First order please make USSR flag

DANKO: please add in a USSR emblem like a hammer and sickle it will be really appreciated but please try to keep it not premium. thanks like this would be fine
Joseph: have you tried searching for it?
awretgaesrg adgfaerg: Joseph, hammer and sickle was removed from battlelog
Joseph: What?! When did this happen? This will affect every emblem using the layer, even some of mine. Why would they do it, it has been allowed for so long in the past? I thought ussr symbol was allowed since they gave the layer, but now does that mean it is banned?
Joseph: I just tried some BF1 emblems that use the layer, and they seem to be broken: This was the easiest emblem to find, but who knows which other emblems are affected? >_< I can easily recreate the layer, but that is besides the issue of the issue this could cause. I feel I should make a bug report about this missing layer to atleast make sure EA know about it.