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Sad Pepe BF1 compatible shar link (completed order) (Joseph) +2
Hoping someone can make this for me? If so generous : ) (39special)
Charlie don't surf (Dave) +1
Stagea Emblem (Immolation) +3
University of Oregon Ducks Logo (KillerDuck03) +7
Some help? (Mark)
it's possible? (Ito_Dark) +1
Can someone please make our clanlogo an emblem for battlefield 1? (Dedicated)
Someone make a favor for me plz i want the same emblem but with D4S written on it instead of Esport (yasso helloo) +8
NGA战队徽章 (Raiden)
Lobo [DC Comics] (Chabowski) +1
emblem plz (♛Gold |EliteDrop.ru)
DISCOUNT: Get WEC for just $5 and create amazing emblems in seconds! (KA KR)
Squad Logo (RealAuda)
Zero Foxtrot Emblem. (Mull) +2
Need a professional clan emblem (Snipy!)
Make an awesome Flash emblem (Psych0kinetic)
Naruto Emblem (Naruto)
Pls embleme (glnost) +1
My Chemical Romance Logo (jordanscott559)
Highwaymen MC Paleto Bay (JoshHelaku)
Manchester City Football Badge (PeppaPigKilla)
Bayern 1st Worldwar (Blackpain)
silver 228 (Egor)
Toronto blue jays (Kip en jip)
Toronto blue jays (Kip en jip)
Gorillaz the band (Jonathan)
Something for my Xbox username! (Julien)
Hellsing, Alucard (Mike)
Hellsing, Alucard (Mike)
Oshino Shinobu (Gaijinnn)
Anyone with a share link (RS) +3
Question on Error when copying it to bf1 (durks) +1
Black Bess/ Mark V/ Mark IV (LordTachanka) +1
Simpsons: ''I´m helping'' from Ralph Wiggum (DerFluesterer)
Saddam (adamirq21)
Special Forces Patch (Alexis) +1
101st (JJ)
TSR Logo (TSR) +4
Yung Venuz (jhj3406)
Wojak (Mamavich)
Wojak (Mamavich)
Russian Empire Flag (Skyler) +1
Dicks out for Horambe (Craig)
Emblema de Cla (HD) +3
Cyril Figgis (Lewis)
Member Berries (Craig)
1st armored divison (Abradolf)
Politie logo Nederland (AsILayBleeding) +2
Emblem anime (Mayansito)