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LOGO.jpg (JonesGaming) +2
Can you make logo for me? (Andron_87 凸(-_-)凸)
I want 3 custom emblems. (photo on description) (sTgAndrews) +2
can someone make this image plsssss [img on desc] (Yuri) +1
Looking for a badass emblem for my platoon in bf1 (Patrick)
Want a emblem (Badrum)
Dominatrix (Amanda)
логотип (dr.vova77700)
Niggas kissing (pic in description) (rpae1)
Hi please can i have a platoon emblem (brendon A)
i would love an emblem for my clan (Mystoganz) +12
team retard needs haaaaalp (Coyotespunion) +1
Would love to get an emblem like this (Der Inquisitor)
Emblem please! Thanks! (Marcio) +5
Cat with Flying Goggles (The_Fluffy_Baron) +2
Primordial Wrath TM GTAV MC logo (TheParsley)
!st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment (Diesel) +6
never go full retard (Coyotespunion)
Could someone get me a click import link? (Knighstand) +2
Fondue (Tiziano)
Battlefield 4 weißer Wold (whitewolf)
1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment milsim emblem bf4 (Diesel)
1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment milsim emblem (Diesel)
1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment milsim emblem (Diesel) +1
Krause Family (Ethan)
Unkn0wnSoldiers Emblem (Unkn0wnU2er) +1
sturmtruppen emblem (Obsidian) +1
Could anyone whip me up this bad boy real quick? (Jeremy) +3
Tunnel Snakes (Yaroslav)
encomenda de emblema para clã (Vênus GaminG) +1
fallschirmjagerrr (Theo)
fallschirmjagerrr (Theo)
splayed legs girls with no panties)at least in panties) (Roman)
can some kind soul cook this up for me ? (AngryAussieDad)
BF Companion emblem not loading (buttoneddata68) +1
Bucaneiros (Luciano)
FC Den Haag logo (Chretien Dominique)
quero um codigo desse emblema ai abaixo (Jon) +1
Please, looks very simple (Solah) +2
Would love an emblem for my clan. (Alex) +1
сделайте мне эмблему. пожалуйста (Vitya)
FOR MY CREW (nyme)
Can any weeb good at anime face emblems read this? (Condoriano)
FC Persepolis Emblems (S.A.M.M.Sadeghi)
Retro Gucci Logo (Chase) +2
I'm a YouTuber in need of help (LetsBeUNREAL) +25
Would love to have an amatsukaze emblem. (Connor)
Roka from D-Frag Anime (WilliamLC)
emblem to squad (.)