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I need you guys to do two order one is the us marine pfc rank, the other is the us air force airman rank. (87th infantry division )
Emilia Clark (Rodion)
Barber Shop Simbol (Zikadobalaio)
K.E.M Strike (DEsTRuCt-MAcHiNe)
FAST Gaming emblem (Ben)
Ay kill you (ivansamarsky)
Stationary Guard aot (kudo shinche) +1
Stationary Guard aot (kudo shinche)
Emblem for Pink clan (KSAQueenx) +6
Us pvt rank (Wondering)
us marine pvt rank (Wondering) +2
BF1 Emblem not uploaded - Urgent (qayedrr) +1
Ja tenho o emblema pronto, ja adicionei mas ai nãoo apareceu (Marta)
Кровосток (lov3crim3)
Order for Zero Risk Security (Viktor)
Clã COE (Esdras)
Clã COE (Esdras)
8i40 Platoon = 8,40 USD PayPal (Hoff)
16th Division World War 1 german empire devision numbers (Arbiter Thel)
Logo for battlefield 1 (Zuki1950) +3
Can any one make a denmark waving flag? (JacooBoy96) +2
Dark souls (Gnostico)
Write What Do You Want And I Will Make It Happen (Mapache) +60
Emblema para o Gone Brasil (WhiteWolf) +1
Emblem (imRxsse)
Search embleme for team gladiators (Florian) +1
Logo Drakum Imperium [IPRM] (Saber)
Gangster Rapper Emblem, german-kurdish Rapper: "XATAR" (DrTutking)
Clã ZiCa (Esdras) +1
Эмблема для взвода (Mileena) +1
Tanya Youjo Senki (GunMetal)
Besoin d'aide (David) +1
badge with my tag (JoaovituCRF) +1
Ryuk from Death Note (2am-4am) +1
Emblem of Imagine Dragons (Band) (BAGUETTEonPC) +1
FOXHOUND Special ;) (Guillaume) +2
Kanna Kamui (AlanK327 )
Link Version of Emblem (elizbif) +1
Embleme GLADIATORS (Florian)
Solicito emblema MaRveL (MaRveL) +1
Just words to be creative with (Snipex332)
WW1 Soldier. Please make me this emblem. (Alconab) +3
R3SP (Tuh Chikito)
Please, add this emblem (nicotero94) +1
The television will not be revolutionized (ShamCord) +1
43495 (野獣先輩) +1
Can any one make a denmark waving flag? (JacooBoy96)
Please help emblem error (Lost)
sorielavac : please, Can someone do this for me? (sorielavac)