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Import link order (Zach) +5
Emblem request. (the_hawkshot)
Please add the code (Magdalena)
share link me a anarcho capitalism emblem (Cec) +3
Import link (Kian)
ROAD TRIP (Jack) +1
https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/111275248788445908845/6391251109786433986?icm=false (MW_QQ)
http://d.top4top.net/p_422lzzor0.png (MW_QQ)
Emblema de las SS alemanas (alfredo)
Добавьте плиз ! EastWale (Stars)
Пожалуйста сделайте эту эмблему. (EviL-EuGeNe)
Thunder Ducks (JCV)
plz make me アンチョビ(Anzai Chiyomi) (재성)
Emblem for my platoon BF4 (Tatiane)
emblema para meu cla (Esdras) +1
Pls give Share Link (naoone2376)
Mettaton EX (Mercy) +4
Uzume Tennoboushi, Megadimension Neptunia VII (BF1) (GordonThanh)
Vigne from Gabriel Dropout for BF4 (andruwu)
killua from hxh (Chase) +4
Ниндзя-самурай (Dinay)
Australiaball (degeggy)
One punch boy (Knaakie)
One punch boy (Knaakie)
[FAB] (Rodrigo)
can someone please make me this image for bf4 and bf1 (L0NEW01F)
Can someone make an emblem with this image? (YoBitch)
Henrik Lundqvist (VilleSela)
jiang (Vladivostok) +1
Kiss my airs. (Swooshenk)
Can someone make an import link for this emblem? (BF1) (zStorm)
Bathing Ape symbol (SWISSsox) +1
USS Iowa from Kancolle(read description please) (Scorchtitan)
AVANT eSports Logo (Tiger Only) (AVANT-ThuundeRz)
Import link (Kian) +1
Aiuto please!!! (Salvo)
Why i cant importing a emblems?? (LucasSz) +1
Grand Budapest Hotel (The Beast of Caerbannog)
Could I have the import link for these, please? (Tero17) +2
BF4 Emblem Making Information, Tips, and Tricks. - Q&A Welcome From Anyone! :3 (Joseph) +23
Please make my logo into a BF1 emblem (BUDEKEN) +1
P inside D with effects (more4261)
Specialized Logo (Sp34k)
French Shield Emblem (CleverPolarBear) +6
Père noël (Atomix)
custom made emblem (sicarius)
bf1 assault class logo emblem (datwolfe1)
I need an import link for an emblem. (bruh) +9
Transfer emblem from BF4 to BF1. (Exodoge)
fuk you (ناصر) +1