Help w/ Uploading to emblemsbf

x13Beans: Hi all, I've been scouring the orders pages for a few hours now, so forgive me if this has been asked- tldr; Can't submit my emblems to the site. Pages time out after I hit submit, then I can't resubmit because the site says the emblem is already uploaded, but submissions don't ever get approved I've uploaded to emblemsbf for a long time now, but in the last three months I run into an error each time I submit an emblem. I enter the code, name the emblem, tags, etc, and hit "Add Emblem." Then, rather than taking me to the next page, the browser fails to load the submission confirmation page (tried in chrome, firefox, and ie. Chrome error says " is unable to handle request, the other browsers load a blank page). I will reload the page, or try readding the emblem, which immediately takes me to a page saying "this emblem is currently on the site: (link). Follow the link, and there's a big tag saying that the emblem is moderated. So I'm at a loss. Emblems are saving, but they never get submitted for moderation and never make it fully onto the site. I'll link the pages of emblems that failed to upload below. Thanks for reading and offering any solutions!
global: I've been uploading emblems for a while And I've never run in to this problem Before, But I only ever use the companion app. EA have recently removed a few of the available layers the sickle being one of them if that layer is in your emblem, Then maybe it could cause a problem with the emblem being added to emblems bf. I'm not sure what other layers have been removed
Joseph: First off, nice to see another emblem creator around here x13Beans, I hope to see more of your work~ :) I will try and help if I can! I am intrigued by your issue, I am sure we can figure it out. When did you upload these emblems? As I can see it looks like they are very recent. The most recent emblem that is no longer moderated is: Note the emblem number 92024, and all your emblems you linked are above this number. So I assume that your emblems are still waiting to be moderated and uploaded. as great as it is seems to have big periods lately between releases of emblems, so you should expect a few days before an admin approves all the waiting moderated emblems (the admins check emblems in the waiting list and approve them eventually). I am a little bit concerned your emblems do not have thumbnail previews, that should be automatic and quick, but maybe that is just because they are very new, or there might actually be an error somewhere in your code that could be disrupting the process? As there is an emblem that is still moderated but has a thumbnail: but I can't see any new emblems after yours that work so I can't tell if it's just your emblems or they need time. I have had a look at your code and imported it into my battlelog just fine, so seems to work as intended. +global: I don't think the missing layers such as the sickle should be an issue here, the website still recognises the sickle layer (only when importing into battlefield 1 you will find an issue). Also x13Beans hasn't used the "soviet" shape so I can say that is fine. :P
Joseph: I just found this: so indeed something seems wrong that none of your emblem's thumbnails are not auto generating. how about you try upload an emblem with only 1 or 2 layers just so you can narrow down your issue?
Joseph: I've just combed through your code, and in this emblem code: there is indeed something strange happening: See here near the bottom of your code: ...D200FF"},"opacity":.{"opacity":1,"ang... opacity can not equal "." so that code fails to work, I replace it with something reasonable, and it works. I have no idea how this happened to your code, but I am worried there might be more things. I find it strange that your other emblems seem to work without fixing them, but maybe the issue is harder to find, I am looking for more now...
Joseph: *woops, sorry. I major failed... disregard that last comment, I accidentally input the wrong code myself by mistake! -_- I am still trying to get to the bottom of this tho!
Joseph: OKay,I meant to say this emblem here: has "opacity":.99 which seems to not work. but I am still trying to figure out why your other emblems are not working...
Joseph: and also has a "opacity":.999 However I see no issue with your emblems such as it works just fine in battlelog, and I see no issue with the code, but thumbnail does not show...?
Joseph: tyr uploading this code to
Title it test please delete or something. if it shows the thumbnail straight away I know the issue ;)
Joseph: +x13Beans: Can you please try upload the code I shared above when you can. I was thinking of uploading it myself to check, but since it is your work, I will wait for you to try. If you can let us know the result that would be great, thanks. If it works, I think I can help fix the other emblems if we can get this to work. ^_^
x13Beans: Sorry for the late response gang I went to bed right after posting, getting to the suggestions now! @Joseph thanks for the welcome! Here are the results of trying to post the test emblem, with pics. Uploaded to emblemsbf via chrome and after a long load time, the page said it could not process request ( I then tried resubmitting the same code on ie, which gave me the duplicate emblem error and linked me to this page for the emblem ( To address the opacity issue- this was my quick fix attempt at bypassing the duplicate emblem message. I originally thought that changing some minor values would fix the problem. Timing - All of the emblems I posted were just the most recent dump I was trying to get tonight. The error is always the same however, and they never get through moderation (or even to the moderation box). I think one of the emblems was one that I tried submitting about two weeks ago. Preview - This was my first tip that something was wrong. It's been a while since it's worked for me, but iirc the page I should advance to after a submission should generate a preview of the emblem, but after these time out errors the thumbnail spot stays blank. I also can't remember, is the "This Emblem Moderated" tag at the top of the page normal (see second image link from the ie error)? Thanks for all your help!!! Also is there an extension that works to upload directly to the site? My BetterBL plugin on chrome stopped working a while ago, so I've been using BL on firefox for editing.
x13Beans: Update- I just posted a Single Layer emblem, this went through successfully I'm going to try a few other iterations to narrow down the problem
x13Beans: Update- I just posted a Single Layer emblem, this went through successfully I'm going to try a few other iterations to narrow down the problem
x13Beans: Update 2 - SUCCESS!!! ... So I started rethinking the situation, and after reading your comments @Joesph I realized that the emblem generation on emblemsbf pulls from the uploaded code directly, and isn't an approximation of the battlelog-sourced emblem. Here is the problem area: >[{"opacity":1,"angle":0,"flipX":false,"flipY":false,"top":224.5628894,"height":2000000,"width":2000000,"asset":"Square","selectable":true,"left":158.125,"fill":"#300030"} - I always make my base layer dimensions excessively stretched, to guarantee the camo glitch on BF4. Trying to upload this layer on emblemsbf was so demanding, because it was such a massive quantity, that the site literally timed out- hence the long loading screens. I resized the base layers to 10, and the emblem uploaded in a second. I haven't tried the other ones yet, but I'll keep you posted. ... Also I may completely wrong about the reasoning, but resizing the base layer was the first thing I tried after your tip about submitting a single layer emblem @Joesph. Thanks a million!
x13Beans: Update 3 - I think it's working across all my emblems now. was one I tried to upload a very long time ago, and it just went through. Thanks again for all your help @Joesph and @global!
x13Beans: Update 3 - I think it's working across all my emblems now. was one I tried to upload a very long time ago, and it just went through. Thanks again for all your help @Joesph and @global!
Joseph: +x13Beans: oh, wow! I would never have thought of that being the issue! :o I saw the number 2000000 but didn't think much of it, I was worried about maybe the decimal places was the issue... haha. ^_^' Thanks for letting us know, it helps. I hella impressed you figured out the issue, sorry I wasn't able to figure it out, but I am glad I could help a little bit. >_< All the best x13Beans, I look forward to seeing more of your emblems! ^_^
x13Beans: it was a team effort lol. I'm just happy to be back on here. You'll definitely see a bunch of mine during the next cycle! Also, I'm new to this orders section, but I might start taking a whack at a few of the requests on here. Thanks again gang, and see you around!