Could somebody make this emblem for me? (global or joseph please!)

kfio22: Picture of the logo: I *do* have Premium for 40 layers. If anybody could make this for me I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
global: Hello there mate sorry for the slow reply I've taken a look at the images and unfortunately it's a little bit of a difficult one I don't think it's going to be doable on the bf companion with the lack of different layers available . If you offer it up for a commissioned pcs Somebody else might be able to help you out
Joseph: I'm still available for commissions~ ;) (I have asked last time tho)
LilNorman: Hello there! I might not be any of the ones you asked for but I did try to make what you wanted with the thing I had and what was possible to work with. It is not a human on it but instead a skeleton, Take a look and say what you think
global: That looks great Lil Norman I was stuck on what to do for the man in the middle, I'm only on bf companion The best I'd of been able to do would be a Ginger bread man. Good job buddy
kfio22: thank you guys for taking a look! LilNorman that does look great, not exactly what i wanted of course but still pretty cool. Thank you for trying and I'm sorry for the late response.
kfio22: Joseph, if i were to pay you for a commission, where would I pay you, on Paypal? How much would you charge? Assuming its possible for you to make the emblem I posted since the other guys have understandably had some difficulties of making the man in the middle. Let me know and I'll think about it. Thanks!
kfio22: Oh and LilNorman sorry but where can I find the emblem you made if I wanted to use it? Is it a code or? I have only had one emblem made for me and it was years ago back on BF4 and it was a code I copied and pasted on Battlelog in the inspect console. Does it still work the same way?
Joseph: +kfio22: Paypal is the way I've been paid so far. I charge depending on difficulty... Does $5 to 10 NZD sound fair? I agree since the others have had difficulty and I know global is very good, I cannot guarantee I can do well, so I let you decide to buy my work after I have finished trying it and show you the result. So if you see that it doesn't look good, you are not obliged to buy it. You can see all my other work if you like to see what I can do (please excuse all the imported emblems of other people's work however): I can try my best, however, some detail will be lost so I can't say how it will turn out.
kfio22: I think that price sounds fair, I'd like to see how the emblem LilNorman made looks in game first though. If its okay with you, I'll just email you if/when I'm willing to pay for a commission. Thanks!
Joseph: +kfio22: sure thing, take all the time you need. :) Just let me know if you want me to start~ Cheers