Battlefield V amblem pls

Ali: I want to V amblem. Official facebook and twitter page amblem with battlefield V. Thank you.
Joseph: Like this one or different?:
Joseph: or the whole thing like this?: the single letter I can do for free.
Joseph: I made it since easy enough to make the V logo. Here is the BF1 link:
Joseph: And BF4 code:
global: Excellent work again Joseph well done Buddy
Joseph: Thanks Global. ^_^ The letter V is really simple to make compared to what you do~ (and I cheat using tools to help me too.) :P
Russao: I made a funny Battlefield V jacket "Death Dealer", it uses 2 layers from hardline, monkey and the dice.
global: Thanks Joseph And good work Russao
Joseph: +Russao: wow, that's crazy! When you described it, I thought it was too good to be true, but I am astounded that you got that level of detail. you might have better chances of people using it if you import it into Battlefield 1 though... not many of us have access to those layers~ :P
Ali: Thanks joseph for this logo but i believe you can make a better this logo. And you said very simple. Maybe you can backround is fully original or same, and V is the shiney.Like this one
Joseph: wow, it's been so long, I didn't expect a response. It was simple to do the "V" logo, but I the background is complicated with no purposeful detail, so I am not going to bother making a background. I made the logo with the true blue color border and used the actual transparency used in the logo (yeah I went that far to make it correct) so it could be overlapped over any background or object and look the same as the game logo. I'm glad you like it. I hope you enjoy BFV :) Admittedly my hype for the game has diminished after hearing how mediocre the game is. I hope the game-play is fixed and I get to enjoy it too :)
Ali: Thank you so much for the details. i hope you like it when the game is out.