[Request] Foxhole Wardens

Hastati: Looking if anyone can make this logo? https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/foxhole_gamepedia_en/a/a5/Warden.png?version=348b61b011c0f2c59494498e8e7e39da
Hastati: Perferrably without a background, just the logo itself, although I know how hard that can be with the limited tools to work with.
Cosmic_Kitten45: I tried my best, hope this works for you. https://emblem.battlefield.com/7GoX5QBGQO
Joseph: (I'm just a passer-by) Wow, I'm impressed Cosmic_Kitten45 you did well, especially without any tracing! I wouldn't be able to do better if I didn't have tracing programs and custom features. :P I don't really have the time to do orders, so I'm glad you are helping people out Cosmic_Kitten45 thank you~ I hope to see more of your work around here. ^_^