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These eyes can you make? (mickel.shaver) +2
Frostbite3 (Oksana) +1
Jumbo supermarket logo dutch store (warbuckss)
Jumbo supermarket logo dutch store (warbuckss)
fc zenit saint petersburg (zhenek.pavlyuk)
Bro from GREEN ELEPHANT* Братишка из Зелёного слоника! Лайкайте полюбому! Like! (hambiker) +2
Please can someone make this emblem? Por favor, alguem consegue fazer esse emblema? (francisttavares)
Could someone please do a Jontron logo? (Massacre)
Rambo Emblem Please (yugi de)
TRON LIVES!! (Gandalf) +2
Would appreciate it if someone could re-make my logo as an emblem. (xMichaelDesigns) +1
Can someone plz create my logo? (Gomelify) +19
$5 For a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Flag (Thomas) +11
Spec Ops: The Line. "The Damned" (Vgs38)
I need a new emblem for my clan! Make a good one? Then I will pay you (Alex Cline) +1
£5 for clan tag over paypal (cashworth87)
Jack Sparrow emblem (i pay € or $) (John) +7
Clan Emblem (Lars) +5
€10 or $10 for a emblem with the initials N, A, A ans S. (N@a$) +6
Aduro Logo (mattylittlefish)
S and J letters (Amazon $50.00 gift card} (SethJ) +19
STVD-1 Patch (davidrovsing) +2
Volleyball tattoo (Alexio247) +1
Mud flap Girl (CHRIS) +1
Fox Racing logo (CHRIS)
Levi's Emblem (LeviNL) +2
Sword Art Online crossed swords (AlexanderRANDOM)
US Navy SEALs (Zachary) +5
Kappa/frankerZ emblem (Bumlike907)
Create,please emblem curse team.League of Legends (by_cross)
Can someone plz create my clan tag (cashworth87) +1
Anubis emblem (razvan.savin) +2
Lenin was a zombie (balthasarblade) +1
Oh My Games (Ghibli67FR) +1
Icon for my youtube group (mavanmanen) +5
JETIX CHANNEL (Mechanug778)
Please make Hellsing emblem. Character: "The Major" - Maximilian Montana. Specific picture in my order. (Mechanug778)
Trivium logo (mavanmanen) +2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Flag (Thomas)
Full metal alchemist homunculi tatoo (uroboros) (Maligkno) +4
Bacon in a pan (Aerolus)
An red eagle or other bird (Sam.Ward44) +2
Fire Emblem Awakening Emblems! (Jordan252)
Cardiff City Badge (zachary)
Petrosyan (Петросян) (Christofer)
Iron Man Fire Logo (rene.gnaser)
Deadpool. Respawn lol (The404Error)
Starcraft 2 (He11InMe)