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Gambit Gaming logo [LOL Pro team] (Asanashyo)
Galil From Upotte (DunkRallesol) +3
Chucky Doll (witold.woszczyna) +2
Emblem for my platoon (nathan.paine.3) +7
Can someone please make this. (George)
KFOR EMBLEM PLATOON its easy ? (ErijonHumolli)
logo CM PUNK (n1ck237) +1
emblem for my clan plss (mickyhc)
Логотип uTorrent (speed8)
Bump (QuadFeedTV)
need help with Rats (john.holmquist.16)
TES IV: Oblivion (Snow1482)
Can Someone make this, i saw it as someones emblem in a match, PLEASE! (JordinC) +3
musical group "bullet for my valentine" (yarchykalex) +1
can anyone make a titanfall emblems pls tks (prothinhnx)
Brook from One Piece, pre-timeskip. (malachi.laing)
DICE logo but says "DUNC" (Duncan) +5
Mujahid Mujahideen Emblem wanted please (nadeem.jokhoo.7)
DVTEAM (Roman)
I need an emblem for Pimparoo (Wise)
Old FoxHound logo (battlepencil)
U.S. Air Force Security Forces Emblem (Daniel Vicente)
My Emblems Get All Screwed Up When I Add Them To This Site (danny.wright.7399786) +4
Slipknot (rafael.coelho.54966)
Akeno Himejima (Aldair)
An Awesome Chelsea Fc emblem Please!!!!! (shadow932000)
Platoon Emblem West-Side (Fenk) +1
Clan Emblem SAVT (special anti vehicle team) (carlos.z.dasilveira)
Looking for Platoon emblem (robert.bishop.39)
KFOR EMBLEM (ErijonHumolli)
Eagles Emblem (dangreen141040) +1
Dragon Emblem, aka clan emblem (DjEonMetalGeared) +10
Emblema Clan West-Side (Fenk)
emblem Iluminatis (GuiilhermeMF) +6
Craxa para platoon (mica.lopes.524) +1
Custom emblem for me plz (PhoYuuki)
emblema GRÊMIO (bruno.caldas.77) +1
Amazing anime Picture that need to be created (SxOxG) +3
Clan Tag for Recreational Group (Lance)
10th Mountain Rangers platoon (Killroy) +5
Strange Bird (Condor)
Мясо (velikiman)
Ghost Rider emblem! (youth_whisky)
International team (mikhail.spitsyn)
Sassy the Sasquatch (Masterchief)
BKz Clan (ibrahim.shubber)
ANZAC insignia (Rising Sun) (Tasty_Cat)
ANZAC slouch hat logo (Tasty_Cat)
CONKER FROM CONKERS BAD FUR DAY (hakan.duzagadusmez.7) +2