Anthro dragon emblem commission (WIll pay via Paypal if you are interested with the price you proposed)

hydreigon23187: Hi, may I ask if you guys are interested in turning my dragon OC into an emblem? Here are the refs: Em, if you are interested, plz contact me through Twitter or my Discord. But still, thank you sooo much for helping me out :D My Twitrter: My Discord: Pvt.Petey #4646
blacksmile591: Hello, i saw your order on battlefieldBF and am wodering if your intrested in getting an emblem. I made one with the reference art provided so if your intrested we could continue talking on discord. GasMaskGhoul#5641
Joseph: I'll be honest, I thought this would be too hard. I'll be very impressed if you manage to create this ^_^ best of luck
blacksmile591: I tried contacting the guy but it seems imposible since hes blocking contact with anyone who isnt in his list -_-
Joseph: +blacksmile591: Shame, that must be annoying. Especially after you did some work on it. And they must not check this order either. That happens all too often sadly... v_v
hydreigon23187: Oh snit, I am sorry, I didnt know if someone would accept my order and I thought you were a spam account on Discord, my bad. I have been trying to contact you again. I cant add you on Discord, may I ask if we can talk on Twitter?
hydreigon23187: *shit
hydreigon23187: +blacksmile591
hydreigon23187: +blacksmile591