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magic mussel pls (Jan)
Clan (Maciel) +1
a Red Hood mask emlem would be cool (VENIXX)
Can you make this plz (Fox)
Hellboy (Phinksz) +1
Star Wars Mandolorian Skull (William H. Tonkers)
make my youtube logo ?? that i can get (racnacdanyt) +1
my logo plss (racnacdanyt) +5
2 Things (ThunderPussy) +2
Import link plzzz (Bento) +3
Click to Import please (niimdA) +6
I need a "Click to import" button on this (David.19) +9
Make some more of the furrys (Zxnn) +1
Import plzz (Colson) +1
Looking for a badass emblem for my platoon in bf1 (Patrick) +2
Order now, get your emblem in 1 hour! (Mapache) +6
I need a "Click to import" button on this (David.19)
Need a "click to import" for this emblem (YourAbruptDeath)
Need some help with a Bitbird logo (Sowwers) +2
Can somebody make this emblem? (Mojave Frost)
Someone please add a "Click Import Link" to this emblem (うえきちゃんP) +2
Teria alguém que manja em criar emblema.. (Gabriel) +1
I'd love an emblem from SpongeBob knows the magic mussel (Jan) +1
i want this emblems (HL간고디)
I search Leonidas Logo for BF (Marcelol21)
New emblem for eSports team (L3gion Gaming) (PresidentSlendy)
Emblem for esports team (PresidentSlendy) +14
I need an "Click to Import" for this Tobi/Obito Image (xDisher) +3
Das Boot U96 Shark Logo (Flo)
RAUH-Welt begriff (Victor)
Red and Black Bull Head (Marvin)
Gundam Zanscare and/or Crossbone Vanguard logo (Griff) +2
Officer Hops from Zootopia (Zxnn)
Make some more of the furrys (Zxnn)
Any of this twitch emotes please (berser4ina) +2
Free Syria (Jamal)
syria (Jamal) +1
More furry girls (Badrum)
Can anyone post the code thing of this image pls ? (Daniel) +8
Jönköpings Weapons Shield (Linushg111)
im looking for a spartan emblem for platoon on bf1 (Irish) +1
custom coyote emblem (Coyotespunion) +1
BF4 emblem HELI 99% HACK ..PLEASE!!! (Kimboo)
BF1 Emblem (Rattleslug) +1
Emblem request plz (Եհҽ ςօԹվ ղíղյɑ) +1
Soul Eater Crew emblem (Dexter)
Plz make me a emblem (Badrum) +3
Emblem Request Please (Sean) +1