Importing Emblems into Battlefield 1

Joseph: Hi, anyone know how to do this? I've looked at the new battlefield Companion, and the way it edits emblems are not to my liking, but I've tried and can't get the conventional way of importing to work. Any ideas? ^_^ I found a discussion if anyone is interested:
Joseph: Ok, has just updated the emblems uploaded here to also include a BF1/companion code as well as a BF4, hardline version for battlelog to copy. It's not fully explained how to use it yet, so I'll try help. After you copied the coded from the emblem you wanted to your clipboard. You then have to go to Battlefield Companion ( > career > view emblems > Edit Emblem and press Ctrl+Shift+j to open console. Then paste the code into it. it will begin to work, be patient! ^_^ ask any question if that does not work for you guys.
Joseph: *copy the BF1 code to clipboard, sorry.
Steven: hi can you explain this in more detail please, when i paste the code into the console i press enter then i just get an error message pop up on the bf companion website, thanks
Steven: never mind it worked, i just tried a different emblem and it worked
Joseph: ok, yeah ^_^ when I pressed enter (forgot to say that) it didn't work straight away, and a red thing poped up. I thought it didn't work :P
Cake: so far i can tell, everything over 20 Layers dont work so far i test it and thos below 20 work
Joseph: +Cake and do you have a non-premium account then?
PageantBiatch: Damn. So I've tried importing an emblem into BF1 and I'm getting the same error message. I've waited it out and nothing else appears, and have tried both pasting premium and non-premium emblems. I also tried importing it through the BF4 Battlelog and it pasted, but was unsuccessful saving it since I have only played the trial for BF4 and I do not have all the different shapes unlocked. I also, of course, do NOT have BF4 premium. I also do not have the BF1 premium pass, just the standard edition of the game. I'm pretty sure at this point it's kinda helpless and I probably can't import a custom emblem (for BF1), but any help out of this jam would be appreciated!
PageantBiatch: Damn. So I've tried importing an emblem into BF1 and I'm getting the same error message. I've waited it out and nothing else appears, and have tried both pasting premium and non-premium emblems. I also tried importing it through the BF4 Battlelog and it pasted, but was unsuccessful saving it since I have only played the trial for BF4 and I do not have all the different shapes unlocked. I also, of course, do NOT have BF4 premium. I also do not have the BF1 premium pass, just the standard edition of the game. I'm pretty sure at this point it's kinda helpless and I probably can't import a custom emblem (for BF1), but any help out of this jam would be appreciated!
PageantBiatch: p.s don't know why it duplicated my post, whoops
jaku: If you post, then refresh, it will double post. Not sure why it does it but it happens.
jaku: I got a question, I made an emblem for a guy and I want to make sure the 40 layers will work on BF1 (used premuim + BF4 emblems).
V: some of them do work on BF1 but some dont work. so far i got 2 to work out of 50 or so
Joseph: +jaku all I can say to make sure it works for others is to use the free/default layers, and limit the others. People might not have bought BF4 or unlocked some of the locked/premium layers, so using those seems to give errors. There must be a lot of new players, so they don't know about the 20 layer limit, unlocks etc.
Joseph: +PageantBiatch sorry you've been having bad luck, due to BF1 Companion not accepting any layer you don't have unlocked, you will get the error quite easily. You will need an emblem that is non-premium and also without locked layers... An emblem like this one should work for you, can you try this?: if it does, then there is a chance that it's just unlocks. if it doesn't work, is BF4 default layers not in BF1 normally? O.o there will be a few emblems you can use I'm sure, try searching this website and uncheck Premium to look for 20 layer emblems. (You'll have to see if they work because they could still have used unlocks!) sorry emblem options are limited :P
Joseph: +V wow 2/50? you're dedicated. ^_^ There are a lot of compatibility issues with unlocks it seems like. I hope it's just that and people can find an emblem that works.
PageantBiatch: +Joseph All right, this one seems to have worked. At least I know what the main problem is. I'll just browse emblems under the specifications you recommended. If different errors occur, I'll check back. Thanks so much for the help!
jaku: Well shit. All my emblems that I made for people are complicated and 40 layers with premium or Hardline. Some of these people are paying me for them and I'm not going to screw them over with an emblem they can't use for BF1. I'm not sure why DICE has problems with consistency with things like emblems. They spent all of BF4 building up the whole "custom emblems" and now the new game limits and completely disregards the whole system. I'm sure glad I'm not giving these retards my money for BF1.
Joseph: +jaku I feel ya man. I don't even know why they had to redo the whole editor, (my brother owns the account I use, I just got really into the emblems ^_^) I got so much goin' for battlelog, it's like going back to square one with the Companion editor, you haven't seen it I guess, don't worry your not missing much. I'm glad gives the code from the uploaded emblems. I don't get their new share feature they have made (which is like a supported/private version of letting people see/copy emblems from your gallery) because people will still have compatibility issues due to allowing all the old layers from previous games, bit of a mess i think. :P
Joseph: Ps. I forgot to mention at the beginnning that you can save and use an emblem in Battlelog (BF4,hardline) and it will become your emblem in companion (BF1 etc.), but it takes ages for it to take affect and wont be copied to Companion gallery this way. Importing the code is what can save an emblem to companion gallery. ^_^ just sharing the options someone found.
Joseph: I found a good video that describes the basics of importing:
Sveldur333: For those of you having the "undefined" error, I had the same thing happen over and over. So using what little programming knowledge I have, I did a little digging and found what the problem was. Unlike the BF4 emblem editor, the companion page does not display the LOCKED emblem parts that you don't have. So when you copy an emblem and the original creator used an emblem part that he unlocked but you haven't unlocked yet (which you can get from BF4 in Gold Battlepacks, and possibly BFH... I don't know, I've never played that one), and you try to use it, the code will reference a piece of the emblem that you don't have, and isn't on the page, so it just shoots out a random error message without giving you a single clue what went wrong. Fixing this can be a royal pain, but I posted a "fix" on the battlefield forum. It's definitely time consuming, but if you get the emblem you really want it's definitely worth the extra effort. Hope this helps: (Look for a comment from Sveldur333, probably towards the bottom)
Joseph: +Sveldur333 thank you! ^_^ yeah, I've noticed that it will give errors when you have a even a single locked layer. But I think checking the emblem in Battlelog is a much easier method of finding unlocked layers, I realise this option is not available to everyone.
Sveldur333: +Joseph No problem. I put the BF4 version of the code into the battlelog emblem editor to see which parts i was missing. Then when I pasted my altered code (with the locked parts removed) in the companion page, I just added whatever parts I did have unlocked to make it look somewhat like the original one. Glad I could help.
jaku: Hey is there a way to do this without uploading to the site? Some people I make emblems for want there emblems private. And the BF1 Companion App doesn't update emblems at all.
Joseph: +jaku you can manually create the code if you need... I think it works(?) :3 I tried make a Google doc showing you what you need to transfer and where: does it work?
jaku: Okay, but how do you even get the BF1 code to begin the transfer?
Joseph: :P ah... well, if you have the BF4 code, all you have to do is change the beginning and end of the code. I high-lighted in green what should stay the same. I intended you to download the doc, then find the corresponding 'green' part of your code, (the part between the {}brackets ). you would then need to copy/paste just that {code} part into the BF1 brackets. I tried to mark the parts you copy over with color... sorry it's not very clear.
Joseph: but anyway, I've been trying my theory and it doesn't work. :/ I dunno how it should work, sorry.
jaku: I'm kind of PC challenged, I am good at BF but terrible with anything PC. I will probably understand it at another time. lol.
Joseph: lol, I thought I knew, but I can't get it to work. :P you might have to upload it for no headache ^_^'
Michael: Hi guys, i am new to the battlefield world, and just purchased the Premium pass for Battlefield one, knowing that only premium users can use up to 40 layers of emblem, but for some reason, the console on both chrome and firefox gave me the ''error'' message everytime i paste a 40 layers emblem code, do you know whats wrong? i purchased the premium pass, but it still didnt work. thx
Michael: Hi guys, i am new to the battlefield world, and just purchased the Premium pass for Battlefield one, knowing that only premium users can use up to 40 layers of emblem, but for some reason, the console on both chrome and firefox gave me the ''error'' message everytime i paste a 40 layers emblem code, do you know whats wrong? i purchased the premium pass, but it still didnt work. thx
Joseph: +Michael I'm pretty sure I've addressed this, the Premium mark on emblems on this site, was for BF4 and hardline. there was a 20 layer limit for non-premiums, so if any emblem on here exceeds this 'limit' it will be marked 'premium'. But this marking system doesn't mean anything for BF1 players, as Dice has done away with the non-premium limit, so everyone can use 40 layers now. Your issue (and many others) is the unlock-able layers that could and were used to make emblems by many BF4/HL players. These emblems are unlock-able only on both Hardline and BF4, so many emblems have 'incompatible/locked' layers that many new BF1 players don't have access to. thus the error is caused because you can't use layers you don't have access to.
Joseph: You can try search many emblems untill you get a working one. (sounds like there is a 2/50 chance you will find something) Or do what others have been doing has been asking me to see if I can 'fix' their emblem. They give the link to the emblem page, and I try replace the locked layers with freely available layers (the default layers you have access to) so all new BF1 players can use it without any unlocks to cause the error. (because everyone has the same 40 layer limit) let me know what emblem your having trouble with, and I can TRY to fix it. :3
Joseph: Btw, on the BF forum, I dunno if everyone has seen it, but there is a really good extension for BFCompanion now. -M-lNano wrote: "Just use BBLog addon [ ] in BF4 Emblem page, click in "Get current emblem code", copy the code. Then install GreaterField addon [ ] (from the same creators of BBLog), go to BF1 Emblem page, click in "Import From Code", paste the BF4 code into the box, click in "Import" button and wait. BBLog/GF will import your emblem flawlessly. You need to do a refresh before. NOTE: THE EMBLEM WILL NOT BE IMPORTED IF YOU DON'T HAVE ALL REQUIRED SHAPES UNLOCKED." You can get the BBlog extension here: And the Greaterfield addon here:
Joseph: you can find the forum this is from here: if that doesn't work, then this:
Derek: Right now i cant do it.I tried your guidance but it didnt have 'view emblems' instead i found 'create emblem'.I cant do anything but just create one but i dont want to.So anyone that can help please?my gmail = EMAIL me if u have any ideas please
Joseph: Can you provide me with more detail? what step are you up to? I provided an option for importing through Chrome extensions. Are you having trouble installing the extensions/programs? "You can get the BBlog extension here: And the Greaterfield addon here: "
Sveldur333: Hey guys, I posted a video about the frustrating "undefined" error on my youtube channel. If you're having this problem and can't figure out why, this video will explain the problem and show you how I worked around it. Really hope this helps you guys.
Joseph: Thanks for making the video Sveldur333! it will help greatly to help people understand. ^_^
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Gh0stSnipu: Well not working on chrome anymore, gives an error all the time :(
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Apocalypse: Hi site admin i tried to upload a custom image / emblem yesterday morning. just wondering on the status .. if i done it wrong could you message me @ my email address cheers
Apocalypse: Hi site admin i tried to upload a custom image / emblem yesterday morning. just wondering on the status .. if i done it wrong could you message me @ my email address cheers
jaku: Not sure if you're still around, but is your "greater field" extension gone? The link to install it 404'd and it seems like the whole extension is no longer around. Do you know any other way to import emblems into BF1 without uploading the emblems here?
NI6HTSTAR: Can someone here make an emblem for me ?
Akame: It works for bf1 but how do you import it into bf4 because the new version dosent give u a code anymore. Plz help
Joseph: Hi all, sorry for leaving you all, I just don't have much time for emblems these days. To clear any confusion, I'm not an admin of anything, sorry I can't help like that. :'( But I would love for any admins to connect with creators. Anyway, it seems that all battlefield chrome extensions and websites seem to be down or removed! (I hope it wasn't EA's doing) >_< I dunno if there is a archive somewhere containing the chrome extensions, but I still have "Battle log emblem editor extended" and maybe "Greaterfield" installed on my laptops. If anyone finds a way I can share my installed extensions people can have my copies. If there is an emblem that people need me to import, I can try, but since I'm not very active, I would love to try help others to do it themselves again. ^_^ All the best~
Joseph: +Akame: yes, it seems emblem share links have stopped generating on emblems! I feel the links might have all run out, but it is perhaps a bug report issue that might be easy to fix? existing links still work, so I might try report it also, but we will be lucky if it gets fixed~ sigh o.o
Joseph: *I maybe we can both report it, but the fix will have to come from battlefield, sorry.
Akame: Thx
Joseph: Ok... -_- so looks like everyone else is still uploading share links (example: ) so most likely this issue only affects a few of us. sorry this doesn't help, I hope whoever has this issue can get it fixed. ˃﹏˂
Joseph: ok, maybe it was just me with this issue, but I have found a solution to "Generating Share Link" not working, I'll link to my discussion on how I fixed my issue if anyone else has the same problem:
Cristiano: And, guys, can you guys put that badge on the site so I can get the code and import it into battlefield 1? I will be very grateful if anyone can help me.
Cristiano: Help me please! Can someone put the above image on the site, or else make a similar one?
knghomir: Mind if i put here for a suggestion? I think there should be something that to tells were the parts in the emblem use what part from what game. I've been having errors when im copying emblems and i was frustated the whole time why i can not copy the stuff, the problem is that i don't have the game that parts from, i only have parts from bf 1 because i just have bf 1 in my account of course. I think it's the problem that people having, that they cannot copy the emblem completely because they dont have the parts. That's all and i'm sorry that i put this suggestions here, i don't know where to put it and this seems the correct place to discuss this. People need to know this problem.
Joseph: +knghomir: Thank you for the idea, I am happy to see your comment~ ^_^ I agree that it is frustrating the way BF1 importing is so challenging and knowing if an emblem will work is just as hard. So indeed some quick reference check of the emblem code to identify the compatibility would speed up emblem searching! When I make my emblems I do try identify compatibility manually, but it's not something people normally do... If you want to see a list of layers I could find in BF4 (including Hardline) I made a screenshot: As you can see, there are a lot of layers! Under the "Standard" and "Battlefield 4" tab are the main default layers you get in BF1, and the various other layers are either unlocked or premium. However, I know there is a small issue where BF1 doesn't accept a few of these layers (for some stupid reason)... If you have a particular emblem you would like me to try import, give me the code and I can try give you the BF1 share link in return (which allows you to use the emblem even if you don't have the layers unlocked). :) all the best.
Joseph: +Cristiano: This discussion is meant only for importing existing emblems into BF1 and sharing info, NOT commissioning/creating emblems. It was not a clear rule, however I will not answer emblem requests here anyway, so this is the wrong place to make requests. You should try creating your own emblem order which is more appropriate at: Thank you for your understanding. :)
Bartis: Hi, what to do if I don't see the code of emblem and I want to have it ?
Joseph: +Bartis: Are you referring to emblems that share the link, but not the code? such as this emblem example: When Adding an emblem, you can't upload both code and link on the same emblem for some reason, so people mostly only share either a code or link, can't be bothered sharing both. I make emblems in battlelog (BF4) so I have all my codes I make if anyone requests them, however, the code might be lost if an emblem is only saved in BF1. As I said before, I have no knowledge of how to export BF1 emblems (and it might be possible?), so I recommend you try get in contact with the original artist and ask if they have the code.
Joseph: +Bartis: oh, I just saw your order:
Joseph: +jaku: I've found the way to share my chrome extensions so others can copy them, I've put a zip file up on google drive that you can use to install manually into chrome. The extensions I shared were Battlelog Emblem Editor Extended, Greaterfield, and Better Battlelog (even though it is still in the chrome webstore, you don't need to copy it): If anyone finds a better source, please let us know, thanks. I've tried to include instructions, it should be easy enough to drag and drop the .crx files into chrome://extensions/ I hope these work for people that can't find it from the chrome store anymore. All the best~ :)
denistege: HEllo please help me about that: I don't now English vey well please help me I can pay you pls
Joseph: I want people to create a new order instead of bumping this discussion with requests. But since you might not have understood, I'll make an exception this time~ Make a new order next time, unless you add to the discussion ;) Enjoy. (PS. I don't accept pay for other people's work, importing is free.)
Gabriel Uribe: Do i need to have battlefield on my computer to import emblems?