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I want to help me pls :(.. (Jill) +1
Spoopy Doot (Dickbutt)
Constanze Amalie (Spooky Stryder)
Zelador Willie (Nandão)
VFD symbol (simple symbol) (Cremepuff)
A light tank atop a land-ship atop a french tank atop the armored train (Genetical)
Mayoi from Bake (golec)
Platoon emblem (TickleMeHelmut)
MLG HD logo (Abdulaziz)
Platoon emblem (Weedy) +1
14th Division infantry (AtreyusMaximus)
Kevin gates emblem? (Gabriel)
Sapphire Logo (Battler)
Oklahoma State University Emblem (RileyPatrick) +1
Заказ за деньги(не развод) (dinnya) +1
Smug Wendy (That1WendysFan)
Лицо (25savage)
Igromania (Денис Фомин)
BOSE (Phlips) +1
DOHA soldiers (jassim)
DOHA soldiers (jassim) +5
Fresh D (Fresh D)
add, this image for me please!! (Alessandro)
Please make a badass emblem for Chiya from Urara Meirochou (Ch1ya)
Можете сделать Мушу? (Ainar) +1
S.T.H (Evgenij)
Help us please i want to convert this one in emblem ! (Slim)
Help in procedure, thanks to who can upload the image !!! (DADCquality)
Need a good clan emblem. (WILL PAY) (The Kokkatrice )
Porn Hub (Dark9456)
Glorified Jesus Christ on the Cross (Misael) +1
Make a emblem (Jonas) +1
187 Straßenbande Logo (Kai)
newbie Question please (LithaLennor) +1
help me please!!! (DADCquality)
Difficulty adding image (DADCquality) +1
Can anyone convert this emblem? (WorstSpirit) +1
DIVA (LithaLennor)
Pls help. thx a lot (dIb)
The Night's Watch. (Dragkwlya)
Emblema BF1 (DADCquality)
can you do my pic as my own emblems (Sarah) +4
Podem Fazer esse emblema por favor? (Tiago)
BATS is it possible to make this into an emblem? (Usarmy)
5$ for whoever can create this emblem for me and to a good job !! (dodge) +1
Emblem of Starladder Tournament (golden_marenyuk)
Error please help :( (Jay_6700) +1