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To all the people who want to order something (Grey) +20
Need emblem make by the image below (dell.conagher.7161)
Флаг камикадзе (maks__light)
Swedish army patch (fusket) +10
Эмблема для клана(EMBLEM FOR A CLAN) (overbearings)
Assassin's Creed Unity (Simon) +1
Need a emblem make by the photo bellow (pasinirs)
Swedish solider logo, premium (Some1_InSweden) +6
Ist sowas möglich (Sa81TheOg) +1
Final Boss pic mlg team (PGL_Warlords)
Asuka Hat Button (CaioIncau) +7
Seabee logo (elizabeth.farrellstewart)
HI Please do this for me thx (saeed)
[KGOD] (lucas.kirkpatrick.7) +1
Need A logo For My Synapsis Clan :) Img Link in the description (soumyaprogamer) +9
I need a emblem for my clan.....make it like my pic !! :) (NeverGonne) +1
La Bruja (HeadCrusher135) +1
Freekstyle ( I would really appreciate the help if anyone is willing ) (Smiley)
Rangiku Matsumoto from bleach or Revy from black lagoon (Ak5c Master) +2
Offering money to the one who can make us a really nice emblem !!! (simon) +2
TonF clan emblem order (mitch.apke) +1
wanting cool looking emblem (mason.roberts.509)
Deadpool Commission - Final Selection Will Be Paid Up To USD $10 (Ben) +2
Emblem request (grey i need you :P ) (jersy.renders) +1
Help with Clan Badge (RogerioDeBarrosNascimento) +1
Wanting an emblem for my clan lost (mason.roberts.509)
can anyone make something from Command & Conquer Generals (Michael Gvein) +1
fallout (mr.buzikc)
DELTA FORCE ITALIA (andreasanfilippo.monicamarchetto)
Azerbaijani Land Forces (nijat.mahmudov) +1
Freekstyle (Smiley) +2
Pikachu (niko.chan.3760)
Эмблема клана PIT-BULL (Roman) +1
DvS Clan Tag (simon)
QUEEN BEE (michelemarie.t) +2
Green Brigade Logo (Not Much Needed) (ryan.cassidy.73345) +8
Nova gaming. (azyukov91)
I Need a good Philadelphia Flyers emblem (brianblaster23) +1
Emblem The Punisher (please!!):https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRCNm_a1G4Tnxe8juvSXLvp72XkRf4t117CWDIRoZmSkdhZrDJ (MatheusDias_174) +1
Emblem (MatheusDias_174) +1
Russia VS USA (nsixe)
Krispy Kreme (P34K_Prime)
Nosey little fucker,aren't you ? (Uzair) +1
A logo for Synapsis-Esports (soumyaprogamer) +2
Emblem of the AWS and the .44 magnum (mcspawner1997) +21
A LITTLE REQUEST ^^ (giammarco.forte) +8
Family crest? (brittany.smith.5851) +3
Gate (luan.menezes.98)
Need Emblems (ThaddeusFravel1134)
prob easy to do i need the logo of the brand JORDAN who does not know what that is lol (there)