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teg Miia (motsart_gamer)
Jurassic Park (Shazzman) +1
9 Finger Hand or Slipknot (9Fing3r) +1
E.T. ouch finger (Jeremy) +1
1-24th Infantry Regiment Punisher Skull (KillerCaudle)
Mercenary (putin_vofka)
mercenary (putin_vofka)
Please make this (TONY)
Avell Jester (Ighor)
Dinamo Bucharest -red dogs (iuliann83)
Can Someone make A Suited Cat for me? (TheSuitedCat)
Can Someone make A Suited Cat for me? (TheSuitedCat)
Can some1 make Frisk from undertale please? (Mercy) +5
Le Régiment de Marche de la Légion Etrangère (RMLE) (LEGION98)
Can some one help me (Alec24)
K S A (S N I P E R) +2
Help with emblem (lucas)
MGK. Lace up. (woodstock-revege (PS4))
brigade sud nice 19985 (Anis)
Großvatertruppe (andibar1980) +2
Mercy Icon from Overwatch (ProTato)
please help (karas21041) +3
um emblema que não da erro para o battlefield hardline (Breno)
GLOBE (Dylan)
Link for Vladimir Putin (Call me Will) +1
Großvatertruppe (andibar1980)
devils purgers (Nathan)
Please (Felipe)
Order Emblem (illNinjo) +2
Order emblem for BF 1 too hard for me (Der Inquisitor)
Emblem for my platoon BF4 (Tatiane)
Czy zrobił by mi ktoś emblemat z napisem N1cek2310 z góry dziękuje (Olek)
Can anyone add the two blobs from Herculoids? (Obi) +2
Herbert (Chris)
Get this emblem to work for BF1 and Ill pay you via paypal (John) +14
No1 ops team on PS4 BF tracker - Cabbage Gang - Need a pro emblem maker. (Adam) +3
Skrillex (Mohamed)
BF4 Platoon Emblem (-EDA- Azmodi)
i need help TT (T.Ex-plus)
GLO GANG WORLD WIDE (JayGlorious) +1
ROCKET (JayGlorious)
THOT BREAKER (JayGlorious)
I need this PLEASE (jokedg) +2
GI JOE (flavio) +1
GI JOE (flavio) +2
Create link Jaster's Feather (degeggy)
Can somebody more talented than me please create an emblem from this image? (Alfeeh) +1
Big fan of this emblem (Thomas)
Import link order (Lily_ringo00) +4
Can you please add the code? :) http://emblemsbf.com/emblem-78392.html (CottonEyeRick) +3