Logo for CLAN 4fun

SeventhPepe: Hello, could you make the emblem of my BF4 clan that is in this link: http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/images/2018/01/03/4funtpb.png Thank you so much! Pedro
Samuel: Hello seventh
Alpha310o: Please help us with the emblem please
Samuel: http://ap.imagensbrasil.org/images/2018/01/03/4funtpb.png
Samuel: I need to convert the image that is in the link, in code to use as a coat of Platoon
Samuel: Responde nos porra
Joseph: Just letting you know, this will probably be too complicated to be created fully as an emblem. The dinosaur and bomb will need to be simplified. I will attempt this emblem, for a price~ ;) The price can be something you choose.
Joseph: Update: I'm making this emblem as a commission now, here is a picture of the progress: https://imgur.com/QzsP6ND
JMCGU: That looks spot on, Joseph. Excellent job!
JMCGU: That looks spot on, Joseph. Excellent job!
JMCGU: That looks spot on, Joseph. Excellent job!
global: That looks sweet Joseph I took a look at it on the post Last week And thought it wouldn't be possible Well done mate
Joseph: Thank you both for your nice feedback, JMCGU and global, it means a lot hearing it from other emblem creators! ^_^ I'd like to say I love seeing both of your work and the help you all offer people, it's admirable. I'm glad I can be a part of this community with you. I was trying to quit, but I've had so much fun making emblems again, I might stick around a bit more~ haha ;D Samuel and his friend Gustavo were really generous, and the commission worked out better than I expected. :) I love to help other creators if I can, I have tried to make a Q&A that might have info if you are interested?: http://emblemsbf.com/order-9572.html See ya around~ ^_^