Plz make me a emblem

Badrum: I'd like one with nude girl dog furrys or just a girl dogs butt:) with the parts of course :)
Joseph: Bro, to each his own. But you should know where you can get that sort of stuff, and it is not going to be here on the website...
Mapache: As long as you pay I am here and starving unlike Joseph. (pls dont ban) Even if you get an emblem like this you will be banned when you use it.
Joseph: This is Badrum's second post (1st post: ) and since he asked again, I thought I should at least say that it is not the right place and probably no one would want to do the order. I spoke too soon on your behalf, I am sorry. It is against EA terms and conditions to post or distribute any content as a EA user that is sexually explicit, indecent etc. EA ToS: Aside from that, it is more out of respect of other players that you shouldn't spam offensive content via emblems. People dislike that kind of stuff and report it, even if it is funny and something you love: (Dick Swastika: ). Emblems is some freedom in a game to show personality, using it as spam might just mean EA will remove emblems all together from the next BF game, maybe in favor of "purchasable cosmetics". Who am I kidding? EA prob. gonna do it anyway... (I just got a shiver down my spine) O_o