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Triskelion (Nikolay)
yoba-pickelhelm (Valerij)
Can you please do this one: https://s20.postimg.org/y7b4tejql/oie_transparent_2.png? Thank you!!! (Iago)
Bob Marley (Jordan)
Kranksvester (Tena)
Christopher Hitchens Portrait Please (BeHitchSlapped)
Fakerat (Leandro) +1
Punk Emblem (Giovani)
DEsTRuCt-MAcHiNe (Giovani) +1
LF Zaibatzu "Z" gang symbol from GTA2 (Jason)
how to upload my own emblem? (qayedrr)
My own emblem (Dreamcatchertrap)
Elite:dangerous Elite combat rank (The Glitch)
qayedrr1 (qayedrr) +1
sorielavac (sorielavac)
Can someone please make an emblem for me? (Ram_66)
We need more smug (Skypack)
sorielavac (sorielavac) +1
Ukrainian legion (moriautperi)
SONS OF DANK 420 MC (Christopher) +1
Can you please turn this into a emblem (Impaxis2) +1
Can you please turn this into a emblem (Impaxis2)
Tio sam (Carol)
GLADVALAKASPWNZ (vadimkozlov2013) +1
Please do this (Televission)
Do this (Televission)
Subieflow (severedmist4)
badge of BF4 with my tag (JoaovituCRF)
Adler (André) +2
Emblem for gta v (FAV | Grimmjow)
I need an emblem about something that is related to Clyde Blackburn from the chapter Friends in high places/ (AStandUpKindaGuy) +1
$5 to make this into an emblem (xSaraoui) +7
beavis emblems no paste (BeavisThatScores) +1
Asas Ou Tank Hacker BF1 (XxXAsasXxX)
please make this emblem and i'll pay u 5$ (fast pls) (ZEROTO1ER4NCE) +1
WW1 Horse and soldier (Alconab)
WW1 Horse and soldier (Alconab)
Looking for some one to make my Emblem (Adam The Wolf)
emblem (Twierdza Osowiec, Festung Ossowitz) (Stas) +1
British Para Wings - *PREMIUM - (Need) (MERCIAN__)
Rainbow Siege: Ela Bosak (Mark)
Sudanese flag (Mhmd)
can someone make it for me? (Stefan)
Can anyone make this into a bf1 emblem? $100 reward (Michael) +6
WILL PAY $5 USD (pirexpirate) +7
Joint Combat Applications Group (J-CAG) (pirexpirate)
Could anyone make this emblem for me please? (TrinityGaming)
That one please (saderhorn)