Regiment ASOW

Tom: Das Regiment Asow (ukrainisch Полк Азов) ist eines von etwa 80 paramilitärischen Freiwilligenbataillonen, die im Ukraine-Konflikt gegen prorussische Separatisten im Osten des Landes kämpfen und dabei dem ukrainischen Innenministerium unterstehen
global: Hello mate If you give me a few days I'll Have a go at making this emblem for you I'm not the best emblem maker on here but I do ok . And I only try on emblems I like I'm adding a link of different AZOV emblems, Which do you prefer Message back I prefer this one
global: Try this one
Tom: Thanks so much for that
Tom: Hello buddy can you possibly make me the badge last row the 2 would be really cool thanks in advance
global: Sorry I don't quite know what you mean Is it the yellow one at the bottom Your after? ?