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Helldivers skull (FOR DEMOCRACY!!!) (Druan)
Dikoobrazers (lesom2014)
GTX 1070 Logo like the GTX 1080 (Luctastic)
Peter pan (Ryan)
Dark Souls (Igor)
can't talk parrot (강한진)
Want this logo code pls :D (Linco Da Margarin)
sylvanas overwatch icon (Dante) +1
Gilgamesh from Fate Zero (Champagne)
The chairman Prison School (Leonardo) +1
a cool looking face (Far_Recon)
New Jersey Devils (Kasspk) +1
Emblema para o meu clã [ Emblem for my team ] Can someone do it? BF1 (Russo123x) +2
Hells Schnitzels MC (xXRuhezustandXx)
Pleeease (delphi20013) +1
Can someone please make this ?? (iMars)
make this some ples or give link if this already here (asdd) +1
http://emblemsbf.com/emblem-78125.html (twchannelx)
Harley Quinn emblem (asli)
Exploit Esports Logo (Need it created) (Chance) +1
BF1 Female sniper (White)
蕾姆 (Bold Bath fire)
The Asterisk War Badge (Lottabun)
666th Schwarzesmarken TSF Squadron (insomniacplays)
HELP - Can't copy code from Chrome Console (HangryAckbar) +3
suicide squad (Fabricio)
Hey guys can somebody help me with a logo (JacooBoy96)
Could someone please make me a dab-dancing patrick starr ?? (Toad)
Could someone please make me a dab-dancing patrick starr ?? (Toad)
Links for BF1 (twchannelx) +8
Can someone give me an import link for this emblem for bf1? (Trey) +1
Can someone please make an emblem of the Brotherhood of steel from fallout series? (Nector)
GameMasterBR98 (GameMasterBR98)
Really cool patch ([AAMC]Puremonk)
Ghost Team Delta (xXThePunkXx)
The Oakland California tree (Oak) +4
Can someone create an Emblem of Papi from Monster Musume? (atongy)
The Young Turks (TYT) (Demetriiuz) +5
army private first class emblem (kazixmoto) +1
army private first class emblem (kazixmoto)
Armored Core's Raven's Nest logo emblem. (Rafahil)
Robbie Rotten (tsrdhc) +2
Royal Irish Regiment (Ryan) +1
Helldivers (lordofkofta39) +2
Need help *** (Dietdrpepper) +2
P-wing please (LarryMcJay) +2
Massive Gaming (AJN)
a pic of my ass my cats but (ShadyLurker) +2
rolling stoned 2 (CadenDretzel)
Trailer Park Boys!!! (kannon_fodder66)