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i need this emblem for my crew https://logos.textgiraffe.com/logos/logo-name/Ingegerd-designstyle-labels-u.png (David)
Need custom emblem. Willing to pay. (Ryan)
someone can create the emblem of my clan UBR. (Matheus) +1
someone can create the emblem of my clan UBR. link:https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/108569732017667599424/6485441856035389890?icm=false&iso=true (UBR)
Can someone replicate this... (ALFAMCLAIN)
Hello can anyone make bender? (Pavěl)
Can someone make like this image? (DroP†)
Can some make a girls und panzer (life)
Jin from Samurai Champloo (The Duke)
Could someone make a copy of this logo in the link? (driveby)
Could someone import it to here? (koreajinn)
Need Clan Tag with Letters WW1 German Design (Dany)
I want a logo of the US Navy (Faze) +1
Zarek Industrial (Anon)
Midnight lycanroc from pokemon? (V1DEO GAMER) +2
Ludens - Kojima Logo - Death Stranding (Daedlus)
Bullets N Beer (Adam) +1
Osamu Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs (ALFAMCLAIN)
A cool fox (Venom spitter30) +2
Houston Astros World Series 2017 logo (Johnathan)
Здравствуйте, сделайте мне пожалуйста такую эмблемку ) Буду очень благодарен ! (Rixy)
LocDog (LocDog) +1
Sexy Cat Girl (Silver)
Natural Light (CatfishCotton) +1
Good Witcher 3 Logo (MVD) +1
Hooah! Can someone pls help me. (dIb) +2
WW1 Tank (Deepnausea) +3
House of Martok MC (Da_Madcat)
Logo maker for BF1 and BF4! (ZiKAI)
A cool pumkin face (Venom spitter30)
Transfer the logo of BF1 to BF4 (pavel tsvetcov)
can someone pls help me upload this pic of girl of the wilds in transparrent plsss (Mong Giesha)
Help making image into an emblem for BF1 (Joyce)
if anyone needs emblems contact me (jinx)
Emblema BF4 (BallaHalsS)
Help making image into an emblem (FragZ) +2
German KSK (Ichigo)
Actavis Bottle (Westside)
STABIL Schriftzug (madebyluis) +1
SEP1914 (Igor)
I will pay 50 dollarsvto whoever can uplad my emblem (R) +11
Prinz Eugen (猴滋)
Nayuta Kani (YuKiHime)
Devil Undone Pls (Spiky) +1
Army Infantry cross rifles 11b style w/1st infantry division patch above it (m4pl4gu3) +2
Mafia III Linkin (NajaMeinName) +1
I want to help me pls :(.. (Jill) +1
Spoopy Doot (Dickbutt)