Import Link doesn't work! Codes Please!

MA: Hi, looking for the help of anyone to share these emblems by sharing the codes for me to copy; Instead of sharing the import link, because the import link leads to the broken companion site. Here's what i'm looking for! "My name is Beauty Thief!" Persona 5 Akagi Curry
niimdA: Try using the click to import link on your phone by downloading the companion app, works fine for me.
MA: Appreciate the suggestion, but i'm trying to do this through my pc, instead of my phone, for personal reasons
Joseph: The "My name is Beauty Thief!" \(`・ω・´)> is made by an artist that seems to have only uploaded links. due to this fact, I suspect they only work in BF1 and there is no codes for the emblems. There are no ways that I know of to export code from BF1, sorry.
Joseph: Same goes for the other artist/emblem...
MA: Well, thanks for letting me know