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The Flash SAVITAR (Bloody_ZOOM)
I want a remake of this one for my Platoon. (TonyTheSpetsnaz)
Motor Bike with 3 land mines on it running for a tank (Kevin)
manitou (stiglitZ. play)
Project Xulu (pixel warrior) +1
Tetris (Sian)
HDBF (Hora do BF) Emblema para esquadrão (Everton)
iFck emblem (ALLEGRO)
new emblem request (ALLEGRO) +1
Lizard emblem (Omar)
http://imgur.com/3c1UZbq (BEST69) +1
Can anyone share this emblem by bf 1 companion? (Volokuss)
Gun Running Emblem? (Tom)
Emblema (Carol)
US Army Colonel Rank Insignia Request (Seth) +2
Looking to pay for a good MC emblem (.noise☹) +1
Genji (Siriflex)
I want to use this bf1 Help me ~I want to use this bf1 Help me ~ plz!!!!!!!! (haling1121)
TXR3 Emblem (KingRobert22)
rem emblem not working (mcastro121)
Esbu (Smith) +2
Kornilovtsy (Stosha Govnozad)
willing to pay 50$ (MBI92) +6
I WILL PAY - very easy (bosske99) +20
Please help (Nathan)
Um. I just need some help with this but I cant find anyone else who has it (dustymaku) +1
Xain Good Work. Waiting)) (Volokuss)
MLB Logo (Patrick89)
I need same this logo in the link PLZ (ez_515)
Transparent Cadillac Bling Emblem (dawgy.b0ne5)
Refresh of clan emblem for BF1 (KPNuts74) +21
Import link for bf1 (Champagne)
Can Anyone Make A Japanese Yokai Called Kappa (RantsFuze)
Pf, pf, pf, pf cria um emblema com essa imagem, faz temop que tento mas n consigo (Fabio) +1
I want to use this bf1 Help me ~I want to use this bf1 Help me ~ plz!!!!!!!! (haling1121)
Totof13noob. https://goo.gl/photos/wStboYDCdCLM4H2z9 quelqu'un peut il le faire svp je n'y arrive pas ce serait sympa si l'on peut m'aider merci (totof13noob) +3
Kiss army (James)
por favor crie um emblema com essa foto da umbrella (EriPessine) +1
Ulster flag (Alan)
Ulster flag (Alan) +1
Ulster flag (Alan)
check out my facbook page profil pis i need the same (Baroudi)
314th security forces squadron (Apollyon) +2
JASTA 11 FLAG (Magno) +1
JASTA 11 FLAG (Magno)
Can someone convert this for me (chazz_hazz)
I want to use this bf1 Help me ~ (haling1121)