Make some more of the furrys

Zxnn: I have 1 little request make some more when you can of the cute furry girls but for the click to import Link my phone can't do the copy to clip board :(
ThunderPussy: Any emblem you'd like with the Battlefield 1 Code can be imported the same as Battlefield 4 & Hardline codes through the Web Companion site for Battlefield 1. If you are having trouble logging into the web companion the same as I am, use this link: ( I'm not sure why but that seems to be the only working link. If you are unsure as to how to import emblems: 1. Click on the + logo to create a new emblem 2. Click CTRL+SHIFT+J (Whichever browser you're using) 3. Paste the Battlefield 1 emblem code into the Console and click enter 4. Boom. Save and apply the emblem