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BloodRayne (MIB)
Укроп (Nikita)
Clan emblem (Little Deaths) +1
Derp Batman (JaydenAfflick2)
helghast C4TT emblem LOGO (User_Underscope113) +1
helghast C4TT emblem LOGO (User_Underscope113)
Nissan N15 Pulsar SSS (randi.alya)
Galactus Emblem? (scott.un)
I need this RD emblem (Q3j0)
O rly Owl (Carlos Martinez)
nfl new york giants please (Aggrenoxx)
illwillNY #1 SUPPORT IN THE WORLD FOR XBOX ONE ! ! ! (illwill070707) +1
DroneStrike Gaming (ARMYRangers87)
I need a slick emblem with the words LEO (premium) (Time2Die Official)
I need a Duck! (FuZionHiT) +5
Secret Squirrel Patch (TCraig00)
Doctor Who Seal of Rassilon (MRxEXPENDABLES)
royal pioneer (steven.douglass.98)
Msv Duisburg (barraholiker.barra)
wowa ich brauch deine hilfe (peter)
Platoon Emblem Needed (iiRecker)
comic charackter (peter)
Could Someone make a Diddy Kong Please? (Remco) +1
Эмблема для взвода. (cyunena)
Эмблема для взвода (Roviys Kent) +5
Gaming 102 logo (Joshua.M.Wainwright)
Carlo Cokxx Nu*ten (Keine) +1
BrS-Brothers In War (leandro.gavioli.1) +1
It's easy but I don't have a laptop or computer... ( I'm premium ) (Kidcalledsean)
How bout this one? (cfloriano)
NYPD (FramedBasilisk1) +4
i need this (vicky.a.sellers)
Эмблема для взвода. (cyunena) +3
Is this hard to make? (MatG-DK) +4
Nice Clan badge for my clan TBH The brotherhood (john)
toast (peter) +24
orko from the magicland (peter)
Can you make me a nice Clan Emblem ? Have an idea. I only need the lettters " SynG " (Erwin) +3
please I need an emblem for my clan (StepGaming) +1
Atomic Boo! (Christopher)
Skull Fucked Emblem (serdilthetaco)
Pan-Asiatic Coalition (N1ceJkeee) +6
Герб (Xbozon)
Kokkuri-san (hacker_xakep)
Hellbenders Emblem (SenZatiionYT)
DEUS CLAN (Paioquehacegameplays) +1
Phantom Patch (and no, this is not Phantom Program related) (Mathematicus) +16
Strange Music (Tristin) +2
E C M (flash game) (UmbraFaux) +7
Platoon Emblem (adam.c.holley) +12