HW order

guitarchica: HellsWatch Dogs wants to spiffy up their clan emblem - make it look cleaner, more like a an actual shield, with black lightning bolts, so on so forth. Who's up for the challenge??
global: drop a link to your emblem and I'll have a look for you
guitarchica: https://emblem.battlefield.com/gg0r2hAEpK
guitarchica: I think inverting the colors may give an ability to allow a shiny effect on the shield, and the possibility of depth to the skull with white to it? I dunno, what do you think? or leave the colors as is? Definitely change the crown to on the skull if at at possible and at HW to the banner at the bottom of the Shield - make it more like a nicely come together computer generated image then what it is now. Can you do something with it??
global: Sorry I took so long to reply I've been crazy busy, I had a look at the emblem And played around with it a bit Hope you enjoy https://emblem.battlefield.com/eQiHI5bWtK
Joseph: (I'm just a bystander, don't mind me) I just want to say I think that looks very impressive Global, well done! I hope guitarchica does get to see this! bump~ :P
global: Joseph Thanks for the positive comments It's much appreciated