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Modify and upload again. (Help me!) (haling1121) +5
Purple Steak (willing to pay $10) (Devo) +9
Novo Nordisk logo (Sp34k)
Dota Heros (Orhan)
Emblem code error (BF4-> BF1) (haling1121) +1
One piece (Mayed) +1
Hey. Help me. (haling1121)
whole foods market $10 paypal (Alex) +1
zero fucxs skull (Victor)
I want an emblem (Fernando) +1
I want the emblem of Battlefield 1. (haling1121) +3
Bom dia. QUeria um Emblema do Bolsonaro, vou colar o link da imagem abaixo. (Rafael)
I want an emblem (Fernando)
Talon (Yo Sleaz)
Emblem For Allied Communist & Anarchist Battalion. Just russian logo thing with the letters ACAB under it. (S0m30n3) +1
Black Label Society (Marcus)
*Urgent* In need of a guy who goes by the name "AnEnglishChap"... please contact me on Twitter @TheTazzzyG! PLease, I need your emblem creating skills. (TheTazzyG)
Coastal Gaming (Connor) +1
The Emblem of the Isle of Man. (Jack)
love mom (Teddy) +1
Dr Evil and Shark with laser beams (Panzoramic)
barisan nasional malaysia (Onn)
Can I get a link please (Zack) +1
Профиль единорога (Farov)
Эмблема CoD Ghost (vicher2003) +1
Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Alaattin)
(Haider) +3
1st Infantry Division emblem (Big Red One) (Gamebuster)
Russian Solder (Karim)
Tanya from tanya the evil (animepsycho1029) +2
IRAQ (Haider)
Estou querendo criar criar um emblema (Fernando) +2
Emblem with sm letters (5€payp) (Methylamin) +9
Lethal Measures emblem 5€ pp (Jimmy010)
Need emblem (5$ paypal) (Francesco) +3
Emblem for my clan/platoon (Jimmy010) +1
Wyoming (Nathan)
Como faço um emblema com essa foto (Daniel)
Emblem (Kirill)
Battlefield Elite BR 20R$ (Charles) +4
Vlone emblem (taco817)
https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/760188026588921857/Ig-9QgxY_400x400.jpg (عبدالعزيز)
9dam3 (عبدالعزيز)
9dam2 (عبدالعزيز)
9dam (عبدالعزيز)
can anyone make this picture an emblem to troll my friend (gameoverpoi) +2
KSA&UAE (عبدالعزيز) +1
KSA&UAE (عبدالعزيز)