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Russian coat of arms (Miles) +1
need a emblem for The Munchers of Carpet (djpenny1)
Red Lips (Alex)
Young Gasai (Lunar Demon)
Anime Girl Emblem (SlenderGz)
Could anyone help me make a Yuuno Houzuki emblem?..... (HouzukiYuuno) +1
Algum br ae pode me ajudar? (jplinhares)
SpeedHunters (enot1117)
Can Someone Make This? (A) +1
Can Someone Create This Emblem For Me? (A)
Could someone update this emblem? (Ryderick) +1
Kojima Productions - Luden's Head (PS4) (Daedlus)
Bridges (United Cities Of America) (Daedlus)
Any skilled emblem designers willing to make this one? (Sladesmom)
xxxTention plz (axyh_OrzZz)
You need to fix the emblem ! =) (✪Funny_) +1
Rick The pickle (ChopperPlayz) +1
Clan emblem order! $20 USD. (ChrisXAvila) +5
PZ Gren - Swiss grenadier (Marco) +1
Special forces emblem replica (★ Sisko | SK) +2
Fsln (vivaelguaro) +2
Need help!! ([POG] Thorn)
Fsln (vivaelguaro)
A cool badge for squad survivors [SURV]please !!!! (Willian) +1
A simplistic emblem (xSaraoui) +5
German KSK (hammerhc) +4
Need emblem done 5$ paypall (Jerks) +1
I need a Tony Tony Chopper Emblem for my crew. (Wizard Bunny) +1
Saddam Huessin (aa.bagh)
i need a D-gray man's Allen Walker emblem.URGENT (Junaid) +2
Satudarah MC (rln-050) +4
What do i have to do to use the premium emblems? (johnnyboy123) +6
Please Just import if you can! (SKull Hound)
PLEASE HELP ! :) (Kaylee-Kare)
GTF1 (Daniel)
anyone can make this possible (IIIFusionIII)
Do this If Possible (Antomizer Wizer) +1
Nonono cat (Biondosauro) +1
please make this my emblume (shikiru)
Kr6x (ivashevic)
DedSec skull (Pliskin34) +1
Platoonemblem pretty please! (oobum)
Need someone to create this easy emblem for me (yasso helloo)
Tintin emblem for Bf1 (schaggafatzle)
Adding emblem in Emblems For Battlefield Website (Ojashveer)
Help! ALARM! (hypnosisrus) +1
Please, import the emblem. Unegaaay~~ (lampovaya_nyasha) +2
Emblem BF1 top team. (Cristiano) +3