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HELP ME (Anestesic) +3
persian flag WW1 (Shabgard @CYKA NIMI BLYAT _|_)
black gameplay (Hugo)
stare dad (josh)
emblem thief (Lucas)
requesting emblem. doesnt have to be perfect! (James) +3
all i get is errors (mizzWINX) +6
how do i add them bf 1 (mizzWINX) +4
aaahhhhhhhh (mizzWINX)
emblem for renegade clans (Gaspi08) +3
Battlefield 4: 1st British Rifles Regiment Tactical Recognition Flag (odojinya) +2
Agnry Faic (Dreamej) +3
Nevada wolf (Ryan) +1
rocket bunny (dozezidozezi) +1
Dr Strangelove (shaltiwanger) +1
Requesting emblem for import (James) +5
Good Full Metal Jacket Helmet Emblem (YellowIsJello) +1
Добавте такую эмблему (vladtropicelle)
Hey, can someone help me to get this as an emblem, please? doesn't need to be perfect (super_julek) +9
Importing Emblems to Battlefield 4 (RyuHikaru) +13
Hulk eye (Steve)
吉良吉影 Kira youshikage (Kenchu)
Octopus looking thing (Mohingan)
Help Importing Emblem Into BF1 (Strizzy)
Spongebob Victory Screech (iVengeful)
Ajax Amsterdam logo (Iris)
requesting a emblem (PEnH Reg) (EfYouSmurf) +3
bananaman (killerpieguy) +1
Emblema Clã Bf4 (Cleber)
Tachibana, Sylphinford Sylphi-chan (Mew_AoC) +1
Hey guys anyone think they could help me with this logo?? (KingThren) +1
Please help! I really want to import this to bf1! (James)
** Requesting Emblem as Illustrated In The Links!? ** (TheBlueLynx) +1
Please help me import this to BF1 (Magajvere) +2
yeee (sirbadass1234)
Witch Mercy Icon from Overwatch (Mark) +5
Alfred E. Misfit (ROB)
A$AP Worldwide (†MemesYoungThugger†) +1
motorhead (avgn74)
Emblema estilo Militar (Vinícius) +2
the magic wild (Sorrapon)
Can someone help me with this emblem? please? (Mike) +2
Igor Nikolaev (Wanchope)
AQUAMAN (thatguy_jarrett)
Interweaved Triangle (jmcroucher) +8
JDavis1x (Jared) +3
[X] image to BF4 emblem?? :D (Ismail) +16
cool clan emblem (KryPtiC TempahZz) +1