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Capitals Hockey Emblem (zak550)
Beavis with VR Goggles. (Aaron)
Against Modern Football (nico.dejong.524)
New order i need your help with GTO emblem (DrRocketMan) +9
Fanta Logo ?? (Zini07)
Zé Bostola (oekintarokun) +1
emblem of Auchan (massy sauro)
Emblem that suits my name "RedH4wk13"[Preimium Valid] http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120609165921/anoninequestria/images/8/83/Red_hawk.gif (The13H4wk)
Hearthstone (QuiGonJ1nn)
Zap Brannigan PLEEEZ (TheRedAllen)
Emblem that suits my name "RedH4wk13"[Preimium Valid] (The13H4wk)
Can someone please make this emblem for me. 20 layers if possible (decyferzero) +20
The Offspring logo (McFLYer) +16
LOOKING FOR A CLAN LOGO [Premium] (lukas.ho.3) +3
New York Giants NY Logo (Aggrenoxx) +1
The Black Panther (victordecamposcouto)
Can Somebody Please Make Me This Logo As An Emblem (Thunny610)
Pinhead-Hellraiser (1987) (Thomas)
ComT Brasil (Vantore)
LIL B (jesse.spry2)
Ichigeki (Тимур Коноваленко) +1
University of Cincinnati (acdawg07)
Def Jam Logo please? (Sory to post twice) (iam_Ayo)
Just Do Your Thing (charles.winstead.75) +2
Can someone make this simple DEF JAM logo please? (iam_Ayo)
White mage sprite final fantasy (enzo.gunson)
Black mage Sprite Final Fantasy (enzo.gunson)
Clan Logo Request! (YhCHKN) +1
sword art online / gun gale online (rofllcats)
sword art online / gun gale online (rofllcats)
Clanlogo (jin.roh.52) +1
Clanlogo (jin.roh.52)
Five Finger Death Punch mascot (Nick)
Emblema com o nome "Crasher" (victor.passos.585)
An Emblem with my nick? (Claudiomonx) +3
Emblem that suits my name "RedH4wk13"[Preimium Valid] (The13H4wk)
Illuminati (Vladimir) +3
My Official Emblem (Urbanunreal24)
ASA Clan Emblem (siyatako)
ASA Clan Emblem (siyatako)
certain picture order (egy.hydra)
Hawk emblem [Premium] (The13H4wk)
Freakazoid (Mahmoud) +2
Пожалуйста, сделайте прикольный флаг Украины, очень хочеться (ZHeka)
Rwby Silhouettes (Dante)
Evil empire symbol without premium plz (ialexjdmi)
Emblem called "The Elite Squadron" for me and my pals [Premium also valid] (The13H4wk) +1
Need an emblem :) (pan.kracy.501) +2
Okland Raiders NFL Emblem (viktor)
Okland Raiders NFL Emblem (viktor)