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Crystal Palace Logo (Paypal Payment) (RuffJustice13) +3
Squeker Voices (Squeker Voices)
emblem reapers road mc (MLG_Nobrega)
Calcifer the Fire Demon (Exor)
FrankFührer Emblem (Philip)
SOGO Emblem (Adam)
Esquadrilha da Fumaca (Marcelo)
Senta a Pua - FAB Brasil (Marcelo)
Герб (Giordano)
Need some help with an emblem for BF1 (Novastarone)
Здравствуйте,можете сделать этот код для BF1 (vorobey23)
Großdeutschland emblem request for BF1 (Price negotiable) (ℳ)
Lookg for custom Emblem will pay if need be (gandhibot)
someone pleas help (Gino)
I need someone to make this emblem for me (Gabriel Lourenço)
I need someone to mmake this emblem for me (Gabriel Lourenço)
Эмблема в виде значка Diablo / Icon Diablo (mrwindows13) +2
Emblem Order (V)
Senran Kagura Emblem (Suri)
Lexoman parastin (asdasd)
Golden eagle (smilecomplicatedؼؽؾؿـفقك) +1
Can someone please attempt to make this? (The Patriot)
Quick 10$, looking for a lookalike of an image. (Mark) +1
Can some one add text to this emblem? (PaperPlane)
can someone do me a cool emblem with my name on it (stevenbey1988)
any of these please (Max)
Golden eagle (smilecomplicatedؼؽؾؿـفقك)
Could someone make this for me? (Quantum) +1
Commander "Heda" Lexa - The 100 (Mark) +10
Wanna make a quick $10? It's yours for exchange for this relatively simple (I guess) emblem (BF1). Thanks! (FunnyMixer91) +18
Personal Logo to BF4 Emblem (Jaxswat) +4
I give 10$ with paypal Mel Gibson (betlax29) +2
Can anyone fix this emblem's BF1 code? (RivenVII) +3
Hiyori Iki from Noragami (IFluffy) +1
Hiyori Iki from Noragami (IFluffy)
Need Clan Emblem. Willing to pay 5$ (DRoutine) +40
Mel Gibson (betlax29) +1
900 dollarydoos!!! (Max)
900 dollarydoos!!! (Max)
want some simpsons stuff please (Max)
"Argue" emblem (Chris)
Kaiserflagge (Anon)
Weegee (Cian Senpai)
WOLFPACK (TefeulHund4612) +1
Teutonic Order Emlbem (Anon)
Rachnera Skull (SoulHamster)
BF4 Emblem Making Information, Tips, and Tricks. - Q&A Welcome From Anyone! :3 (Joseph) +19
can someone please make a goodra emblem from pokemon? (fatCHUNK3R) +1
Genuine WWI airplaneart emblem. (EricLi93) +2