Hey. Do not put an emblem. What can I do?

Imya: http://emblemsbf.com/emblem-91386.html
global: Hello there mate Are you trying to make this available on the battlefields companion, It's possible but I don't have the ability to do so but I think / hope a friend might be able to help. Is it possible Joseph If not I'll have a go at remaking it This emblem needs some screen time
Imya: Well thank you
Joseph: umm... I am sorry to say I do not have all those layers unlocked (bit of a bug issue where I don't access to layers I should, but the rest I just do not own). It needs Extreme Editing and Enhancing, more than I am capable of due to the level of detail needed... I was on the Autism spectrum myself, so I really want to help out~ ,>_<, Global I'll be honest, I think this is impossible... but if you are able to remake this, I would consider you the better than any maker I know, as even with most of the layers unlocked I find it difficult! >_< Sorry.
global: I'm half way through a remake of this It's not going to be perfect but I'll see what I can do
global: I've tried with the layers I have available and this is the best I can come up with, I maxed out with the layers so the text is a little bit rough https://emblem.battlefield.com/E5aB30kvHN
Imya: Thank you !!!