Would someone make(or share) me a HSI姉貴(cookie☆) emblem link?

TomX: I've got problem with loading emblems via console code(半恼). So sharing me a HSI姉貴 link would be so much appreciated!
Joseph: I don't understand the order. Can you please show me the emblem you want so I can help? http://emblemsbf.com/find/HSI%E5%A7%89%E8%B2%B4 Is it one of these emblems?
TomX: Yes, it is
TomX: I just have problem pasting it via code to battlelog.
Joseph: here is a link for BF1: https://emblem.battlefield.com/QLlKqdhXUL
Joseph: BF4 code that will work:
Joseph: oops, disregard that last one, the code wont work. I totally forgot all I've learned about emblems! >_< If you need it for BF4, I'm sorry. It will be too hard to fix.