Gabriel: Tem como alguém fazer pra mim um emblema da luftwaffe da aeronáutica aleman
Joseph: Anyone else hyped for Battlefield 5 and WW2? :P I ask because this brings up the question of using Nazi symbols when they are going to be against EA's ToS? EA do ban Nazi stuff for sure, even just recently they removed the hammer and sickle layer from the editor (it was actually a really helpful layer to have)! :'( I assume EA and Dice will not want to use the actual symbol, so perhaps they will make or use a substitute? Whatever the substitute is, I assume I could follow that style so it fits EA's ToS...
Joseph: *I refer to symbols of nazi's. Maybe the german army's Iron Cross could be used instead?
Joseph: or Balkenkreuz?
global: Hello again Joseph, I didn't think EA where actively banning emblems, it's the first I've ever heard of it, but I suppose it's only right, I've made a few emblems in the past German ss, imperial flags and such, But never had them removed . To be honest I was going to have a go at this request but I came across a Web site The hate symbol database, And in the future I won't be making anything that's listed on this site . It's worth a look at there's a lot on their that you wouldn't of thought it means what it does, and thanks again Joseph I learn something new every time I read one of your post's
Joseph: I've heard of bans, people can report people's accounts still right? I have seen emblems get removed from this website occasionally too. There is a lot more symbols at that database than I expected, but mainly "neo", new, appropriated symbols... I feel if you want to represent real World War 2, you should have who really were fighting and the symbols they used, but EA not gonna provoke drama for the sake of realism. I expect symbols that represent the German army such as the Balkenkreuz, Iron Cross, or even something not historically accurate to be used in Battlefield 5. I thought the Hammer and sickle wasn't bad, but EA or Dice removed it. They might ban Iron Crosses next for all I know? O.o