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Platoon emblem help please (Matthew)
Platoon emblem help please (Matthew)
Share link to emblems that bring me directly to the battlefield companion (Matthew)
Emblem Youtube (Fhilipe)
McManus (VCdemon)
Hot dog sniping (Snipe) +3
Share link of already-done emblem (Peter)
Fenyastrcsgo (Fox9ra)
Dagashi kashi please (David)
SS panzer division Emblem :) (zukzz) +9
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon Kanna (Narusagawa) +19
i need emblem Name Team work (سلطان) +1
Big Red One BF1 (Gamebuster) +1
Thin Blue Line Sweden (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) +1
Emblem for my platoon (Targa) +2
Emblem for my platoon (10$ reward) (Targa) +3
Need a Templar/Crusader shield for a clan. (Guilherme) +1
Emperors children (N7Middleton)
The Logo of UÇK (albozz the) +3
wings of freedom (Lexy) +4
Motorcyle Club - Jokers of Death Emblem Request - $$$ (NightmareAgent) +1
Squadron Emblem (TexasRanger1911) +1
I need some Timbs (MCDrizzyDriz)
Platoon Emblem (Ryan)
Need an emblem for my team/clan (plz help) (blar210)
Willing to Pay. (SunBear) +9
House Martell of Sunsprear (PoloBoyMal) +1
queen man (MrGeomare)
ha Gay (Christoph)
I need some emblem for my clan in BF1 (iMagReX) +1
Modify and upload again. (Help me!) (haling1121) +5
Purple Steak (willing to pay $10) (Devo) +9
Novo Nordisk logo (Sp34k)
Dota Heros (Orhan)
Emblem code error (BF4-> BF1) (haling1121) +1
One piece (Mayed) +1
Hey. Help me. (haling1121)
whole foods market $10 paypal (Alex) +1
zero fucxs skull (Victor)
I want an emblem (Fernando) +1
I want the emblem of Battlefield 1. (haling1121) +3
Bom dia. QUeria um Emblema do Bolsonaro, vou colar o link da imagem abaixo. (Rafael)
I want an emblem (Fernando)
Talon (Yo Sleaz)
Emblem For Allied Communist & Anarchist Battalion. Just russian logo thing with the letters ACAB under it. (S0m30n3) +1
Black Label Society (Marcus)
*Urgent* In need of a guy who goes by the name "AnEnglishChap"... please contact me on Twitter @TheTazzzyG! PLease, I need your emblem creating skills. (TheTazzyG)