
Hey Grey could you make this? Premium is preferred. (mickel.shaver) +3
Request for the Mad Men Logo [Non-Premium] (CheaterYouMe)
Help Needed (john.rudd.790) +2
Sniper/Recon (marciorogerio.marques.3)
Sniper/Recon (marciorogerio.marques.3)
why so serious? (dagorchaos)
*l*l*l*lsimple emblem #137 help (Javier) +1
Request emblem pelopes group [PELOPES] (josevictor.nt)
KOPASSUS LOGO (bobby.permanahadi) +1
Shiro from Deadman Wonderland (tobias.allqayer)
Team Empire (Empire_Sarmat)
3rd Battalion 5th Marines (Born)
Atletico Mineiro (marcelo.pimenta.796)
DackDodgers (stavkovoy89)
Personal emblem (brianparmentier)
British Armed Forces (nothaldir) +2
can somebody please create a Oakland Raiders logo please!!?? (bennysoltero)
Hi mainly looking for somebody to create an emblem using my CLAN Picture for PLEASURE & PAIN, (tone.pain.9)
Duplo Logo (Duploooo) +12
spoderman (callumannan1) +1
Metallica Scary Guy (IronFist2099)
PORTUGAL (marciorogerio.marques.3)
Kazakhstan (aitmaganbet)
Bullet for my Valentine (mrfelix1710)
Capitals Hockey Emblem (zak550)
Black Rock Shoter (BrKoutax)
Black Rock Shoter (BrKoutax)
Black Rock Shoter (BrKoutax)
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning (Joshardcastle) +2
a detailed shitbucket (HouseMau5) +2
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73) +6
Create emblem starting from SVG (Gibbox) +3
Local footbal team badge. (Steee1302) +2
CM PUNK logo (n1ck237) +8
Opeth O Logo (Lucio_Aguirre) +6
THOR motocross logo (THOR_MX_23) +8
State Police (TheMilitaryGuy)
magpul (Andrej) +3
fenix_vd (fenix_vd)
a detailed shitbucket (HouseMau5)
a msi dragon logo (willy.chino.5)
Hemp Gru logo (piotrlis98) +1
please grey or someone :( help PLEASE :( I will be grateful :( (dawid.machowicz) +8
Can someone make this to an emblem please? (LuigiFan2010) +1
Jigglypuff do desenho Pokemon (pedroivomatos.ferreia) +2
Thanks Grey - Paratrooper Patch (PATICK)
I need RB like this (madg0d) +2
Portugal (marciorogerio.marques.3)
mission impossible IMF (emile.klooster)
Pokemon Mankey [Premium] (junk mail) +2
crown (TheAloNz0)
Someone please make this, would be really appreciated! (john)
Volumes Logo (Qbakez) +1
Texas Longhorns Logo (David) +1
Fox Racing (Leny) +3
Terminal Lance Emblem (Travis)
War Lions Clan Emblem (Nighthammer1980) +2
Alabama Crimson Tide "A" (stanley.burgess.7) +1
Kobato "Ioryogi" emblem request. (D) +1
Emplema COPS (lacamachov)
Can someone pls make me a clan emblem (john.gongora.77)
Can someone make Medal of Honor emblems ? (can be Premium) (Pathfinder)
XOF Emblem (Nat)
Snickers bar (luke) +1
Gutsman's Ass (kajetan.rz)
BF2142 Supreme Commander (DiivZe)
erza (Orion) +2
Clan Emblem (Utesgui)
LOGO PAYPAL 15$ (SirLunchaLot31) +2
KREWELLA logo (Joseantonio.RamosGlz)
cowboy bebop (sidjames82)
Bandera Comunidad valenciana (jlo.mori)
highschool dxd (abdallah.usama.7) +1
Um jato (alexandre.g.ribeiro.1)
CM PUNK эмблема (n1ck237) +1
Please, help draw a flag (Barmaleevich)
Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!) (Mike)
ASPK clan emblem (john.gongora.77)
Rarity (benjamin webber)
Raptor Claw (Kirimidragoness)
TFRM (andrew) +1
Garrison Logo - Attack on Titan (AndyKing170)
Liverpool (Denis)
Simple name. (jonathan.hogberg.3) +1
Bizarre brazillian mascot - DOLLYNHO!! (antoniopaivajr) +1
Emblema pro Clan (Clan Emblem) (Leonan) +1
Strange Music logo or something related to Tech N9ne (Nick) +1
Hey, anyone wanna try this awesome wolf pic ? (david.s.hangya)
Ghost Rider ! i want (youth_whisky) +1
MAKE THIS PRETTY PLEASE :) (jonathan.jock.376) +1
Avatar (2009) (jarno.bloemberg)
England Coat of Arms. (MrHeathen31)
Gas Mask Suit and Tie Guy (Joshardcastle) +1
None Premium Anime emblem pls!! (david.barringer.739)
If someone could make these. (jonathan.jock.376)
GREY or anyone else could you please make me an emblem. (jonathan.jock.376) +9
Не сложный заказ. Help man (cacau_lolka) +2
Patricks Rick Nametag (zcx31)
MY NAMES NOT RICK!!!!!! (zcx31)
Pencil face (Jenner)
Котенок Гав (cat Gav) (Myp33uK)
Grey, just want to order one emblem of Reborn, i have premium (DrRocketMan) +2
Gintoki Siluet (Gintama) (ThatThrasher)
battlefieldheroes (lucas) +1
a clan emblem Rats (john.holmquist.16)
helicoptero (leandro.ramos.908347)
Ghostrider!!! (jdfromsac)
KHANDA - can some one PLEASE draw one for me??? (jdfromsac) +3
KoRn Issues Doll (Dayton) +2
A Emblem for me, please? (SuperKamaGuruStark)
I would like a clan emblem for the clan TonF (The ones not Forgotten) (Mitchell)
I would like a clan emblem for the clan TonF (The ones not Forgotten) (Mitchell)
We need and enblem for our Podast/Youtube Channel! :D (iFportelada)
hello can someone make this emblem plz (iC6) +3
Drawn together- LingLing (christoph.weidemann.568) +1
Mankey (junk mail) +6
Hucci Emblem (RaduGabriel29) +2
==========>@GREY or anyone else:Would be nice if anyone could make a M82A3 emblem. You can use Premium shapes (40 layers). Thank you! (M82A3-User) +3
Rainbow Dash (braxton.bartsch1) +1
I DO NOT HAVE PREMIUN (felipesennagarcia)
A well made Tactical Gaming Emblem http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq (DLink) +1
I would like a Clan tag for my clan PureBredKillers, PBK (bill.hale.90) +1
Plank from Ed, Edd, n Eddy. with a twist. :) (Bilbo-x-Swaggins)
Arsenal F.C. (canonier_4erver)
Amazing anime Picture that need to be created (SxOxG) +1
Outer Haven emblem (alec.konkel) +1
Talon Strike Force (TECHSARGE7)
Major Lazer (remedy.mohan)
Paratrooper Patch (PATICK) +1
Hi :) Can somebody PLEASE make clan emblem for me ?? (CroMagic) +1
Hi :) Can somebody PLEASE make clan emblem for me ?? (CroMagic)
The walking dead (tulio.rodrigues.908)
DiamondBacks logo, will pay $10 pay pal (Rob_Mendoza1) +11
Guys, help me pls with emblem of Reborn (DrRocketMan) +1
probably not possible (mike.petrov) +1
Grey, can you help? (Yousef) +13
Could anyone help me? (Premium on Battlelog) (Alexandre)
imf logo (emile.klooster)
PTFO (nikita_wolfson)
bffs engineer (Evgenij)
[$10] SIG Sauer Emblem, can be 40 Layers. (DWreck1995)
Opeth O Logo (Lucio_Aguirre)
Opeth O Logo (Lucio_Aguirre)
Tank Emblem? (Non-premium member) (willis.weese)
137 emblem (Javier)
Grey! Or anybody! Help! Please! (Lolloaxel Kendors) +7
Emblem with the name HITOSHI (albertoseino)
Emblem request for help (Papa) +2
M1911 COLT (dagos1cool)
usc trojans (ccroll)
CARNAGE (dagos1cool)
http://armygoods.ru/product_info.php?products_id=11252 (Krack)
[$3.00 USD][Quick Simple Logo][NonPremium] (valueablesauce) +4
Raptor Emblem *Probably fairly Challenging* (Nick) +3
M82A3 emblem needed! Grey! (M82A3-User) +1
Would greatly appreciate this emblem. (kevyn.jones.92)
Mex-info (andre.melnik.1)
Holo from "Spice and Wolf" (mrsokolus)
I want this Pic (strong.skylight)
Vegeta 40 layers 10USD (Michel) +4
Clan emblem required ($5 Dollar prize for best emblem) (paul.giganti) +4
эмблема для клана Sevlush (Муртазалиев )) +1
sevlush (Муртазалиев ))
Does anybody could do to me person? PLiss :( I will be grateful;) (dawid.machowicz)
Suiseiseki (immavasya)
Strange Music Logo contest (travvyexodus)
Paid 10 dollars paypal (gabrielsiqueirahentz) +4
Will someone make this emblem without the airborne tab please? (ALEXG) +1
KC Cheifs (matthew.s.lowry)
STL Cardinals (matthew.s.lowry)
University of Alabama emblem (luckeytimmy) +2
hiro4512 (liam)
Could someone please make this... (mickel.shaver)
byakugan and maybe you can also do hinata Hyuga (from naruto shippuden) Non-premium (dawid.machowicz) +4
Could someone create the emblem for my clan? (Riccardo) +5
My Logo (joe.vengels)
A Simple Logo, shouldn't take much work, since you've guys got the "know how" :) (BaZoo Dax)
clan emblem please (glen.hamilton.16) +1
французский иностранный легион (последняя надежда на вас братья-славяне,пендосы не помогли((() (JekBro)
KRATTOS Head (joel.acevedo) +4
Sanae Dekomori (aaammazafakha)
Gun Manufacturers Please (DWreck1995) +3
Emblem of a Broken Monitor (llXll.PuNk.llXll) +1
Mad/Awesome Face (M4karov) +6
Need this simple logo please :p (patrice.brugger) +7
Hank Scorpio emblem please? (Ethan10183)
Detroit Lions logo please? (Ethan10183)
Сочи 2014 (pushok235) +1
KRATTOS Emblem (joel.acevedo)
Hard logo (hlwwwv) +1
I would love if someone could replicate this walter sobchak image for me. (Bacon89) +1
Can someone create this emblem please? (LycanWrath) +2
Strange Music logo or something Tech N9ne related (travvyexodus) +3
Blood Pack symbol from Mass effect and yes premium is best (mickel.shaver) +1
Turkey in a space suit (lilbroganoosh)
SEEK nice Emblème ESL Electronic Sports League 25 euro for the best (adele.ben.18) +8
Emblem For A CLAN (UnluckyRaven00) +1
SEEK nice Emblème ESL Electronic Sports League 25 euro for the best (adele.ben.18) +4
Major league doorkicking (Pott) +6
G.R.O.M - Polish forces! (Ranipl)
CARNAGE (dagos1cool)
My Clan Logo, anyone interested? We can arrange price. Thanks in advance. (Tiago)
Black star lion (YUliya)
Navy Sea Bee Emblem Please? (ALEXG) +3
Grey, could you help me please? (juninhohazzard) +4
Grey: Please make me a personal emblem (baratha.b)
Grey, please create me a logo FOX Racing. (Maruss)
Очень нужна красивая эмблемка KSL (alex_of_levchenko) +1
General of the Armies of the United States (KostaBeric) +4
Need a Emblem for my Clan : Hawk : pay 10$ (amon.vierke) +2
Kurumi Tokisaki (kyle.anchondo) +1
Snake GadYuka Змея (volodar.svitu)
Rambo (yugi de) +2
Soldado Rasta 37 (victordecamposcouto) +1
Krishna or Rama (goatonastick)
Freddie Mercury Success Meme Emblem (chickydicky)
Эмблема SOAD / Emblem SOAD (fucking_logics) +1
Request Emblems for team VoV Thx (Reward) (Xeffox) +5
Elysiumg Gaming (akisbouriblog) +8
Deathstroke and Deadpool (The Only) +10
I need a logo for my clan written BRTT someone could do? (bruno.nascimento.100)
Эмблема This is хорошо / Emblem This is хорошо (fucking_logics)
ExEa Gaming Emblem?! (Lolloaxel Kendors)
FOX Racing (Maruss)
Galaxy HOF, could someone make this logo? (slirex)
somebody make cloud from final fantasy7 (worrior) +1
Metallica star logo (McFLYer)
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73)
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73)
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73)
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73)
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73)
can someone make this emblem from medal of honor (brandon.emanuel.73)
Soldado Rasta (victordecamposcouto) +2
Cool Pikachu Emblem from link in description. Premium Please (Gaz) +2
SUB-ZERO (bakeryartit.khumwhan)
BSAA Europe (keL1er)
Death The Kid (BlurredPixel_)
FOX Racing (Maruss)
Task Force Atlas (Pathfinder)
Female Gamer Emblem? (ErinShannonC)
French Foreign Legion (JekBro)
Российский флаг со словом Russia (sgtmoonlight)
Scottish Minion (92jfrew) +1
Scottish Minion (92jfrew) +1
Scottish Minion (92jfrew) +1
Pogonya (Ars) +1
GROM emblem, please help! (Ranipl)
Archer (cartoon show on FX) (TRLthebean70)
> Main Battle Tank emblem (willis.weese)
Brazzers logo (Meeped)
Anime Charakter als Emblem (wuensche.robert)
@Shelby Cobra@ (jj.lawter)
Please, make a "Spunky" emblem from "Rocko's Modern Life". (gabriel.sedano12)
HELP please make logo (ivan.putinn) +1
Need to create an emblem (iC6)
SEEK nice Emblème ESL Electronic Sports League (adele.ben.18)
Hellsing Alucard (LordChristoff)
Could someone please make this emblem? (bolts4brekfast) +2
deer (ivan.veseliv) +2
Deckers Skull emblem from Saints Row The Third (Vaenotos)
Making emblem for the clan OGF (jersy.renders)
Logo of Right Sector - revoltioners in Ukraine. Who can make? (Bandera_IF) +3
Flappy Bird Emblem Please!!! (Lars) +2
French Foreign Legion (JekBro)
дьявол (Andrej)
carnage bf4 emblem (xolokoct)
Compton (poria.khojasteh)
Make a emblem for Mercenaries Clan (trollzor48) +2
German metal band (karlos crow) +1
Sons of Anarchy (giannis.kiamilis)
WWE's The Hardys (giannis.kiamilis)
Please make a Emblem for Mercenaries Clan Tag MERC Like PMC(Private military company) In shield! (trollzor48)
Help an humble PJ fan ;) (MauroHenrique21) +2
Pleas make one for me (jersy.renders)
Please make a Emblem for Mercenaries Clan Tag MERC Like PMC (trollzor48) +1
Please make a logo for Mercenaries Clan tagged Merc (trollzor48) +4
ACADEMI (trollzor48) +2
Сделайте эмблему для клана Mercenaries (trollzor48)
Do please emblem with the letters "io" (shinobi800) +1
Zebra Team Emblem (oscar.f.lind)
[Pedido] Emblema Clã OnTarget Team (felipecarapetomena)
!!!The Hellsing Cross!!! (‎‎‎‎✞TRIGUN✞) +1
Basewanking =D (rene.andreassen)
Avenged Sevenfold (lepiev)
Good Bad Ugly (Алексей Архипов)
This for me ? not that hard anyone helping me "thanks in advance !!! :* (rebel)
can someone make this mamashiba thing for me? (neoshadow1996)
I WILL PAY ( $10 - $15 ) RANGE IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS FOR ME---> Cowgirl Sharpshooter Silhouette (christianken.casa) +2
Can anyone make this? Its another Cowgirl Silhouette.. (christianken.casa) +1
University of Alabama emblem (luckeytimmy)
Can someone make this for me. that would be cool. (dylan) +1
Kann einer Tadeus Tentakel aus Spongebob machen? bitte :D Danke (ozgur.cevik.12177276) +1
АС-ВАЛ (zachemchitaesh)
OLEG von TV Total (bombadys)
Navy Seal Patches (jonathan.jock.376)
Сделайте пожалуйста эмблему " io " (shinobi800)
ItsJock (jonathan.jock.376)
Angel , Letter A with a cool wing or a cool looking angel .. ill pay the guy who do it good! (AnGeL.q8) +1
University of Alabama emblem (luckeytimmy)
XL CLAN EMBLEM (Роман Власенко)
nokk tits (fidoyal) +1
Jester (Bryan)
Continental Hockey League - Континентальная хоккейная лига (Andreyka74)
Mass Effect Talon merc (qSWAMPFOXp) +1
3 Star & a Sun better xDDDD plzzzzz!!! (baste.cruz.9)
Помогите с эмблемой плиз! (ATOM)
Очень нужна эмблема для клана с тегом SiB (alex_of_levchenko)
Samurai/NInja Emblem PLEASE!!! (SirLunchaLot31)
Please Help me Make an Ace Of Angel Logo.Thanks if it is possible to make it (OngQiLunx)
HELP WANTED..!!! SLIPKNOT EMBLEM (izal.santos.31) +2
Military Cat (ATOM)
BFF's (premium ok) (silas.blythe.5)
Rainbow Dash Evil (no premium) (Alkatraz (iPhone 5)) +1
Military Cat (ATOM)
Bad Company 2 Burning Man for $10 (RRT4444) +2
Bad Company 2 Solider Head (RRT4444) +3
Astro headset logo (RRT4444) +4
Death Note - Kira (thiago.henrique.007) +4
SUAV Emblem (Rostislavs)
[27RU]NaGiBaToR_RaKoV (sergey_sergeevich_sergeev90)
Combine(Half-Life 2) (idid_half) +1
Plants vs Zombies (xRAGExDEAFWOLF)
!!! Mental Logo (Serious Sam) !!! (‎‎‎‎✞TRIGUN✞) +9
can some one make me a fallout boy emblem pls??? (Ahmed.moawia.me)
Im Level 110 and bored - Points down the drain emblem? (Trill)
University of Alabama emblem (luckeytimmy) +2
$10 Emblem with the letters "JCBS" (gabriel.lourenco.1610) +3
Emblem needed with the letters -sV- (wayne.lamprecht.33)
Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian (DraCoWWE)
Can You guys plz make this >Natsu Drgoneel< (Samurai)
*** HELP*** Emblem with the letters "JCBS" ***HELP*** (gabriel.lourenco.1610) +1
I need this Girl... Please Help me!!! (tommy.valdiviacastro) +3
Need help!! in making a Canadian Logo with DBC in it -- Death By Canada-- can anyone help.. (uschak)
Help pls!!! (ATOM) +4
Jin Kazama's Tattoo (diogomiguelopes1) +5
Can someone create Gungrave Cross please? (Mechanug778) +8
$25 USD via paypal -for the best- Fleur De Lis Tiger Eye (Allen) +5
CSS Bataljon (Maggern12390) +5
I need this very nice Emblem (Andreas Meier) +4
10$ For Creating My Emblem With Alphabets "PuNk" ! (Anant) +10
Clan Emblem 10 Euro (Mars Ultor) +5
Emblem from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - The Russian Werewolfes, (strannik_spectr) +1
i Need a Cool logo for (AnGeL) !! (AnGeL.q8) +4
Need a Sick Ass Clan Logo (coozm11) +1
Guy who make the best Logo of my Clan "Playing Ducks" Wins 25EURO! (vincent.papiez) +13
two Latin words, non premium (Ondřej)
Can someone please make an emblem for me? PLEASE!!! (Austin)
Arachnos (Z3r0D34d) +8
Uruk Hai Hand/Logo (czester.playgames)
Fidel Castro Emblem (dukeb)
Emblem for Origin Game Key ! (Wonz)
MCXNOW logo. Paying Crypto(BTC, WDC, MXB etc..) (igot6strings) +5
Can you make this? (silas.blythe.5)
Imagination time! (silas.blythe.5)
Clan Emblem (Yousef) +3
Metal Gear Solid Outer Heaven (bgulstene)
Clan Logo (Yousef)
search emblem for my team for 20 euros (adele.ben.18)
search emblem for my team (adele.ben.18) +1
recherche emblème pour ma team (adele.ben.18)
Advanced Nightwing Emblem (BenCapanni)
MhSV Clanlogo for 10€ (Ramanan) +15
Десептикон (sway_man) +1
Game of Throne Emblem (patryk.pecak.9)
Titan Esports (SirLunchaLot31) +3
I wanna be the boshy (Main character or final boss) (silas.blythe.5) +4
Slovak doublecross (Juraj) +4
Uruk Hai Hand/Logo (czester.playgames) +1
Clan Emblem (Adam Cox) +5
Penny Markt (patrik.boelts)
Clan Emblem! Please Help! (Jason) +1
Uruk Hai Hand/Logo (czester.playgames)
Complexity Gaming (SirLunchaLot31) +7
Bad Company 2 Burning Man (RRT4444) +2
US Marines Engineer 1st Battalion (Lord Turkington Esquire 117th) +13
Bob Marley hat (Саня Селезнёв)
Action Bastards Emblem (chainblade101)
Самый сильный младенец. The strongest baby. (dzi59) +2
Gustavo Fring (Oleg) +1
Batman Beyond emblem (Reyneir)
Sons of anarchy logo SAMCRO (Aleks) +1
Simon Belmont Castlevania 1 NES. Thanks if possible. (paulmuaddibka.atreidesharkonnen)
Hell Dog (dmitriy.dzhuvalyakov)
Professional "BCx97" Emblem (BenCapanni)
Thx :) (Paweł)
Perry The platypus (KMLDevelopments) +1
Turtlebeach 5€ / 5$ (Lars) +1
Kappa face (Twitch.TV) (D4N1K) +2
Fleur De Lis - Tiger Eye (Allen) +2
G-SQUAD (vanushka_giga)
Herose of the storm (Orvyn)
Could anyone please do a HoverCat? (ManikBeaver) +5
Otter (dennis.vanloenen.3)
Jeremy Clarkson (Håkon) +1
Rainbow Dash (sorez63) +1
CKY band logo (TravMastah) +3
CKY band logo (TravMastah) +2
CKY band logo (TravMastah) +2
CKY band logo (TravMastah) +2
RAMBO Emblem (yugi de)
Flap Jack (GabrielMelloRJ)
Donkey Punch (Chuck Norris punching a donkey) (Kevin)
Brooklyn Nets / New York Yankees? (J4ftermath) +2
Emblem HUE BR and Question! (Murilo)
clan emblem NEXUS (Santiago)
Black Rock Shooter (Ery Chitanda) +1
Snake GadYuka (volodar.svitu) +1
FOR THE WIN eSports competitive team emblem (CryZer) +1
Destiny Emblems (andrew.morris.96343405)
Subaru STi emblem pls? (TheMightyDesmond) +3
Can someone make this logo as an emblem ? (VoltGames)
Osean Air Defense Force (OADF) Emblem (macblehhh) +4
can someone maybe make this picture into a emblem ? (AkinarisStuff)
Cool name logo with wings: 3zek1el (3zek1el)
Abstergo Logo (AC) (☜✙☞ Bulle ☜✙☞) +2
These eyes can you make? (mickel.shaver) +2
Frostbite3 (Oksana) +1
Jumbo supermarket logo dutch store (warbuckss)
Jumbo supermarket logo dutch store (warbuckss)
fc zenit saint petersburg (zhenek.pavlyuk)
Bro from GREEN ELEPHANT* Братишка из Зелёного слоника! Лайкайте полюбому! Like! (hambiker) +2
Please can someone make this emblem? Por favor, alguem consegue fazer esse emblema? (francisttavares)
Could someone please do a Jontron logo? (Massacre)
Rambo Emblem Please (yugi de)
TRON LIVES!! (Gandalf) +2
Would appreciate it if someone could re-make my logo as an emblem. (xMichaelDesigns) +1
Can someone plz create my logo? (Gomelify) +19
$5 For a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Flag (Thomas) +11
Spec Ops: The Line. "The Damned" (Vgs38)
I need a new emblem for my clan! Make a good one? Then I will pay you (Alex Cline) +1
£5 for clan tag over paypal (cashworth87)
Jack Sparrow emblem (i pay € or $) (John) +7
Clan Emblem (Lars) +5
€10 or $10 for a emblem with the initials N, A, A ans S. (N@a$) +6
Aduro Logo (mattylittlefish)
S and J letters (Amazon $50.00 gift card} (SethJ) +19
STVD-1 Patch (davidrovsing) +2
Volleyball tattoo (Alexio247) +1
Mud flap Girl (CHRIS) +1
Fox Racing logo (CHRIS)
Levi's Emblem (LeviNL) +2
Sword Art Online crossed swords (AlexanderRANDOM)
US Navy SEALs (Zachary) +5
Kappa/frankerZ emblem (Bumlike907)
Create,please emblem curse team.League of Legends (by_cross)
Can someone plz create my clan tag (cashworth87) +1
Anubis emblem (razvan.savin) +2
Lenin was a zombie (balthasarblade) +1
Oh My Games (Ghibli67FR) +1
Icon for my youtube group (mavanmanen) +5
JETIX CHANNEL (Mechanug778)
Please make Hellsing emblem. Character: "The Major" - Maximilian Montana. Specific picture in my order. (Mechanug778)
Trivium logo (mavanmanen) +2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Flag (Thomas)
Full metal alchemist homunculi tatoo (uroboros) (Maligkno) +4
Bacon in a pan (Aerolus)
An red eagle or other bird (Sam.Ward44) +2
Fire Emblem Awakening Emblems! (Jordan252)
Cardiff City Badge (zachary)
Petrosyan (Петросян) (Christofer)
Iron Man Fire Logo (rene.gnaser)
Deadpool. Respawn lol (The404Error)
Starcraft 2 (He11InMe)
Jimmy from South Park (EywaV)
нужно эмблема Rick and Morty (vipzr4_ru)
slowpoke (ubacb)
University of Alabama / Crimson Tide Logo (luckeytimmy)
BFG Tag Emblem (Wonz) +1
Inscription Moniek (MoniekPL)
Need a cool YouTube channel banner printed with CyanVirgo with a YouTube badge in it if you can make it i will include your channel in desc. (CyanVirgo - Daily First Person Shooter Content)
Joanna Dark (KingBudman)
Moniek (MoniekPL) +3
Tropic Thunder (rrainmakerr) +3
Steal Your Face - Grateful Dead skull (Caspian) +3
Initials W,C and S ($10 PayPal) (Nikolas) +13
Emblem for New Word Order Clan (Kessthrel) +1
PLS MAKE ME A NAZI SWASTIKA (einars.svencs) +4
Помогите пожалуйста сделать эмблемку Straight Edge! ,буду очень благодарен (diegozz) +10
Ahri (by_cross)
alien pulse rifle (robert.burgess.3114)
Sempiternal Emblem (leonardoamarante09) +2
From Russia With Love (Grigory) +5
Homestuck (rasmus.edlund.5)
MK3A1 jackhammer (michael.l.blackburn.9)
He-Man (DuchessArcher1) +4
Timmy from South Park (EywaV)
godemichet (liam.svoboda)
bite en plastique (liam.svoboda)
The Expendables (kris.henry.777) +1
ThePirat3Crew Emblem Order. (ThePirat3Crew)
Tribes 2 Blood Eagle Logo (conradical4792) +2
1017 Bricksquad Emblem/Logo (conradical4792) +1
Penguin (Cían) +1
Ipwnstar4hire emblem logo...free non premium (Dylan)
Clan (leshka_forever)
Shock Macblob (Shock)
Зеленый слоник/Green Elephant (jakethedogy)
CHIBI BLEACH I GIVE A 10 EURO PAYSAFECARD TO EVERY EMBLEM THAT I LIKE (every one must do 2 emblems to get the 10 euro psc) (ben.meyers.96) +1
Sniper logo/Лого как снайперский жетон (Danil)
Сделайте эмблему фк зенит, пожалуйста=) (zhenek.pavlyuk)
Boondock saints logo plz!!!! Will pay 10$ through paypal or a 15$ amazon gift card! (spuderman420) +11
Game of Thrones emblem request (scaffaaa)
Best emblem gets 25 USD through PayPal. (See pic) (str03mm3n) +9
Reaper emblem of SONS of Anarchy (Mathias Lauret)
Shooter in Metro (pacheeno)
0 HP (batman)
Sword Art Online II / Gun Gale Online (screenless)
Request for Emblem .. PLEASEEEEEE (llXll.PuNk.llXll)
Request For NONGMOPROJECT.ORG emblem! (bolts4brekfast) +8
Knife. (dawid.wypijewski)
Donnie Darko "FRANK" emblem! (davyd.protasov)
Lily (alex0110) +13
Emblem For name (llXll.PuNk.llXll)
emblem tom clancy's ghost recon (Vladislav)
Coat of arms of Crimea, герб Крыма. (dob_02_08_88)
Help for my emblem (Uom0delMonte) +1
This Chinese Man on a Billboard from Siege of Shanghai and Other Maps (YouSirName)
MF DOOM (BloodEMenace)
My G4m3 Clan Emblem (The Only) +10
I'll pay 50$ for best emblem Shaman King, i have Premium (DrRocketMan) +23
1st Cav Division (vitaly_nosov) +1
Sons of Anarchy (Mathias Lauret) +1
need emblem - 5 euros (Rus) +23
The Last Ninja C64 (3zek1el) +5
Ipwnstar4hire emblem logo...free non premium (Dylan)
Gasai Yuno (antonio.e.reyes.3)
Clan (leshka_forever)
Help make the logo pls!!! (sektorian)
Cool race car / anything racing logo with a car or something cool. (insanepepzi)
Lycan Emblem (LycanWrath) +1
Need Emblème pour team (simon.soubielle)
I'll pay 15 € for a clan emnlem TBBT (DrRocketMan) +2
I'll pay 10 €/$ for a Clan-Emblem (FighterFuZy) +9
Initials S and B (Winner gain 5$ on PayPal} (SombraJones) +11
в память о славном прошлом СССР (Sergej)
Help make a logo please (sektorian)
Who can make the logo Bloody (ziksel_qip)
clan (krasnov_yurii) +2
Me and my friends are looking for a clan emblem (angel100107)
Ace Combat Silber logo (KunioPL)
Figueirense (xandeserapiao) +10
Clan Emblem (rex.polak.7)
WilcoGamer (WilcoGamer) +7
Clan Emblem PoM (german.juhasz)
Indianer (alexander becker)
x4C emblem (x4C_CREW) +5
VitaminKugel EBLEM GESUCHT' (Otex BlockNex)
Rin Kaga - PayPaling $4 if I chose to use your one! (iPaqmaster) +1
Death Mask Emblem (TicTac)
About Some Sort of Entrance Exam... (sd7234736)
I'll pay 30$ for best logo of my clan OTW (DrRocketMan) +6
Клановый (leshka_forever)
турбо (Andrej)
The Misfits Fiend Club Emblem ; Would be much appreciated :) (DeanCoonHunter)
HKS Logo (jardel.junior.90) +2
Palmeiras (fdfa.as) +1
Can someone make this into an emblem? (Uncle Veanon)
Fighting-Rebels Emblem (FighterFuZy) +4
I want the AFO Wolf pack emblem (LucasDuport)
Die Schnitzel Klopfer Clan Eblem (Otex BlockNex) +1
DC comics (Ignace Van Dyck)
клановый (krasnov_yurii)
Palmeiras (fdfa.as)
FlemishLegion searches Flemish Lion (kenneth.vancraeynest) +1
Emblem on fallout new vegas. (BlackBox) +1
Professor Oak from POKEMON (Oak)
Something associated with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. (Vgs38)
Can ayone make our community logo? 5€ paypal (ernestsepa) +8
Сможете сделать? (nikita.becker)
EMBLEM HELP PLS!!! (slacker.paranee) +8
TXP clan emblem (housenatorr) +5
Johnny Chimpo - Make it! (KristopherSteel)
OTW clan emblem (DrRocketMan) +1
Emblem Kyrgyzstan flag (Erkin) +5
SoV Clan logo (SoV_Gaming) +2
Help with emblem (War_MachineXL) +3
Grandma (Omatje) +1
Сова (sowa55)
Эмблема Russia Hockey (John Svid)
Simple Emblem (llXll.PuNk.llXll)
Want a cool "GROM" letters please! (mikolaj.koss.1)
Best Corgi Emblem Contest(Winner $10) (Remo) +1
Clan incorporated fox logo (Foxeh) +6
Emblem for Name (llXll.PuNk.llXll) +1
Corgi? (Tetherline) +1
Best Emblem Wins 10 USD !!! (paul.giganti) +35
Heart-Piratenbande (Rene Fuchs)
Gol. D. Roger Or Rayleigh (delidoluthere)
FATI (StaffSgtBarnes)
http://www.dotpixels.de/ (alexander.bartonek) +4
CCCP X GEORGIA (lisentomeful)
Lina Dota2 (communist_1488)
МММ (waaasuupp)
Taras Bulba Emblem needed (Andrej)
Real Madrid (CriRo.fan)
Zombie Kid Likes Turtles (jesseplan)
clan emblem wanted (stian.berg.501)
Эмблема (volkovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv) +5
Buy a EMBLEM for 5$ - long nickname. (shlomkaganon) +1
Square red smile with tongue out (pedro.parreira.182)
Please make a emblem DFA (honooryu)
LEBRON JAMES (SirLunchaLot31)
Brock Samsom! (Konoyaro)
Strom Cleavage (Prosodemic)
Rainbow Dash (sorez63)
сделайте эмблему группы король и шут (serjeo666666)
green day logo (Stan) +3
Имя (Ivan)
Type O Negative (jriveraco16)
Starwars Wampa (Karl)
Löwen Emblem! (leon.nimke) +4
Particle Gaming Emblem (ptc|SightUp) +13
GTX 760 Emblem (pedro.ec.fernandes) +1
Kasabian logo (max.iking.12382) +1
Phantom Prospect Emblem (Austin) +3
BAD COMPANY 2 Emblem (pedro.ec.fernandes)
Эмблема (sin_sochi)
Harley or Black angel (zekainhuman)
Mintberry Crunch (yakup.ozcan.91) +1
Герб дивизии (VasyOK_UA)
Эмблема Ghosts'а (smaytkul)
Sako RK95 Upotte! (ThyFear)
Simple Emblem (llXll.PuNk.llXll) +2
SEAHAWKS 12th man flag (magic8paul)
Newfoundland Flag (dave.moulton.9) +7
Riddick (Rustie)
Oops Gaming (oopsgaminghd) +1
Aston Martin Logo (Cryphisss)
Shaman King (DrRocketMan)
Bluellama (my avatar) (bluellama01) +3
EnRo-GRIFFINS Emblem (LasseM) +1
эмблема самурай х (altair775)
Don't Tread on Me flag (stogdill)
Hydra (BlackLobo) +5
Cereal Killers Emblem (marcos.papaleguas) +8
Simple Emblem (robert.bishop.39) +3
Platoon Emblem (nejczunisawesome)
Team Envyus (SirLunchaLot31)
Ребят, кто может нарисовать эмблему футбольного клуба Ливерпуль, буду очень благодарен? Спасибо. (Aleks)
Platoon Emblem (llXll.PuNk.llXll)
cowboy bebop faye (patrick.forester.444)
Инженер Ghost (Hasto n)
Кто сможет нарисовать Subaru Pig ???????????? (udjin.shved) +3
Ghost B.C logo (jardel.junior.90) +2
Asuna Uki из анимехи - Sword Art Online или Niu(Ню) или та же Lucy - Люси из анимехи - Эльфийская песнь!!! (xemyjibko)
My Youtube Channel (ivos.gersov) +1
Создайте флаг Киргизии (Erkin) +1
LOST clan emblem (mike.walker.399826) +1
Astro Gaming (SirLunchaLot31)
Resident Evil 6 Edonian Liberation Army faction logo (Edik) +1
Москва, Moscow (mercedesbenzmclaren)
i don't write english well... who can make lichking (worrior) +1
Please, make Razer logo emblem) (YAn)
141 TASK FORCE (hunter_strong)
Help/помогите очень хочу вот такую эмблему!!! (Radmir) +1
Team Canada / Soldier Emblem (phil.martin.148) +2
Сделайте эмблему "Lyapis Crew" (drakoniwe)
Platoon Emblem (diogomiguelopes1)
A Simple emblem (robert.bishop.39) +5
A Simple emblem (robert.bishop.39)
Platoon Emblem (llXll.PuNk.llXll) +2
Mandalorian Emblem (IrishBear) +2
Florida Gators logo (Niels Verschuren) +1
Сакура Харуно(Наруто) (Вениамин Чижов)
ОМОН (hunter_strong)
Создайте нашивку Внутренних войск (Viktor)
Создайте шеврон ФСО России (Viktor)
Погран войска (idpogranec)
Kanye West's Dropout Bear (Amin) +1
Nelson's HA-HA! (Simpsons) (Mike)
Kamineko (MawR)
Platoon Emblem. (diogomiguelopes1) +5
ola meu nome é breno sou do brasil gostaria de colocar um emblema no meu jogo mas não consigo..... (breno.b.ferreira) +1
ola meu nome é breno sou do brasil gostaria de colocar um emblema no meu jogo mas não consigo..... (breno.b.ferreira)
ola meu nome é breno sou do brasil gostaria de colocar um emblema no meu jogo mas não consigo..... (breno.b.ferreira)
Brock from pokemon (xSkillN)
U.S Coast Guard emblem (mikael.schoonover)
Totenkopf (Rizone)
Щит с черепом (Shield with skull) (Rizone) +7
Tombstone (rodney.harper.581)
Эмблема 33 ОМСБр(г) (Vitalij)
Герб Нижнего Одеса (Vitalij)
Five Finger Death Punch Skull Logo (Randy Bazinga)
Борис Бритва (JIenpekoH) +1
Slipknot logo (Onyx)
Сделайте пожалуйста эмблему "Капитан Кастет" из мульта "Злаключения Флэпджека" (Captain Knuckles) (Predator) +1
Beavis or Butthead (SpudEnglish)
dracula (jeferson.dosanjos.5)
dracula (jeferson.dosanjos.5)
Saber Tooth (Kaito.Kas)
Platoon emblem. (Pelmz .MLG)
Friedrich Nietzsche (dave.moulton.9)
Сделайте пожалуйста эмблему "Одесский Герб" (kelbasik)
Кьютимарка Rainbow Dash. (moi_id_zanyat) +2
Cutie Mark RD (Rainbow Dash) +1
Gaming channel logo (alex.vanwerven) +4
Hei emblem? (friskyjcisme10) +1
Sword Art Online Title emblem (ben.meyers.96)
Sword Art Online (ben.meyers.96)
Detective Conan (Anime) (karndanai.bootdee)
Please could any of you professional emblem designers help me out... (requires creativity) (paul.giganti)
Could someone try to do this logo. Thx (Dominix1910)
a simple duckling (nikitkins)
This plz and thx (JeffffWinn) +1
This plz and thx (JeffffWinn)
MC Escher (Neptune)
netherlands emblem (joris) +2
Bacardi Logo (Zx iDesTroy)
Challenging order: Turtle with a rocket on his back (Tobias Boekwijt)
The Legend of Korra/ Korra Emblem (MaskedWarri0r)
Power / Killed king (Kanye West) (Amin) +1
emblem (joris)
emblem (joris)
Emblem For TTS clan (Емблема для клана ТТS) (enot52rus)
Need a clan emblem please. (Pelmz .MLG)
Need a logo for my clan! (spencer.naab)
Пожалуйста,сделайте похожую эмблему в 20 слоях (NORD)
Scott Pilgrim emblem please (fuckyeahassholejesus) +1
I need a logo please :) (MILF)
Сделайте пожалуйста картинку из комикса Twokinds (влад влад)
I nedd logo this clan (mynth) +1
amazing emblem (joris)
Lily logo (alex0110)
Opportunity to make this logo ? "Eristoff " (B4TTLESCARS)
SWAT CV Logo (neolinux)
Please can someone make "GROM" emblem (mikolaj.koss.1)
Please can someone make "GROM" emblem (mikolaj.koss.1)
Chicago Bears (NWI_AZTEC)
DOGSquad-Logo (TonioLaPorta)
KKnD (Dominix1910)
this figure, if someone is the chuck norris of the emblems (augusto s. nunes)
Miami Heat logo. (Nest Mendez) +1
Corto Maltese Embleme (Lola)
Guild logo (nikicmario)
Сделайте эмблему "Одесса Мама" (kelbasik)
ViceEarth (ViceEarth)
Greek Tragedy Mask (duonuo)
Hamburg Freezers (Diplomator) +1
Kenworth badge or truck badges (jake.howden.5)
Tennessee Volunteers (vnut08) +3
The name character from the Blacklist [TV series] (Dzanikken)
Joy Division (Dominik)
netherlands emblem (joris) +1
Maryland flag? ([Regards] Dafty Duck)
If someone could make this, thank you (piu) +6
WU-TANG-CLAN (дмитрий мухтасимов) +2
Tt esports (su1c1d95) +1
Happy from fairy tail (kenny.lin.75839) +2
TSW Dragon logo (BlackLobo)
GTR logo (jardel.junior.90)
Trafalgar Law from One Piece' (Waaldi) +1
Bane (Robert Nikora) +1
Call of Duty 2 Logo (Dominix1910) +1
Vikings (10O0O) +1
Sora no Otoshimono Request (Ikaros) (Ikaros) +2
Tine Litogo (LogTex)
Rampage logo PLZ (ramp LevelBF)
Fallout Vault Boy ? (Izzynator)
Fear Factory The Industrialist Helm Logo (ivan.quintanarcabrera)
Zelda Emblem (Austin) +8
Sakamoto (onetoothpick) +1
Any Drum&Bass logo? (fun_shoot) +3
Bagul from Sinister (SeriOus) +3
john marston (Michael)
Venom (aComicArtist) +1
Matt Smith Regenerating (bart.brijs)
) RUS (gaifullin) +1
F2000 (ShadowMosez)
Can anyone see what they can do with this (ShadowMosez) +5
Could someone create ODIN's Trident? (BulletProvider)
Death Faction PuNk (llXll.PuNk.llXll) +7
Emblem for Name : PuNk (llXll.PuNk.llXll)
Rage (nejczunisawesome) +1
Череп быка (andrey_royce)
Trafalgar Law (Waaldi)
Personnal logo. (The.Sorius)
Soviet X Georgia (lisentomeful)
GRU emblem (IceBars) +6
Very Games Clan logo (SirLunchaLot31) +3
PLS MAKE ME A NAZI SWASTIKA (einars.svencs) +2
ONE PIECE: Thousand Sunny (ben.meyers.96)
Welsh Flag / Dragon (garan.james)
Vortex Gaming (nejczunisawesome) +4
75th Ranger Regiment Emblem (mr.snrub.1004) +1
Emblem Celts / Embléme Celts (cedric.b.fischer) +1
BLEACH: Ulquiorra Cifer 2nd Released Resurrccion (ben.meyers.96)
PLS HULK <3 <3 <3 (demen_yarik)
Rambo Request (Gabriel) +1
Exército Brasileiro (Republica federativa do Brasil) (Yuri Bueno) +2
Help me with this logo (sam.mobnwa) +2
Neptune - God/Myth Logo Request Please (Neptune)
Ultros from FF6 (marcoantonio.souza.31)
Captain JACK VOROBEY (Назарова)
please make emblem(rapeman) (unnormaldude)
Kann einer dieses Clan Embleme für mich machen :D (Roboter GTA Emblem) (ozgur.cevik.12177276) +2
Demande d'emblème pour ma Te@m (Anthony)
сделайте пожайлуста эмблему из слов. (kelbasik)
Laura Bodewig Infinite Stratose (Austin) +1
Emblem 70 rus (Андрей Макеенков)
Lidl <-> Dice (chuck.norrls.77) +2
Can someone make me the Miami Heat logo? http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/miami-heat-logo.jpg (Nest Mendez) +1
Please someone make me this emblem my gamertag is Dr.Duck and i would like to have it so they will match please and thank youuuu (Cody) +1
San Jose Sharks Logo (jockekiuru) +1
Помогите с эмблемой Морской пехоты, мучился-мучился не чего не выходит!!! Заранее благодарен!!!! (Svat) +1
Aria the Scarlet Ammo (hokaiyin)
Someone can help me make this into emblem? (derpweiheng)
Can Anyone Make this please (ShadowMosez) +1
GamerPoser (johnwesley.1990) +1
shiro aus deadman wonderland (Berserka)
Evil Jester (Pasha)
Please Turn my Logo into an Emblem (DeadMetal) +1
Kurumi DATE ALIVE (RintoKazushi) +2
156th Tactical Fighter Wing (Yellow Squadron) (Wootnessy)
Emblem Conker (Conker bad fur day game) (rubens.marquesdealbuquerque)
Hard one :< Full metal alchemist (XTREMIUM)
Singing Cherry [NOT PREMIUM] (Nest Mendez)
FFVII Crisis Core- Genesis (Quinn)
Эмблема люди кто может запилить подобное чудо ? Буде премного благодарен (Seryoga)
Please someone make me this emblem (Cody)
Bannière du Mordor (freyr35)
TTS Emblem (0nemanzerg)
cutom AoA emblem (david clifford)
Shredder (nubidze)
My YouTube name Logo (GeTiNtImE) +1
Feels bad man (iopu)
Hei(bk-201) (ace_false)
Ulquiorra from Bleach (Mario Bruhn)
Bleach logo (Mario Bruhn)
Тэг клана (artemsamoshkin)
-Star Wars- KOTOR/SWTOR Darth Revan Mask (DoodlZ8u)
Ninth Gate movie text (stone76)
Alguem fais praq mim essda caveira https://www.google.com.br/search?q=tof&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=rw22Utf7E4OwsATog4H4Cg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1440&bih=798#q=caveira+da+tof&tbm=isch&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=gnvOJUm423HflM%3A%3BbKDeVzII9FN1rM%3Bhttp (analuiza.nicochelli) +3
Boston Bruins Logo (HateMoore) +1
Darth Vader (mickpride) +1
Tampa bay buccaneers logo NFL (Joshua Spietzack) +1
IronMan (ProxX59RUS)
Clint Eastwood (paulo.martins.3572) +2
ФК КУБАНЬ(FC KUBAN) (sergey.lavrinenko.33)
ФК КУБАНЬ(FC KUBAN) (sergey.lavrinenko.33) +3
PFC CSKA (Dog416) +1
I want a Sniper Emblem (tim)
Please HELP! Need create emblem (Aleksej)
Philadelphia Phillies (Marcus)
Seattle Seahawks. (Emily)
Minnesota Vikinga (WIlliam)
Knife Party Logo (sileZn)
Ninjas in Pyjamas Clan Logo (SirLunchaLot31) +3
Saint`s Row (henrygalvao) +1
Fennec / Desertfox emblem (Relapse)
Shark with Human teeth (MGSharkey) +1
Lamborghini Aventador J!! (KylesikfukKiller)
Please Turn my Logo into an Emblem (DeadMetal) +3
Virtus.Pro emblem (cymepok) +1
Cowboys From Hell (Matheus Rossato)
Fallout 3 (Chuckypox) +2
Fight Club Soap (pedrohvaz)
Alice: Madness Returns Emblem (MasterGuard08)
Two_Aces (h0st1s) +4
Evil Emblem (Feeh) +1
tLs clan emblem (Cody)
MEGATRON FACE PLEASE!!! 40 LAYERS (LucasKillerArch) +1
Razer Logo (MegaIodon)
Arsenal FC Crest (Lighty_46) +3
The Pretty Reckless (dabravsemblyat)
pls IMAGINE DRAGONS (Назарова) +1
DICE Friend Dogtag (MegaIodon)
Red Hood and the Outlaws Logo. (L2.1.2.1)
New Jersey Devils (Pathfinder) +2
Army Medal of Honor (Mark)
Sombrero with Pistols (Mark)
tLs Clan emblem (Cody)
Ironheade logo (El Matador)
GamerPoser (johnwesley.1990)
Counter Strike (Pathfinder) +3
Wormwood: gentleman corpse (Rustie)
Crash Bandicoot emblem (Levigas Atlanticus)
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san please (htk5077)
emblema do zaraki kenpachi (renanxmd) +1
Fight Club Soap (pedrohvaz)
Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal (Porkchopinator)
Pfftch face (http://trollbar.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/happy-pfftch-l.png) (Igor GASHek) +1
Recreate my clan's image as an emblem IMPlicit (Shane)
Recreate my clan's image as an emblem IMPlicit (Shane)
Looking for an "Artist" to make an emblem for my clan. (sam.ringgenberg)
YETI (adam.smitty.752)
Jack daniels (kellywi)
Alucard (Bungied2theTree)
Holo (from Spice and Wolf) (chokobo29) +1
Uppotte Emblem x2 M16 and M14 (Austin)
501st joint fighter wing (bakakiriru)
маска jabbawockeez (sgt_rime)
Magnitogorsk (Alexey G)
kansas stste wilcat (Michael) +3
нужно Эмблему для клана АЛЬФА (slav9nckui) +3
Stars emblem Resident Evil (Rogério R.dos Santos) +7
Could anyone do a Crash Bandicoot emblem? (Levigas Atlanticus)
Claptrap (TheRoboNinjaPenguin)
Перчик (ReDPeR4iK)
King Kai (diogomiguelopes1)
black rock shooter (samantha.j.baron)
Zyzz emblem (Feeh) +1
Эмблема команды RoX.KIS \ Hello! Please make RoX.KIS team logo (SpecteR <3 RoX.KIS)
Sakura from Naruto (Вениамин Чижов) +8
Hajduk Split (Hajduk007)
Anahí (dean.win.9041)
1st Cav Patch Emblem (Diablo19k)
Нужен бицепс (Назарова) +1
ForZe (colossrhodi) +8
Jordan Emblem (Jump Man) (ayvy.martinez) +2
Intikam logo (jznidy)
Кто сможет эмблему Зенита (Artur)
Vash/Trigun (Vash) +1
http://www.schwaben-elite-clan.de/include/bilder/seclogo4.png (Falk352)
Кракен (Garrus_MG) +1
ВВС РОССИИ (idoleg32)
Rapunzel from 'tangled' (lesmorgandacookiethief)
Feindflug Logo (mihalink)
Tsunade (JayP7269)
house stark (Mickael) +1
Na`Vi Editions (xmas1k) +2
Spiderman (Rohiric) +2
Carnage (xolokoct) +4
МЕЙКАП (Do6puu`)
can some one make a emble like a Buck (Buckcommander)
I Need An Emblem Like This Pls https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/_Ve-FG5ERPJcpHtn0DjC825TUq7oOrLW_Ndcmn_Uknc (bigosboss) +4
Mike Tyson (Alexander) +2
Джони кейдж МК (Станислав Востриков)
and it possible to reproduce this image emblem thank you very much http://www.nerdnirvana.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/space-travelling-dog.jpg (romain.loupette)
Intel (Rohiric) +3
Clint Eastwood (Matheus Rossato)
Vulgar Display of Power (Matheus Rossato)
Battlefield Friends Dinosaur! (wes21o)
Star Citizen Imperium Fleet Emblem (badchooker)
Nvidia Logo (Rohiric)
Make an emblem like my profile picture (mickpride)
Zerg symbol (Istuification)
emblem for my platoon (mark.sutton1973)
Мое лого (FantasT-UKR) +2
Plague Doctor (roman.yaglov)
Toronto Blue Jays (jnla1324)
Spartak (fuckyousouck)
Jabbawockeez masks (sgt_rime)
4CHAN LOGO (cretinking)
Lass Suicide (select_bandit)
Jägermeister (Philipp)
SEAL TEAM 6 (Savage_110BA)
Welcome to the Otako Club (Саня Селезнёв)
Sons Of Anarchy Non Premium (bud.jones.1460) +1
hhhehehe (Lemon)
Star Citizen Imperium Fleet Emblem (ChadBooker) +4
Кто сможет нарисовать Subaru Pig ???????????? (udjin.shved)
emblem of char (first gundam) (worrior) +2
q-5 fantan jet (Rare Glue)
Bangladesh (khaled.adibullah)
Anime (Ery Chitanda) +1
Roronoa Zoro (Nelson Poyato)
LOGO VIRTUS PRO TEAM! please... (ds08111989)
Toradora! (guilherme.andreuce)
logo "MONK" (МОНАХ)
Hypnotoad (Manuel)
MSI gaming (Skyguigui)
Yuno Gasai! (jaco.swart.1276) +5
Leon The Professional (RexNormal) +5
Тигр (leshka_forever)
kostik (KostikKrsk) +4
Sideways Spartan Helmet (bgulstene)
Derpy Goku (andrew.akes.33)
Battletech (Schnitzel Bümse)
Mirai Kuriyama (RiruKa) +1
Brigada Ops. Especiais (marques290)
"HALO" (117)
DFA community (honooryu)
"BERSERK" (117)
ПФК ЦСКА (Данил Курдюков)
Клоун (Mr.Gizmous)
ПеКа (Михаил Станиславский) +1
Goodbye Kitty (whitenoade) +2
1er RPIMa (Karumi Aiomi) +2
US Marines (gass_aleksey)
Ninja (whitenoade) +2
Dog Durov (Алексей Архипов) +3
Metallica Scary Guy (IronFist2099)
Walking Dead (RocKai)
Fallout (arkadii.arkad) +1
Oshino Shinobu from Monogatari Series (Lewd Conduct)
dick (chris.cuello.31)
crossbone gundam X2 kai (worrior)
Pyronoxo Emblem (2) (Andreas)
Gengar emblem (arczi7) +1
Pyronoxo Emblem (Andreas)
DICE Friend Dogtag (MegaIodon) +1
Капюшон (Alex.Kacc.Luenko)
MSI gaming (Skyguigui)
emblem of char(first gundam) (worrior)
emblem of char (first gundam) (worrior)
emblem of char (first gundam) (worrior)
Evil Jester (Pasha)
Ipwnstar4hire emblem logo...free non premium (Dylan)
Ipwnstar4hire emblem logo...free non premium (Dylan)
US Marines Engineer 1st Battalion (Lord Turkington Esquire 117th)
US Marines Engineer 1st Battalion (Lord Turkington Esquire 117th)
US Marines Engineer 1st Battalion (Lord Turkington Esquire 117th)
Action Bastards Emblem (chainblade101)
Scottish Minion (92jfrew)
Opeth O Logo (Lucio_Aguirre)
I would like a clan emblem for the clan TonF (The ones not Forgotten) (Mitchell)
I would like a clan emblem for the clan TonF (The ones not Forgotten) (Mitchell)
I would like a clan emblem for the clan TonF (The ones not Forgotten) (Mitchell)
I would like a clan emblem for the clan TonF (The ones not Forgotten) (Mitchell)
crown (TheAloNz0)
Request for the Mad Men Logo [Non-Premium] (CheaterYouMe)
dota 2 (евгений полулях)
Evil empire symbol without premium plz (ialexjdmi)
Evil empire symbol without premium plz (ialexjdmi)
CAT TOM (tom1922)
CAT TOM (tom1922)
CAT TOM (tom1922)
CAT TOM (tom1922)
emblem with a special meaning for me (jersy.renders)
Clan logo "just" (isquard)
Clan logo "just" (isquard)
need an emblem for the xEAx platoon... (TheGreeenMamba)
need an emblem for the xEAx platoon... (TheGreeenMamba)
need an emblem for the xEAx platoon... (TheGreeenMamba)
hunter x hunter ( Hisoka ) Character! (Karrar)
AIR Clan Emblem (playstationshare.gameplay)
AJIKALLI (coden4ik)
Band Of Brothers (felix.boog.3)
Eagles Emblem (dangreen141040)
Can anyone make an emblem for my platoon. Может кто сделать эмблемку для клана (Doctor)
Can anyone make an emblem for my platoon. Может кто сделать эмблемку для клана (Doctor)
I need a good quality dip can or A Cowboy doin a stand off (brandon.miller.399)
LMP Fan looking for cool LUNA (daniel.dyson.16)
Please! Wanting Azraels Batsuit from Knightfall (errean)
Monstercat Ephixa (DaCHiIsTheName)
CLAN Emblem Teamfragnation? (Rare Glue)
Can anyone help me with emblem? (lvivmanbf)
MY YOUTUBE LOGO!! (iDoriitoz)
Unison emblem basic changes and adds (Christopher)
Unison emblem basic changes and adds (Christopher)