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UNAS Reborn (M0L1V3)
Stompdown Killaz (Chris) +1
DuckButt please! (Senshmora) +13
can some make me this plz (Liam) +1
Need an Emblem for BF1, who can help? :) (Alex)
Chindit Badge (Hinks)
BF1 code to pass BF4 please (DoueBrezel)
The australian flag on a cloth armpatch style base. Words "AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND ARMY CORPS" if possible. (Coolbloxxie.In.D3pf) +1
Please its very important (MrGigPL) +4
The silver ruff ryder emblem with no background please (marques) +5
Grim Bastards Paleto Bay (JoshHelaku) +1
Pipe Hitters Union Logo (CFCLUNA10)
James baxter from adventure time (luuke)
Battalion Azov, Ukraine Army (Max) +4
Hellcat (Alqattan)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Logo (Barnse) +2
Looking for a Invader Zim emblem (IrkenSkoodge)
please make it for battle field 1 its a sesh emblem (760_m)
Team Valor (Joshua)
Emile's Skull from Halo Reach (Emile) +1
looking for an emblem for battlefield 1 a character from guilty called yuzuriha inori pls help (희원)
WTF help? (James) +3
Logo BFVN Gaming (PayPal payment) (Dũng) +35
Famous Squadron. Not too hard (Rocketeers) (ACADEMIC MAMMAL) +3
emblema TBL PAG PAYPAL (Wanderson) +1
Eagle US Flag (MonkeyRattt)
Тиби Tachnka из R6S (Anti-Hacker)
WOW GUY (spicey memes) +2
Символ отряда амамана Пунина (ArturKlark) +1
Please start using import links instead of code (SoulPaws) +3
Skull With Rabbit Ears (Astyn)
Logo (PayPal payment). (Oblivivm) +8
2nd armored division emblem (rsulli) +4
change it to D4S .........thx (yasso helloo)
Emblem code, pls (twoyemperor) +1
ANOMALY LOGO (den9911)
Battlefield Life (sanchez_bf_life)
Crazy Face (osse) +1
PLZ change this emblem from ZR to D4S (yasso helloo)
Clan Emblem Needed (Thalantyr)
i need a emblem for my youtube The Brad Zone (The Brad Zone)
Hello! Could some one please make an emblem for me!!! (weallbornonearth) +3
FARM Emblem (Ismail) +4
http://vectormagic.com/online/wizard?id=18612770&k=ld0bFzzjKBJbYuM0CnNb6i9G9pwmuEzV&p=v (Neck)
ConclaveBR (RoNyNnN)
Monkey Island 3 - Chicken (TemnoTchort) +1