Joseph or anyone?, help me please to import this emblem

Joseph: You do know how to get me attention~ :P I'll look into it soon~ ^_^
Asaro: Please do
Asaro: I would really appreciate it.
Joseph: Sorry I haven't unlocked the layer for the blush so I had to change it to the finger print layer, hope you don't mind the difference. Here you go: let me know if you would prefer any other layer in it's place :P Enjoy~
Joseph: BF4 code:
(高木さん, by ふぁと)
Asaro: Thank u very much! But I will prefer if u can remove the blush.
Asaro: If u can unlock it, it would be great. If not then it's fine
Joseph: far enough, it didn't look quite right... Here is without blush: But how about circles instead? how does Circles look?: I'll let you decide, I realise you probably can't edit them without the layers being wiped, hope this helps.
Asaro: Thanks a lot <3
Joseph: cool all the best