Emblem for esports team

PresidentSlendy: Need this red emblem for a new esports team. Sorry that it's not the highest quality :( Thanks a lot! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DM4ElZ3W0AA4c2Z.jpg
Joseph: Easy-peasy ^_^ I normally ask for a commission, but this is simple enough~ :P
PresidentSlendy: Ooohhh awesome!
Joseph: here is a screen cap: https://imgur.com/VzkOIRo and here is the code:
let me know it you'd like me to upload the emblem on this website ^_^
PresidentSlendy: woah thank you so much! Yeah sure if you want! :D
PresidentSlendy: woah thank you so much! Yeah sure if you want! :D
PresidentSlendy: woah thank you so much! Yeah sure if you want! :D
PresidentSlendy: Is there a Battlefield 1 code though? :D
Joseph: here is a link for BF1: https://emblem.battlefield.com/TsYDyfqAlL
PresidentSlendy: Thank you so much!
Mapache: I can makeone without gray backgraund if you would like to, this way it will look better on guns etc.
Joseph: Hi Mapache, I respect your work. You did some good work it seems~ I wanted to see how your Mr pickles emblem turned out. ^_^ Feel free to use my emblem as a base if you want, I made the logo so you could remove the background, but I couldn't be bothered making the letters to work without the background as it was easier that way... I doubt PresidentSlendy, the original poster will return to see this, but I just thought I'd share my support if he does so~ ^_^
Mapache: Hello Joseph, thank you and I can send you links of some of my work if you give me your mail address or just mail me: [email protected] I know it sounded bit like stealing your work but I personally dont like emblems with backgraund and thats why I post. Though your works is nice I will have to start over. Thank you.
Joseph: Not at all, to me it's not stealing if you give credit or get permission. I'm happy to help out if I can. ^_^ I use other people's work sometimes, mainly for importing to BF1, but I will give credit to the original emblem just in case. I personally thought my emblem was efficient with layers, maybe give it another look? But I don't mind seeing how you make emblems so I can learn to do better, no hard feelings~ ^_^ I hope to see more of your work, all the best Mapache. I'll send you an email asking to see your work ;)
PresidentSlendy: Hey! I am actually interested in a new emblem now as we just switched organization XD Any of you up for making this? (for bf1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uhTyIys6fo8x3KXeV9WViiYewSMxhXvo/edit