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Contra, please (Hoxton015)
<3 Sinon <3 import link please (OTAKU4LIFE)
Please add import link (OTAKU4LIFE)
I would love to have the Bandlogo of my Band as a Emblem in Battlefield 1 (Deathbreath7)
Can somebody make a Jyn erso emblem? There is a free steam game if you do! (murphyslaw)
Can anybody try to make this? might be hard, just face if you can at all. Somehting that resembles is good (murphyslaw) +2
Skeleton with cigar (Hog_Rider)
Moonman (Julian) +1
34th Infantry Division Emblem (TheGucciNinja) +1
ALLAHU AKBAR (chris2003gr) +8
42nd ID (desertfoxCXVII) +1
British RIFLES Regiment TRF (Please) (odojinya) +2
601st Special Forces Patch (Harry) +1
WAIFU (olcsikarika) +1
Azov Battalion patch (Call me Will) +3
Indian National Cadet Corps (Guganesan) +1
Blackwatch (Omega)
Can someone please make an import link of this emblem? (Trey) +1
can somebody make emblem of bentley from sly cooper? (squazza69)
Please add import link (OTAKU 4 LIFE 26) +2
Neo rwby emblem (aranger96)
I guarantee this logo will make it on top of the week (Aplexim) +2
Would be pretty noice if someone did this emblem. (Username)
1000 DEGREE KNIFE (PtnTuFaitChier)
TINY RICK!!! (Joseph) +1
Scarecrow (jamesgrimes3)
Dio logo please (jamesgrimes3) +2
runes (Genoc1de)
ahnenerbe (Genoc1de)
Need help importing (Adam)
T C B emblem (Trevelyan) +1
Please make this emblem for me :) (Call me Will) +1
Can someone please try to make this (Champagne) +1
A lot of emblems just wont import for me, is it because they use layers from Bf4/Hardline etc.? (Trey) +4
Please help with importing :) (Fr34k4zO1d) +5
Can Someone create this emblem? (Chance) +3
USflag bf1 team based shield + molon labe helmet (joshuabrand)
PENTA Sports Logo (xG4nd4lfTV)
Newcastle utd badge PLEASE cant find ANYWERE! :( (Mickygallimore)
Asuramaru from Owari no Seraph (♢ Mavis ♢) +1
Help My Logo (XLZ)
Unable to import Longval's Trump emblem (Trey) +3
My logo (bigtasty)
Can someone talented attempt one of these?, Bleach (Anime) bf1 (Dietdrpepper)
Please Help Importing! :) (Napping) +1
Please Help Importing! :) (Napping) +3
import link needed (hwill3037) +3
link for this emblem (hwill3037) +3
Need an import link (Connor) +1