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Can someone help me with this emblem? please? (Mike) +2
Igor Nikolaev (Wanchope)
AQUAMAN (thatguy_jarrett)
Interweaved Triangle (jmcroucher) +8
JDavis1x (Jared) +3
[X] image to BF4 emblem?? :D (Ismail) +16
cool clan emblem (KryPtiC TempahZz) +1
Crocodile (fearsomepolice)
More drug related emblems! (Toby) +1
Who can do that? (underrthesnow)
Looking for someone to make this in a battlefield 1 emblem (Le Mongsken)
GTA V (†MemesYoungThugger†)
A$AP Worldwide FOR GTA V (†MemesYoungThugger†)
importing RWBY emblem (Jj) +5
Christmas noob emblem (Olly_2101)
Emblem with my Name (der.bischof) +8
I need this uploaded! (uninhabitable)
Emblem with my avatar in profile (underrthesnow)
German gas mask and helmet on shield (Tankred)
Mengo bolado (Marinho)
Penn State logo (npatrick92)
Gundam DeathScythe? (Mark)
A Decent goku (SS Erwin)
Totenkopf (EPIC_WIN)
A$AP Worldwide (†MemesYoungThugger†) +4
CLAN C3VA (marciotri)
Anyone able to make this well i would really appreciate it if some one could (Cal) +3
punisher belgium color (Fabian) +3
Ljungskile SK 2.0 (Marcus)
Ljungskile SK (Marcus)
Saddam Hussain Emblem ( last IRAQi Presdint ) (Abdullah)
Help Please. On my URL's from LOGO! (Basmanny) +1
Help with this Awsome emblem "Black Knightz" for Battlefield 1. (quiroga92brz) +1
The Chaos Vanguard (mikalaanning)
Good afternoon. Is it possible to make such a logo? (bf_spawn)
Ghost in the Shell Major Motoko Kusangi Chest/Pinup Style (Hoopladoodle) +1
Can this top voted GTA emblem be remade? (Hoopladoodle) +1
Dedsec (mrrmoon-blog)
help (Giuseppe) +1
Watch Dogs (Berkut)
Can someone please do that for me ? Swiper from Dora (Dyed7) +9
Can someone help whit this. (DiNovi) +2
Reinhardt (KNiVEZzDowN29)
Wolfenstein: Blazko's Face (Streen)
Help with a BF4/Hardline emblem please? (PokeMedic)
Kumiko Oumae Emblem (Your Brain On Drugs)
Mei Icon (Red Panda)
toto iv emblem (Billy mays) +1
Ceará Sporting clube (Marcos)