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Can someone please recreate this for me? that would be amazing. (punejabie)
Weegee (KaOs_Pest)
BigTasty Logo (bigtasty)
Arkansas Razorback (Killens)
Gym shark extreme hard (Trevelyan) +1
Alpha Gaming Empire (Andre)
Terror Squad (Andre)
Digimon fusion emblem please (Cutemon)
The Asterisk War (Lottabun) +1
Aldrig vila swedish Restless (Trevelyan)
Elvis Presley easy one (Trevelyan) +2
Neptune Please (Mock Vipers) +1
Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi (Aleksandr) +3
Hotline Miami (Captian)
Hotline Miami (Captian)
ITV Italian Veterans (Alexander) +1
TCB emblem Easy (Trevelyan) +1
Team Skull Logo (dragonslayerbat)
Band of Brothers VAT 69 Whiskey logo (npatrick92)
Harry Potter Emblem (DutchMan) +1
Somebody can make Shielder From Fate/Grand Order (Gugi)
Just a simple rank icon emblem (PongLenisNL) +2
can someone plz make my waifu :3 (VENOM_SPIKES) +4
BIker emblem (ShadowXx) +3
Robbie Rotten (Propaganda Pat) +1
Woman with Cigarette (Laura Palmer Twin Peaks) (justintime57)
moon2SMUG (Waxta) +1
Pesto Boyz (Unicornlover082)
https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/103738835679152115332/6370574325693979138?icm=false&authkey=CO75pOW35LwH (dung)
isis flag (lablaby) +9
Help with code! (Squish)
Need an import link. (Dezmu)
Plz Help Me!About BF1 Emblem! (Anton) +2
can someone plz make me this emblem (venom_spikes) +2
Can someone get this one to work? (Joey) +3
Can someone find out whats wrong with this bf1 code? (Rune_Kuikuli) +4
Commission for Two emblems? (KidCross) +5
http://imgur.com/a/rXTy9 (Starbreak27)
http://imgur.com/a/rXTy9 (Starbreak27)
Recreate My Logo (Starbreak27)
ibraheem emblem (Ibraheem)
Can someone please recreate this for me? (punejabie) +1
Casper Wolf Logo (Kai) +7
Dark brotherhood (We Know) (craigers8355) +2
Can someone please make me emblem (Dave)
BF1 Emblem Conversion (Rider1)
Dragon emblem (Kessuga)
Star Wars mandalorian request (Scuzzie)
University of Rhode Island (finnigan386)
Pesto Boyz (Unicornlover082)