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Judy hopps (Judy)
Someone please do this for me (Miles)
boa tarde. queria encomendar meu emblema para a platoon do meu clã de bf4 (David)
Click to Import Button for an Emblem PLS (rssk)
Wolf Girl (LucMGamer)
Stalin for Bf1 (rssk)
Pixelated emblem (Hoesan)
Fran Bow (dannyzenit2207) +3
Hardline Wolf patch (Marco)
Syria (Danny)
Here's one (Miles)
Can someone please upload my emblem for me for 2 dollars through paypal please!!!! (EzMoneySniper) +1
lo reyes (Jesus Ramon) +1
Sleep logo (Farstabb)
Russian coat of arms (Miles) +1
need a emblem for The Munchers of Carpet (djpenny1)
Red Lips (Alex)
Young Gasai (Lunar Demon)
Anime Girl Emblem (SlenderGz)
Could anyone help me make a Yuuno Houzuki emblem?..... (HouzukiYuuno) +1
Algum br ae pode me ajudar? (jplinhares)
SpeedHunters (enot1117)
Can Someone Make This? (A) +1
Can Someone Create This Emblem For Me? (A)
Could someone update this emblem? (Ryderick) +1
Kojima Productions - Luden's Head (PS4) (Daedlus)
Bridges (United Cities Of America) (Daedlus)
Any skilled emblem designers willing to make this one? (Sladesmom)
xxxTention plz (axyh_OrzZz)
You need to fix the emblem ! =) (✪Funny_) +1
Rick The pickle (ChopperPlayz) +1
Clan emblem order! $20 USD. (ChrisXAvila) +5
PZ Gren - Swiss grenadier (Marco) +1
Special forces emblem replica (★ Sisko | SK) +2
Fsln (vivaelguaro) +2
Need help!! ([POG] Thorn)
Fsln (vivaelguaro)
A cool badge for squad survivors [SURV]please !!!! (Willian) +1
A simplistic emblem (xSaraoui) +5
German KSK (hammerhc) +4
Need emblem done 5$ paypall (Jerks) +1
I need a Tony Tony Chopper Emblem for my crew. (Wizard Bunny) +1
Saddam Huessin (aa.bagh)
i need a D-gray man's Allen Walker emblem.URGENT (Junaid) +2
Satudarah MC (rln-050) +4
Please Just import if you can! (SKull Hound)
PLEASE HELP ! :) (Kaylee-Kare)
GTF1 (Daniel)