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University of Rhode Island (finnigan386)
Pesto Boyz (Unicornlover082)
can some one make the rat from ratatui with a chef hat on (JacooBoy96) +18
Anime, Yuru Yuri, Ayano (the_anonymus_boy)
Smol Nozomi (Smitty)
Corum Irsie (Adam)
Please, could someone help me? (Rafael) +1
Разведкорпус (Kirito)
Swami Cat (Kai)
Please god somebody (Wet_Dog)
Shizuo Heiwijima from Durarara (Michael Aurelius)
Make the state of Montana (Ryu)
Could someone please recreate this image for me. It would be amazing. (punejabie)
Boa tarde! transformar em emblema! (julian_jmb)
The North Face (makess228) +3
Request for someone to make the Doomslayer emblem for bf1/bf4 (DoomRaptor)
Pls help (★AdameK★) +2
Can some one make this into an emblem for me (punejabie) +3
Looking to re-create a image from the past. (BzrkGamingTV) +1
Can someone make a 1st infantry Division 16th regiment Shield? (DINEEN 11)
Triforce Tattoo logo (Prince of Evil) +5
Avant Emblem (Sani) +1
Name as Emblem (Saftbefehl00-)
Can anyone do this emblem for me? (Ezio Auditore)
will be vey gratefull if someone could emblemize this... (Ivan)
$50 For a really cool emblem. (mrnjstrong) +15
Derp/Retarded Pickachu (izzzyxiii)
36th Infantry Division (Tansam) +1
maquina de guerra (Flaubert)
Hoe Hoe Hoe! Merry Christmas! (Ismail) +3
I need to please make this emblem for the bf1. I will pay to do it. Help (Villau23) +10
Need a BF1 emblem with all the BF1 Class symbols(Including elite classes, tank and plane, etc.) (PrimalGroudon20)
Requesting an image beeing emblemized. (Toby) +3
$10 USD for someone who help me to do this emblem (hydreigon23187) +8
Can anybody do this? (ADS xBarchix) +2
Decima Engine Logo (BF1) (PS4) (Daedlus12) +3
New here, need some help (Alex) +2
Y tho meme (emputzica)
Pokemon emblem (Hydreigon) (hydreigon23187)
Majin Vegeta /w evil smile (Clyde)
British Armed Forces (nothaldir) +7
Looking for Emblem, offer reward (2Fast2Jump) +4
Emblem (Yolex) +2
Can somebody make an emblem for me (DeineMutti123)
Can anyone make a Justice League emblem please? (Szymon)
import link? (Joktielz)
I need someone to make an emblem for me please for BF1. (ASharedDream) +13
I have a question (Bryson) +3
Star Butterfly <3 (Skippy7547)
Can some one make me this ive always wanted it as an emblem (Cal) +11