Importing to bf4

Akame: Always works for bf1 but since there is no code anymore im not sure how to import an emblem into battlelog bf4 anymore.
Akame: plz help
Joseph: I didn't know you could in any way import from BF1 to bf4. It's never been possible as far as I know (I've tried for so long)! only way I would know is to recreate it with the editor. can you share a link or a picture of the emblem so we can see what we are dealing with? thanks
Joseph: You can use or similar to share images easy~ ^_^
Joseph: ok, what I find strange is that people rather recently have been publishing links on home page: If we see no more links being shared, I would start to think we all have a problem, and we might be able to as a group express this issue to Dice?
Joseph: The latest emblem I can find that is not published yet is and it is a still a share link... perhaps this issue is just between us? maybe we need to reset cookies or something on our end? :P
Akame: No its because some emblems come with a bf4 code and others dont. The ones that dont are ment for bf1 so you cant upload those to bf4.
Akame: It is not possible to import bf1 to bf4
Akame: And the link you gave me of the emblem is the problem i have right now. People arent giving us the code to upload it to bf4 wereas the import link will only work for bf1 platoons.
Akame: Thx for the help though
Joseph: Ah yes, I see what you are talking about now, the decision to share the BF1-link or share the BF4-code is up to the creator and which editor they use. BF1-links can't go back to BF4. Sorry for the bad luck, probably people have been making emblems in BF1, and can't give any code as there is no known way so no way to import to BF4 (as far as I know of). (I love BF4's editor, so I don't understand how people can tolerate BF1's editor, but they do~) :P If you give me the link, I might be able to see what I can do~ ;)
Akame: Yeah so i guess it is badluck but i just checked others for a code and ill use those for now
Akame: For now we just have to wait for a way to import bf1 to bf4
Joseph: I've done my fair share of waiting, but I like your optimism~ ;) I hope it works out for you, feel free to ask questions if you need more help ^_^ all the best