QAQ…Need mobile app link import…Emma Ai

Samond: It's cute emma ai,but i havent unlocked that damn layer.......QAQ...... Thank you sincerely,for your patience,and what u have done for improving this community.....
Joseph: lol, literally no time between the last order where I spent time importing an emblem for you, you ask for a new one here? you gotta admit its too soon... :P I can try import emblems, but I can't do them all. I'll only do the ones people really want. no hard feelings~ ^_^'
Samond: i agree!emmmm,sorry for “i always want to change anime wife “
Joseph: sorry I was being a bit grumpy before, I just took another look at this emblem and it looks a bit too hard to import anyway. I am happy to try import more emblems for people, it is no trouble if the emblem is easy to import. And If its not easy I'll just let you know so we can try a new one. I hope to hear back from you someday Samond. Sorry for the spook. :P