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Lirik Skull Logo (AustinQuinlan)
Lirik Skull Logo (AustinQuinlan)
Lightning Final Fantasy (Aki)
Baymax (Eduardo Duarte)
Darkwing Duck (S0rken)
Looking for Team Emblem that Resembles the Atlanta Hawks Logo. (Daqavelli)
i searching for Leslie Chow (Marcel)
Grimmjow's Number 6 - PLEASE ♥ (Yukiko_Chou) +1
Goku (miladeberry)
Noire/Black Heart - Hyperdimension Neptunia series (Kowaswa)
Katara from Avatar The last Airbender (Mr.Hishprung [PL])
James Bond (ooStuStu) +4
Anyone who can make a Fredo Santana picture emblem (Realistic Look) That'd be great (Wake) +1
Anybody who can make an accurare emblem of this it would be well appreciated <3 (Wake)
Syscmd Clãn (Canoxbot)
Im searching for someone who can design my YT-Channel Logo as emblem for BF4/Hardline (L1gH) +2
NUT (No Use Talking) Emblem (quikz) +19
Clan- Tag for YDF (Tim)
Clan Emblem (Lord Kek) +1
Color Wheel with Klingande triangle (Benny123)
Can someone make this (Shane) +2
Garda "Panteri" (GeneralPivus)
L.A. Noire (Sam)
Clan Logo (Brutus) +2
Updated_Gamer (Updated_Gamer) +2
"the magic whip" blur album cover (Misty)
SPACE POLICE (aksandwich22)
German Shepherd emblem (Kazuma) +1
Turbonegro cap (l DenimDemon l) +1
Jim Morrison Face Design (Nicholas)
Get Rekt (SunLiteFox)
Miami Marlins (mrdannymartinez7)
Rap God Eminem (Keelan) +1
Special Response Unit (Wolf)
Premium request-please help (Ben)
Pink Pu$$y (Want3daliv3)
please, vcbn.htr: http://cs623326.vk.me/v623326955/24efc/B68WADkJTkE.jpg ... (vcbn.htr) +1
Old unit logo (md3blue)
Banter Emblem (raul_barbosa14)
Hey, I've been trying to make an emblem like this photo but i can't quite get it right... Any chance you could have a look and see what you can do? (Alex)
GAME MANIA http://i.imgur.com/OBYBfwp.png (Passarella)
I need an emblem to look identical to this picture (DJJY)
Clan emblem (TheBaconGuyDk)
Badge (dave.t.johnson.7) +3
good afternoon, please do so here emblem!!!! thank you (vcbn.htr)
Get Money/ Cars (waster01isaac)
Crazy monkey (bf_spawn) +2
LSD molecule (No1G Fin)
Masa, From My Bride Is a mermaid And the raging guy from battlefield friends (NinjaNickNasty)