please help i have custom my own picture

eli asd: please help i have custom my own picture but i dont know how add it to battlefield i uploaded to this website how can i make it my emblems ?
global: Download battlefield companion on your phone. And link to your account you use for playing battlefield. And then go back on your emblem on this site and click on inport link and it will open bf companion, then press save on the emblem. And finally equipped emblem on the bf companion. and it will be on the next time you load your game in
Joseph: I'm a bit lost as to the question/issue... A custom picture makes me think you don't actually have an emblem yet? If you need an emblem you will have to make it in the editor or use an emblem already made on this website. As far as I know, you can't upload a picture as your emblem if that is what you are asking. I could be wrong and just confused though. :P I hope you get it working~ ^_^ please give use more info if you are still having issues.