Would someone make this for BF1 for me

Vortex: https://imgur.com/a/9Wx2nJL
Joseph: I would try see if Global or someone else wants to try this first. ^_^ I'll see how it goes~
global: I'll have a go at that Joseph , It's going to be a few days though I'll make a start on it tonight And upload as soon as possible
global: It's a little bit rough It's the best I can do on bf companion Hope it's ok https://emblem.battlefield.com/zC1bmQb59N
Joseph: +global: thats pretty good ^)^, I hope Vortex hasn't disappeared... I'm a bit worried since he hasn't replied in a while... v_v
global: Yer it's not the my best work Joseph I was struggling with the shapes on it I didn't think it would be so hard To be honest I kinda lost hope on this one At some point . I need to get off the bf companion The limitations of the layers Are holding me back lol
GafferRob: https://gyazo.com/497530a109af98ec92e796efbdbf0c33