[NG] Nepalese Gurkhas

Und3rpaidH3ro: I need a very high quality emblem for our competition platoon on HardcoreLeague... must feature crossed kukris and a queens crown above them. willing to pay for this emblem... must be battlefield 1 and can have premium features. your work will be featured on HardcoreLeague official matches so serious submissions only please. email me with a picture of the emblem and a price at [email protected]
global: I'll see what I can do for you mate
Joseph: I'll see how global goes, I'm willing to try after~ :)
Und3rpaidH3ro: ok... thanks, we really appreciate it
Und3rpaidH3ro: if you want to put a small watermark somewhere to show off your work, I dont have a problem with that.
Und3rpaidH3ro: Any luck guys?
GafferRob: I'll give it ago...
GafferRob: This is the best I could do with the layer available... https://gyazo.com/fb414769de1510c274679ffcef74956a
GafferRob: Changed it slightly... https://gyazo.com/bd33dcd2c3f3e4c9fb7f04cb818a90f7
Und3rpaidH3ro: very close to what im looking for... but without the border... and separate the crown and the kukris a little more... also im looking for a little more shading and glossy looks... similar to SWATs Emblem...i like the glass look of their emblem
Und3rpaidH3ro: https://imgur.com/a/wwSakQD
Und3rpaidH3ro: i wish there was a way i could just import that image
GafferRob: It's hard when you are limited to 40 layers only... I'll see what I can do
Joseph: +GafferRob: Wow, I'm impressed. I don't think I could do much better than what you've done! Maybe I can help scaling and moving groups of layers, or importing if you want? Well done. :)
GafferRob: Thanks Joseph... your more than welcome to mess around with it.
GafferRob: This is my final attempt... https://gyazo.com/cb10eb5473d05048d5cef0c21cb76241
GafferRob: By the way, tried to email you yesterday but with no luck with the above email address?
GafferRob: https://gyazo.com/340b4173f06714d2744d249ef362a132
GafferRob: Final attempt.. https://gyazo.com/50cd7ab77a7128cf601ed9ed4dfe89b9
GafferRob: https://gyazo.com/8661411524bf69f6a14d4f657dd61e94
GafferRob: Hey Global & Joseph don't waste your time with this emblem as there is no pleasing this guy, nor does he reply to my messages... I think I've waste enough time with these emblems. I wouldn't mind I don't charge! He must be very happy this their attempt https://gyazo.com/2009b6a2778bb6512cf2c1fefca07941